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Kaneshiro Goshi Twitter Icon Kaneshiro Goshi @B-Project · Apr 9 Happy Birthday.
I guess you're always thinking about tons of stuff in your head, even though you don't talk much. But that kind of will is clearly conveyed through your eyes. That's fine.
Please continue to cherish that will.

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Osari Hikaru Twitter Icon Osari Hikaru @B-Project · Apr 9 Yu-chan!! Happy Happy Birthday!!
Even if Harupyon and I are always joking around, thank you for always watching over us so kindly! But from now on, I want Yu-chan to join in too! ! Please!
I want to become even closer friends, please♪

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Sekimura Mikado Twitter Icon Sekimura Mikado @B-Project · Apr 9 Happy Birthday!
I have tons of books that I would like to recommend to you! But when I made a list of them, it turned out to be a huge number, so next time I'll talk about them in detail with my explanations.
...Also, please let us know what you like about Yuzurin♪

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