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Twinkle! Lantern☆Star Night
Twinkle! Lantern☆Star Night Banner
Event Period
The Twinkle! Lantern☆Star Night event ran from 5 July 2018 15:00 JST to 12 July 2018 15:00JST.
Onzai Momotarou, Shingari Miroku, Fudou Akane, Aizome Kento are performing in a local Tanabata event. In order to make the event exciting, the 4 of them are preparing by thinking up of ideas, but–

Points Reward Photo
【Wish】Onzai Momotaro 1【Wish】Onzai Momotaro 2
【Nagashi-Somen】Fudo Akane 1【Nagashi-Somen】Fudo Akane 2
【Wish】Onzai Momotaro
【Nagashi-Somen】Fudo Akane
Gacha Photo
【To Conquer】Shingari Miroku 1【To Conquer】Shingari Miroku 2
【Hikoboshi】Aizome Kento 1【Hikoboshi】Aizome Kento 2
【To Conquer】Shingari Miroku
【Hikoboshi】Aizome Kento

Star Point Photo Bonus
【Wish】Onzai Momotaro 3
【To Conquer】Shingari Miroku 3
【Wish】Onzai Momotaro 2
【To Conquer】Shingari Miroku 2
【Wish】Onzai Momotaro 1
560 Event Point 560 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point
【To Conquer】Shingari Miroku 1
【Hikoboshi】Aizome Kento 2
【Nagashi-Somen】Fudo Akane 2
【Hikoboshi】Aizome Kento 1
【Nagashi-Somen】Fudo Akane 1
280 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point
Member Bonus
Aizome Kento GameChibi
Shingari Miroku GameChibi
20 Event Point 50 Event Point

Twinkle! Lantern☆Star Night CG