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Side A-suke

"Destiny" really does exist.

The first time I heard B-ta's songs is when I realized that, as if an electric current had passed through me.

(Haah~ aand another banger dropped!)

This is the moment the video I posted gets hit by a barrage of comments right away. The most exciting moment since my music career as "A-suke" started. It's refreshing and has both my body and mind trembling like leaves no matter how many times I experience it.

(So this is what they call "getting cooked", huh~! Though I feel something is not right.)

I first started composing in middle school. The only place I could post on was Pico Pico Douga[1].

I would let an AndVocaloid, a.k.a AVocado, sing the songs I composed and then post them一

(The comments were all harsh at first and I felt down all the time.)

I was so frustrated that I took screenshots of all the criticisms and opinions, created a mistakes folder, and saved them there.

Then, I would read them again and again before writing my next song.

How can I make my listeners more entertained?

How can I make them excited, thrilled​, itch?

Years later, I still think about that.

『A-suke's new song is here!!!』

『Here we go again, another banger』

『Man, I'm gonna cry for real...』

(This is it! This is the moment I've been living for~!)

Even I am itching from the excitement they're showing me through the screen.

「Aright! The number of views is off the charts this time as well~!

I'm the only one who can make such good songs!」

I thought, letting the recommended videos play to survey the market…

「Huh-...... What's this?」

Before I knew it, I kept listening to that song on repeat.

「No way, no way, so there is someone! Someone who can make bangers that make you excited, thrilled, and itch! ーSo, even when it comes to music, you can fall in love at first sight…」

Side B-ta


It was right after I uploaded my new song that I noticed I had received a DM on SNS.

(...... Who's this?)

There is literally no one I personally keep in contact with, both in real life and online.

(It's either a comment from a follower or spam.)

I opened it, intending to delete it immediately after checking the contentー but cringed instead.

『Nice to meet you, my name is A-suke! All of BUN-san's songs are so awesome that I got cooked, and that's why I contacted you!』

「Cooked…? What's that supposed to mean? Does he mean ‘hooked'? What's with this guy...」

I can say it now. That crazy passionate love letter-looking DM changed my destiny.

Translation: Mananya

  1. "Pico Pico Douga" is the fictional name for Nico Nico Douga.