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As not only the older but also calmer twin of the Teramitsu twins, Yuduki is the complete opposite of Haruhi. He may not be as outgoing and confident as his younger sibling but he always helps where he can and takes in advice from his seniors to become better. 


Yuduki has an average height and a rather delicate build. His black hair parts to the left side with the back being slightly longer. He shares the same eye color as Haruhi, deep blue with a tint of yellow as the highlight. He has a mole on the left side of his neck, as well as a pierced left ear.

He often wears comfortable clothes such as sweaters or cardigans.


Yuduki is a very soft and gentle boy. In addition, he is also down-to-earth. Even when he is praised for his work there is no sign of arrogance but only modesty. He is talented in art and enjoys peaceful activities such as reading.

When he gets too immerse in reading, he becomes unaware of the things he does, like wearing Haruhi's clothes or taking off his pajamas and wearing Haruhi's after.[1]

While he is proud of his younger twin, he often worries about him as well. Haruhi tends to make rash decisions so Yuduki always keeps close to him aside from enjoying his presence.

The Teramitsu twins were born in England. During their childhood, Haruhi was often sick and could not go out much. Because of that, he had no friends, but he has admitted he wasn't lonely at all because Yuduki was always by his side.[2][3]

Their parents were very close and would kiss and hold hands in front of them. However, their mother had a weak body and was hospitalized before they were 4 years old. While their mother was hospitalized, their father gradually stopped coming home and didn’t visit them. At that time their grandparents were still alive, and they were scared as their mother's body weakened day by day. 1 year after their mother was hospitalized, Haruhi's way of thinking changed. Their mother spent a few years in the hospital and passed away, and never once went back home. After their mother passed away, their father quit his job and disappeared. He had never once visited them. They do not know the reason why.[4]

After their mother died, and shortly after their grandmother fell ill and passed away. Their grandfather was Japanese, so they had no reason to stay in England, thus leaving for Japan.[5] They lived in a Japanese-styled home when they were living in Japan together. After their grandfather passed away, they ended up in the orphanage. There, they met the director who became their 'grandmother' whom the twins always speak so fondly of.[4]

It was said by Miroku that both take after their British father but the attractiveness comes from their mother.



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Being twin brothers, Yuduki and Haruhi have a very close relationship with one another. The two were always together. However, this was not the case when they were younger. The twins lost their mother at a young age and were taken in by their grandfather. Haruhi often fell sick, so they couldn't spend as much time together. Due to his sickly body, Haruhi didn't have any chance to make friends, but he didn't feel lonely as he had Yuduki by his side. [5]

Yuduki on the other hand felt lonely when he wasn't with Haruhi[1] and often worries for his brother well-being. His tendency to worry for his brother has continued even after now.[5]

During an overnight camping trip, Yuduki reminded Haruhi to put on some sun-screen. However, Haruhi did not do so and by the evening, he had sunburns on his arm. Yuduki notices it and makes a fuss leading to an argument between the two. Afterwards, when Haruhi and Yuta got lost in the forest, he reveals his past to Yuta and how Yuduki was always the one to take care of him. Haruhi wanted to protect Yuduki in return for all he has done for him. Eventually the two were found by Yuduki and Goshi by using Yuduki's twin sense, and the twins apologized to each other.[5]

Haruhi's overprotectiveness of his brother goes so far that he steers any possible interest from girls in Yuduki towards himself, even though he has no interest in them. While Yuduki understands the reason behind Haruhi's actions, he doesn't approve of this calculative behaviour. While he doesn't mind to be called 'The Twins' most of the time, Yuduki also likes to become more independent from this image and wants to be seen as 'Yuduki Teramitsu' in the future.[4]

Whenever there's a topic about butts, Haruhi will state that Yuduki has the best butt, with its indescribable springiness and softness.[6]

Tsubasa mostly acts as a big sister figure for the twins. They feel comfortable around her and get along well with each other. A returning story element of their relationship are the similarities, but later on also the differences between the twins.

Ryusei*Fantasia explores this in depth when Yuduki and Haruhi's past is catching up with them. Her involvement in the conflict reveals their opposite coping mechanisms. While Yuduki's trust in Tsubasa is big enough to openly talk with her about their life in the orphanage after they lost their remaining family and what kind of person the chairman, who they fondly call ‘grandma', is. At the same time he also confides in Tsubasa about Haruhi's bad habit from the past: Diverting any female interest in Yuduki to himself to protect his precious brother. A habit that re-emerged because of a female celebrity's serious interest in (as in wanting to play with) Yuduki. This acts as the catalyst for the twins to reevaluate their bond together. Especially Yuduki realizes that there's been a growing wish inside of him to pursue more solo projects to be perceived and grow as his own person [4] (cf. [7]where he is talking with Tsubasa and Goshi about honing his skills as an artist). During these turbulent times Yuduki appreciates Tsubasa's gentle handling and views her as someone who grants him courage to move forward.

On the other hand, Haruhi's handling of the same situation is the complete opposite of Yuduki. When he realized what the intentions of the female celebrity is, he immediately reverted back to his more manipulative and calculative protection mode. A side Tsubasa has yet to see of the usually cheerful Haruhi. His tone when talking with her in between practices and meetings is significantly sharper, which leaves her puzzled. After he found out about Yuduki and Tsubasa's talk about their past he becomes furious because for him this is a very intimate matter and for no one else to share with. Instead of being offended at Haruhi's behavior towards her Tsubasa tries to reason with him and understands where this sudden change comes from. After the conflict is resolved, something seemed to have shifted within Haruhi. In his epilogue it becomes clear that his previous advances were not serious in nature but are, or start to be, now. He has taken a genuine interest in her, beyond a superficial level.

Goshi, Yuduki and Haruhi are known as the Returnee Trio.[8] Probably because they had lived abroad, the three of them are quite close and would sometimes communicate in English. They often hang out with each other in one of the twin's rooms during their days off, with Goshi sleeping over sometimes. [8] Goshi will also sometimes escape to their room.[9]

Goshi is a caring senpai towards them, and often fulfills their requests such as driving them to places like the Aquarium.[8] Even when he doesn't want to, he is eventually persuaded by the twins, either by Yuduki's puppy eyes or his stubbornness to treat Goshi to something nice.[5][7] Other than taking care of Haruhi when he wasn't feeling well[10], he would also tell Haruhi off for not cleaning his room.[8]

In return, the twins would declare their love for Goshi, saying that "It's not 'like', but 'love'". [8] Haruhi would sometimes make Goshi's favorite food, curry, for him. Haruhi mentions that he would like to go drinking with Goshi once he is of legal drinking age[8] and received a hand-me-down shirt from Goshi which Goshi wore for the cover of MY★STAR vol.6 Magazine. [8][11] Yuduki states that Haruhi takes good care of it.[11]

Momotaro and Yuduki would sometimes go and eat sweets together. Before, they ate from a Japanese confectionery shop in Ginza.[12]

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Goshi is viewed in high regards as a much-respected musician among his juniors, especially the twins have a special attachment to him – as the ones who have personal connections to the English language. Yuduki and Haruhi tend to cling to and tease Goshi, often persuading him to do activities together as a group with their puppy eyes. Haruhi dreams of going on a car ride with Goshi when he obtained his driver's license or drink his first alcohol with Goshi when he legally becomes an adult. Yuduki also sees him as a great mentor who gives valuable advice for the future as a music artist and his personal growth [13].

Akane and Goshi's connection goes back to the Bambi era where the former was planned to debut with THRIVE but debuted with KiLLER KiNG instead. Even though this decision was made to fully maximize Akane's potential in a group that suits him better, he has ever since carried a strong inferior complex towards THRIVE. So while he is happy with KiLLER KiNG there's always a hint of self-doubt deep down his heart[4][14].

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Eisuke describes KiLLER KiNG as "cute and cool" [15].

The two groups didn't have much contact with each other yet, but the twins were worried when they watched Ultras' first, and unauthorized, live stream under GANDARA Music in which they announced their company debut.

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  • His second name is Jesse.[16]
  • Compared to his younger twin, Yuduki likes cleanliness.[17]
  • When Yuduki is reading, he can't hear anything around him.[18]
  • Yuduki has bad reflexes[19] and is not good with being photographed.[20]
  • His representative animal is a rabbit. His personal monster/mascot is called Yudupicchi.[21][22]
  • Yuduki loves Japanese culture: he especially appreciates Japanese food and green tea[23][24].
  • Yuduki and Akane would wear contacts for work and lessons, otherwise they would wear glasses.[25]
  • Yuduki wants to live in a house with a veranda when he is old. He wants to enjoy the rest of his life eating rice cakes while drinking gyokuro (a type of green tea) on the porch.[19]

  • 寺 (tera) - temple
  • 光 (mitsu) - light
Given Name
  • 唯 (yudu) - only, solely
  • 月 (ki) - moon
Yuduki's name derives from Gakkō Bosatsu(月光菩薩), one of the Bodhisattva in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.



# Lovely Baby face
# Wagashi Lover
# Reserved, but good at getting others to spoil him
# Currently overcoming his tendency to worry a lot
# Haruhi's Interpreter
# So cute he tends to be treated better
# Always works hard, no matter what