THRIVE is a wild type unit. The meaning of the unit name is「to captivate」.
Their fans are known as Thriver. They work under Brave Entertainment.
Danceable and cool songs, singing skills and high professionalism are reasons for their popularity.


Kaneshiro Goshi MainKaneshiro Goshi
Aizome Kento MainAizome Kento
Ashu Yuta MainAshu Yuta


Kaneshiro Goshi
Aizome Kento
Ashu Yuta


Album/Single Name of Song Artist Release Date
Dreaming time dreaming time THRIVE 25 November 2015
Dreaming time LOVE ADDICTION THRIVE 25 November 2015
Dreaming time Eikyuu Paradise (THRIVE Ver.)
永久パラダイス (THRIVE Ver.)
THRIVE 25 November 2015
Maybe Love Maybe Love THRIVE 26 March 2016
Maybe Love 3・2・1 JUMP!! THRIVE 26 March 2016
Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence STARLIGHT THRIVE 27 July 2016
B-PROJECT~Kodou*Ambitious~ Compilation Album Stand to the top Kaneshiro Goshi 28 September 2016 (DVD)
B-PROJECT~Kodou*Ambitious~ Compilation Album Happy Ending Ashu Yuta 30 November 2016 (DVD)
B-PROJECT~Kodou*Ambitious~ Compilation Album LOVE IN SECRET × SEXY NIGHT Aizome Kento 12 December 2016 (DVD)
Needle No.6 Needle No.6 THRIVE 22 February 2017
Needle No.6 Tick-Tack THRIVE 22 February 2017
S-Kyuu Paradise BLACK the one&only THRIVE 19 July 2017
Choukan Destiny Choukan Destiny
THRIVE 18 March 2018
Choukan Destiny Lonely Fangs Kaneshiro Goshi 18 March 2018
Choukan Destiny ALL RIGHT!! Ashu Yuta 18 March 2018
Choukan Destiny LOVE GAME Aizome Kento 18 March 2018
B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ 1 Juggler THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG 27 March 2019
B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ 3 YOLO ~Act Now~ THRIVE 29 May 2019
B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ 3 Hikari to Kage no Toki Musubu (THRIVE Ver.)
光と影の時結ぶ (THRIVE Ver.)
THRIVE 29 May 2019
Welcome to the GLORIA! Welcome to the GLORIA! THRIVE 17 March 2018 (Digital)
30 October 2019
Welcome to the GLORIA! SECRET CODE THRIVE 30 October 2019
KING of CASTE 〜Bird in the Cage〜 Shishidou ver I for you THRIVE & KiLLER KiNG 25 March 2020

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