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Wizard of Fairytale
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Date 1 April 2022

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This is the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that fosters many of the legendary wizards and witches existing in fairy tales. The school premises are dived into four houses, and, based on where they are assigned to, the students are trained to become the type of wizard that matches their aptitude.

『Monoceros』gathers nothing but elite achievers.

『Ophiuchus』gathers students difficult to deal with.

『Phoenix』gathers pure-hearted students.

『Lupus』gathers students excelling in a single art.

As wizards, the students are constantly required to be in their best form: the fruit of their everyday lives and exams is added as points to each individual and their respective house. These points are announced on graduation day and the value also determines the "rank" of a wizard. This "rank" has a great impact on the life of a wizard, therefore the students work hard everyday to earn as many points as they can.

And tonight, "Fairytale Training", their biggest chance to earn a high amount of points will take place. The students will be tested to see if they can actually enter these worlds and proceed through the story, smoothly, as wizards. Will the 14 "rookie" wizards get good grades in practical training and become high-ranking wizards?

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Monoceros mark

Monoceros Dormitory

Wof tomohisa link#tomohisa
Wof ryuji link#ryuji

Wof tomohisa

Wof ryuji

Ophiuchus mark

Ophiuchus Dormitory

Wof goshi link#goshi
Wof yuta link#yuta
Wof kento link#kento

Wof goshi

Wof yuta

Wof kento

Phoenix mark

Phoenix Dormitory

Wof kazuna link#kazuna
Wof momotaro link#momotaro
Wof hikaru link#hikaru
Wof tatsuhiro link#tatsuhiro
Wof mikado link#mikado

Wof kazuna

Wof momotaro

Wof hikaru

Wof tatsuhiro

Wof mikado

Lupus mark

Lupus Dormitory

Wof yuduki link#yuduki
Wof haruhi link#haruhi
Wof akane link#akane
Wof miroku link#miroku

Wof yuduki

Wof haruhi

Wof akane

Wof miroku
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Drama CD
Wizard of Fairytale Daikoku ver.
Wizard of Fairytale

Release: 22 June 2022

Drama CD Tracks: Scene 1 - Scene 9
01.Darkness Night
02.Let’s call
03.Hooked on love
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