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Company director of GANDARA MUSIC and Sumisora Tsubasa's superior. Ever since joining the company, he has been concentrating on the idol business, where he discovered and trained the members of B-PROJECT. A man who has effeminate mannerism, but who is also quick-witted.


Yashamaru is a beautiful man with a lean build. He has styled side-swept to the right, curly blue hair with yellow eyes. And wears a golden triangle earring on his right side.

In the anime as well as the game he wears a light-colored blazer with golden-colored tucked up sleeves. Underneath he wears a simple white top accompanied with dark tight leather trousers and red half-boots. As for accessories, he wears a golden multi-rowed necklace and a watch on his left wrist. Alternatively, he wears a black suit on formal occasions.


At first glance, Yashamaru is someone with a charming and flamboyant character. His charm often helped him getting job offers for B-PROJECT. But if the mask is taken down a different side of him surfaces. He appears to be cold and opportunistic. Driven by revenge he does not shy away from using methods that work to the disadvantage of others.

While the game does not hint at a connection to Tsubasa, the anime revealed vague details about his past that is tightly connected to Tsubasa's father, Saikai Yu.

It was mentioned that her father is to blame for the death of his sister ten years ago. Saikai Yu wrote a song for her however, she didn't have the chance to sing it. The song which was the theme song of an upcoming drama was given to the lead actress instead. A decision made by the producer of the drama. Shortly after, Yashamaru's sister passed away. In his sorrow about the loss, he blamed Saikai Yu for her passing because to him it looked like he betrayed his sister.

To take vengeance Yashamaru founded B-Project. He wants to make her father suffer as he did back then. Therefore he went after those who are or were associated with her father and wants to destroy them.

At the start of Season 2 Yashamaru is still gone with no one knowing about his whereabouts. He tried to sabotage B-PROJECT's career while he was absent. But his efforts were fruitless. After the confrontation with Tsubasa and the boys in episode 9, Season 2, he gave up on his vegeance. In episode 12, Season 2 he comes back to B-PROJECT after overcoming his grudge.

The editor-in-chief of the famous Kiss & Hug magazine, Suzuki Yoko, found out that there is no data about 'Yashamaru Sakurato' before he joined GANDARA Music ten years ago. [1] 


Yashamaru and Tsubasa have a mentor-apprentice relationship. Right from the start she admired him for his achievements in the company and looked up to him. When Tsubasa is unsure how to handle a work-related issue, he is always willing to listen to her concerns and offers valuable advice.

Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:
However, unbeknownst to Tsubasa, they are related through her father, the late Saikai Yu. It's one of the main subjects of Season One and Two of the anime. Yashamaru holds an immense grudge against Saikai Yu because he blames him for his sister's death many years prior to Seasone One. Ever since then, he has been projecting his resentment onto Tsubasa. At the end of Season One he revealed that Tsubasa's employment in GANDARA MUSIC and her position as the new A&R of B-PROJECT was all planned by him to take revenge on her in place of Saikai Yu. When his plan failed because of the members' strong attachment to Tsubasa he left the company for a while and continued to sabotage her work in Season Two. He was persuaded to leave the past behind and return to B-PROJECT after speaking with his old friend, BRAVE's president, Daikoku Shuji.

Kaikan*Everyday / Ryusei*Fantasia:
Because the events above aren't mentioned outside of the anime, it's unclear if the timelines of the anime seasons and the two games actually align. Tsubasa and Yashamaru are shown to be on good terms with each other in both games. He continues to act as her mentor and supports her during hectic times at the workplace.

Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:
From the start, it's obvious that Yashamaru and the members share a close bond. He is sometimes regarded as their parent because he has been with them since their Bambi days. Like Tsubasa, they greatly admire him and are grateful for what he has done for them. For example, thanks to Yashamaru's extensive network, B-PROJECT received the chance to perform at JAPAN DOME near the end of Season One. To express their gratitude, the members planned a surprise birthday celebration for their mentor. Before his schedule became too busy, he invited the members to various kinds of restaurants, both expensive and cheap[2].
Despite their loyalty to Yashamaru, they have the ability to make their own decisions and go against his wishes if they do not mean good. That is demonstrated when they find out about Yashamaru's revenge plan. Disappointed and astonished, the members decide to part ways with him to not feed into his grudge, much to Yashamaru's dismay. Even though they feel betrayed by their mentor, they do not resent him. Season Two made it clear that they still loved him, therefore they tried to convince him to abandon his revenge plan against Tsubasa. So when Yashamaru returned to them after their second JAPAN DOME show at the end of Season Two, they welcomed him back with open arms.

Kaikan*Everyday / Ryusei*Fantasia:
Because the events above aren't mentioned outside of the anime, it's unclear if the timelines of the anime seasons and the two games actually align. And therefore, if Yashamaru and the members had a clarifying talk. But even without it, they are shown to be on good terms with each other.

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  • Yashamaru knows how to play the guitar. He used to be in a band.[2]

  • 夜 (ya) - night
  • 叉 (sha) - fork
  • 丸 (maru) - circle, round, whole
Given Name
  • 朔 (saku) - new moon/ first day of the lunar month
  • 太 (ta) - big, fat, great
  • 郎 (ro) - son
Sakutaro's name derives from Yasha(夜叉), one of the Eight Legions in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.