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Korekuni Ryuji Twitter Icon Korekuni Ryuji @B-Project · Dec 24 Yuta, happy birthday. Conveying this to you again, formally, is a little embarrassing, but... there's no doubt your cheerfulness is turning into B-PRO's precious light.
That and be careful not to eat too much cake just because it's your birthday. I already bought the shortcake filled with strawberries you asked for.

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Onzai Momotaro Twitter Icon Onzai Momotaro @B-Project · Dec 24 Happy birthday, Ashu.
I genuinely respect and admire how that straightforward mind of yours that pushes its way forward as far as it wants once immersed in something internally changes.
I want you to continue to trust your instincts and pursue what you consider to be enjoyable.

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Teramitsu Yuduki Twitter Icon Teramitsu Yuduki @B-Project · Dec 24 Happy birthday.
Thank you for always being kind and caring about me.
We feel at ease more often than not because you don't talk down to us.

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