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Date 1 April 2021

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This is the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that fosters many of the legendary wizards and witches existing in fairy tales.
The school premises are divided into grades and houses, and the wizards are allocated and schooled according to their type.

Since early times, wizards have been prone to weigh heavily on lineage and many fuss over whether or not one is pure-blooded.
The red eyed wizards, said to have vampire blood, are regarded as "traitors" because a full-scale war against vampires happened in the past.

As wizards, the students are constantly required to be in their best form even while at school, and as an indicator, the assessment of their everyday life and exams will be added to the individuals and the houses in the form of points.
These points are sometimes announced at the time of graduation and the value also determines the "rank" of a wizard themselves.
This "rank" has a great influence on the life of a wizard.
Therefore, to become higher-ranking wizards, the students aim to earn high points while they are still in school.
In order to obtain points efficiently, the students form further individual teams in the houses and spend their days studying and training to graduate with excellent grades.

And tonight as well, the students will take off to various fairy tale worlds for practical trainingー
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WoF Tomohisa#tomohisa
WoF Ryuji#ryuji
WoF KitakoreKeen-witted duo who is always at the top of their classes.
They often earn the right to practice in the most high-class among all the fairy tales such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and so forth​.
However, there are also difficulties: whereas they are high-level, they stand out way too much, so in order not to be caught off guard and to become the stars, attention should be paid.

WoF Tomohisa PopUpFirst-born son of the oldest wizarding family that has high expectations for his future. With his abundant magic power, he smartly hops around both light and gloomy fairy tales and appears to have no faults or such. His companion, Tomomon, is also one of the most superior familiars.

WoF Ryuji PopUpHe is good at controlling bats and at collecting information, and has what it takes to be an adviser. When he first met the Queen of Hearts while training in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, they had a huge fight over the color of the roses, but now are really good friends. He is a bit moody, so it is recommended to bring his favorite chupa chuls for classes in common.
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WoF Goshi#goshi
WoF Yuta#yuta
WoF Kento#kento
WoF THRIVEA unique trio composed by the lone wolf GOSHI, the eccentric narcissist KENTO and the innocent YUTA, who acts as a go‐between for the 2 keeping people at a distance. Their individual results are not that bad, but since GOSHI and KENTO lack cooperativeness, YUTA’s presence is indispensable when teamwork is needed. Their strongest fields are Snow White and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

WoF Goshi PopUpContrary to his lone wolf personality, auxiliary magic is one of his specialties. He is very useful especially in team battles, because by playing his lute he can amplify his group’s magical power, recruit one's strength and so forth. However, he cannot use this magic excessively because it greatly reduces his magical power. For this reason, he trains everyday to amplify his magical power.

WoF Yuta PopUpFull of curiosity and always enthusiastic about all sorts of magic and fairy tales, no matter the kind. He wants to challenge even fairy tales that clearly lack merit, and somehow manages to talk GOSHI and KENTO, who are against, into it. He gets lost often, so his current objective is to master teleportation.

WoF Kento PopUpYou may be the villain of a fairy tale, but if you’re a woman he’ll hit on you and get off track, that’s why he often gets yelled by GOSHI. His hobbies are beauty culture and collecting medicinal herbs; the herbal lotion he prepares is a big hit in the wizarding world. He cares too much about his fringe not sitting straight that he often mixes up his incantations.
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WoF Kazuna#kazuna
WoF Momotaro#momotaro
WoF Hikaru#hikaru
WoF Tatsuhiro#tatsuhiro
WoF Mikado#mikado
WoF MooNsOne of the outstanding groups in school with an exquisite balance. KAZUNA, who is like a leader, alone is at the top of his class constantly.
HIKARU tends to over empathize with the characters of the stories and wasn't able to return home once.
They recorded solid results in Hansel and Gretel.

WoF Kazuna PopUpThe most serious and hardworking in the school. He is well-mannered and helpful, everyone adores him. He enrolled in the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry believing that if he acquired high magical power he could find a family member gone missing. Because he is a perfectionist, he aims to become a “Sage” who has mastered every spell.

WoF Momotaro PopUpEvocation is his specialty.
If they are compatible, he can also converse with spirits. The school has many rooms with a shady history and night after night he witnesses MIKADO entering those rooms. In practical training, he summons the spirits of wizards according to the fairy tale type and smoothly completes his assignments.

WoF Hikaru PopUpHe is not good at sitting still and classroom learning is not his style. KAZUNA is always the one who shows him his notes. He loves practicing in the field and it is customary to always eat a “Miracle Banana” before attempting anything. He wants to become a fully qualified wizard as soon as possible to help his family.

WoF Tatsuhiro PopUpHe is not good at sitting still and classroom learning is not his style. KAZUNA is always the one who shows him his notes. He loves practicing in the field and it is customary to always eat a “Miracle Banana” before attempting anything. He wants to become a fully qualified wizard as soon as possible to help his family.

WoF Mikado PopUpThe best physical magic user in the school. He studies magic in tandem with swordsmanship and martial arts. He, who has “a scary look in his eyes” and is also feared by the familiars, is a close friend of HIKARU, who has spoken frankly to him since their first meeting. When HIKARU is about to flunk a course, they take remedial classes together and he supports and kindly helps him.
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WoF Yuduki#yuduki
WoF Haruhi#haruhi
WoF Akane#akane
WoF Miroku#miroku
WoF KiLLERKiNGA group of 4 made up of 2 childhood friends and a pair of twin brothers who get along well. They boldly challenge practical with a high degree of difficulty without fear. YUDUKI and HARUHI, the twins, can share each other's magic and can use coexisting magic, an advanced, unique magic. However, the practice is prohibited within the school since an incident that occurred several years ago. Their strongest field is Little Red Riding Hood.

WoF Yuduki PopUpWhen he received his letter of admission, he was hesitant about enrolling, but with HARUHI strongly asking him to, he decided to do it. He is more sensitive than others and his forte is spirit magic. As a student library assistant, he reads spell books and a lot of fairy-tale manuals in his free time and outside lesson hours he studies and conducts researches.

WoF Haruhi PopUpAn incident happened in the past has traumatized HARUHI and he does not want to hurt YUDUKI again. He enrolled in the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry thinking he could protect YUDUKI if he became a strong wizard. He is good when it comes to practice in the field, but since he hates insects he repeatedly makes mistakes in insects-controlling class, so he is given detention every time.

WoF Akane PopUpContrary to his cute appearance, he is very manly. He is willing to put himself in peril if that meant protecting his team. Since he has a complex about his short height, he is having MIROKU, his childhood friend, and his senior, TATSUHIRO, give him special training to build a fit body and grow bigger. He wants to become stronger in order to protect the person he will someday fall in love with, that is why he likes fairy tales with princesses in distress.

WoF Miroku PopUpAn ogre-like person who is more stoic than anyone else. He is hard on both himself and others. Almost is never enough is his motto and he is aiming to become a top-class wizard in the magical world. Even if the others recoil because of the harsh training and practical exercises, he slowly but surely completes them without batting an eye. However, since he rarely shows his emotions, AKANE is the one who has to make up for it. He feels indebted to him because of that, so at the time, to punish himself, he bans his favorite food: mint chocolate chip.
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