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Kitakado Tomohisa Twitter Icon Kitakado Tomohisa @B-Project · Jan 11 Happy Birthday.
I perceive the beauty of subtle kindness when I look at you, Tatsu. As a person, you are reliably strong. I have a lot of respect for you.
I wish you a special birthday.

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Osari Hikaru Twitter Icon Osari Hikaru @B-Project · Jan 11 Tatsuuu! Happy Birthday!!
You're the greatest best friend, a mom, a big bro, an unsung hero in my eyes. Like me, MooNs is here for you. And you are there for MooNs... I'm all over the place, but you get it!!
Thank you for all!!

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Shingari Miroku Twitter Icon Shingari Miroku @B-Project · Jan 11 Nome-san, happy birthday.
Everything you teach me is an opportunity to grow, not just in terms of training but also since you're experienced idol.

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