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Episode 1

Side B-ta

『Nice to meet you, my name is A-suke! All of BUN-san's songs are so awesome that I got cooked, and that's why I contacted you!』

The DM started with words devotedly praising my new song.

It appears to have been written on impulse, since it was incoherent, full of typos and misuses.

(This person even dug up the first song I've made.

And even sent me his thoughts on what I wrote in the description box…)

The biggest surprise was the last sentence.

『I believe BUN-san and I are destined to become partners!

Would you like to do something fun and exciting together!?』

(... Yeah. This guy's a nutcase.)

Recently, my name has been gaining popularity as an amateur music producer using AndVocaloid, as an "AvocadoP" basically.

I also received quite a lot of impressions from self-proclaimed fans.

Sometimes they ask me "to become friends", "to meet and talk".

(I ignore them all, though.)

As a person with communication issues, meeting an acquaintance IRL is close to torture.

It would be impossible for a person like me to create a video together with a stranger even in the afterlife.

(Should I just ignore him like I usually do?)

I closed the app and adjusted my headphones.

My head was immediately filled with thoughts about the next song I was going to make.

I am better off creating by myself.

I feel as if this is the only moment I'm allowed some isolation​.

I'm sure A-something will also forget about this soon.

―Or so I thought.

「... He's at it again.」

I can't tell how many times I've come across A-suke's name in the comment section of a newly uploaded video.

(His impressions go on so long this time as well.)

As I read it, I felt a heat slowly grow on the back of my neck.

(... What's with him? Creep.)

He notices and praises all the details I paid particular attention to as I created the sound.

When interpreting the lyrics, not only does he break down all the meanings that I put into them, but he also discovers meanings that I had subconsciously put into them that I hadn't even realized I had.

He even sends me DMs with ideas to "make them even better."

(Let's say what he tells me is right… Why would he go so far for someone else? Does he have nothing to do?)

Come to think of it, he DMed me that he also composes.

What kind of songs does he compose?

In order to satisfy my curiosity, I finally tapped on A-suke's SNS icon.

Ignorant that it would be the "accelerator pedal" that would change our destinies.

Side A-suke

「Haah~~, BUN-san's video was iconic this time as well!」

I kept replaying it like a madman, and before I knew it, it was midnight.

(Kwahー! It's late at night, but I want to make something too! I'm itching to! My urge to create has increased!)

I grab my phone as I thrash my legs on the gaming chair.

Whenever I come up with an idea, I jot it down immediately.

(Since I became a streamer, the number of things I want to do has increased infinitely. Still...)


I let out a sigh as I scrolled through my list of things I want to do.

「I'm honestly confident I can create something really fun and special on my own, but still~」

Unwilling to give up, I open my SNS.

It's been 3 months since I started sending him love calls they call DMs to express my feelings.

Although it's marked as read every time, I do not receive a reply from BUN-san.

(I could make something even more amazing and special with him.)


After I let out another sigh, a miracle happened.


「A DM......? Huh, from BUN-san!?!?」

「NO WAY!?!? It's the real deal!? Someone pretending!? A prank!?!?」

I hurriedly opened my DMs while talking to myself loudly late at night.

『I'm down to give it a try.』


I gave my eyes a scrub.

It's not a mistake. It's not a dream either.


I was about to scream, but I held my tongue.

I hugged my knees on the gaming chair, trying to contain the excitement that was about to explode.

(No letting it out now! Gotta fight this itch to make a song with BUN-san!)

「Haah…… I'm on cloud nine...」

The third sigh I let out tonight was the embodiment of happiness.

Translation: Mananya