Yashamaru's Sister

Name Unknown
Japanese Unknown
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Family Older Brother (Yashamaru Sakutaro)
First Appearance Season 2 Episode 4
Portrayed by
Seiyuu Konno Yuzuki
Yashamaru's sister has long blue hair and yellow eyes.

At the time of her death she was around the age of the BPro members and Tsubasa.

It was shown that she had a fragile body but her big passion for music compensated for her physical deficit. When it was about music, she could be quite single-minded and stubborn.
She was an up-and-coming singer with the voice of an angel.

Saikai Yu wrote a song a for her however, she didn't have the chance to sing it. The song which was the theme song of an upcoming drama was given to the lead actress instead. A decision made by the producer of the drama. Shortly after, Yashamaru's sister passed away.

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