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Welcome to the GLORIA! (Photo Series)

Purchase the Limited First Press Run of Welcome to the GLORIA! for a code to redeem.
You will get a 10 pull that allows you to select a SSR of your choice per code.
Players are limited to 15 codes for this gacha. The code expires on 31 January 2020.

Welcome to the GLORIA!
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】Kaneshiro Goshi 1
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】Ashu Yuta 1
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】Aizome Kento 1
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】Kaneshiro Goshi
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】金城剛士
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】Ashu Yuta
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】阿修悠太
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】Aizome Kento
【Welcome to the GLORIA!】愛染健十