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Sumisora Tsubasa is the main protagonist of the game and anime. Scouted during her school days to work at the big recording company GANDARA MUSIC. With her deep love for music and extraordinary sensitivity, she makes the utmost efforts to make music as B-PROJECT's A&R.


Tsubasa is a girl of average height with reddish-brown hair and pink eyes. From Season 1 to Season 2 she puts her hair in a high ponytail with a red ribbon tie. Part of her bangs are clipped back with two yellow bobby pins on the right side.
In the Nintendo Switch game of B-PROJECT, Ryuusei*Fantasia, she wears a lower ponytail to the left side. The hair tie is hidden by a lock of her hair, that she put around it. With each outfit she wears a watch on her left wrist.

In Season 1 she wears a white top with a ruffled neckline underneath a navy blue blazer whose sleeves are rolled up. Her red paper bag shorts are tied in a ribbon at the front. Her footwear consists of brown boots with blue socks who are red-and white-lined. She also wears a necklace as an accessoire.
In Season 2 her navy blue blazer changes to a pink one, combined with a white turtleneck sweater. In addition, she wears a turquoise skort, a mix between shorts and a skirt, a white belt and brown boots with a ribbon on each outer side. Her accessoire consists of a golden necklace, besides the watch.
In Ryuusei*Fantasia Tsubasa wears a nude-coloured blazer, a white top with lace decoration and a beige-coloured long skirt.


When Tsubasa first meets the members of B-PROJECT, she is overwhelmed by their idol presence. Her shy personality slowly becomes more outgoing and bolder as she grows accustomed to her role as their A&R, in both the anime and game. In the latter, it is more apparent.

Compared to when she started out, Tsubasa gained a lot of confidence and is now a much-respected colleague at her workplace in season 3. She isn't afraid anymore to voice her opinion on important matters, especially when it relates B-PROJECT. This includes going against GANDARA's order to put her focus solely on their new artist, Ultras and instead opts to push B-PROJECT with a new big project. This action shows once more her fierce trust and love for them. This change of hers is also reflected in Ryusei * Fantasia where she acts as an important confidant for the members in dealing with their various personal conflicts and becomes emotional on behalf of them.

However, she tends to overwork herself too easily, trying to do as much as work as possible. The additional stress with Ultras and the incidents surrounding them made her collapse eventually. Given the hectic nature of her job it's almost natural for her now but she reminds herself to include days of rest from time to time to regenerate.

Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:

Tsubasa was scouted during her school days to work at the big recording company GANDARA. Prior to her job as B-PROJECT's A&R she worked at a CD shop.
Not much is known about her past. But Season 2, episode 8[1] revealed small bits about her family background. Tsubasa's father, Saikai Yu, was a famous and widely respected composer and musician. Because of work he was rarely at home. Though he was very kind and they spend time together playing the piano. However, twelve years ago he died when she was still very young.

Season 1, episode 2[2] and episode 9[3] hint at a lonely past. How this stands in relation to her father's death is unclear. Other than the mention of Saikai Yu, none of the other possible family members were brought up.

Tsubasa worked part-time in a CD shop in Ochanomizu (neighbourhood in Tokyo) since her 1st year in High School until her 3rd year. She was also responsible for writing the texts on the display boards for new releases, among other things. However, one day an unhappy incident occured. A costumer with an already upsetting attitude visited the CD shop and refused to believe that a young girl was able to write such elaborated reviews of songs. Tsubasa tried to explain to the customer why she chose to write the display texts as they are, but he was adamant that it's ridiculous for her to be so knowledgeable about music. After some time the CD shop owner came and apologised fervently, he wasn't angry with Tsubasa though, but with the costumer's impossible attitude.

Some time passed after the incident when, much to both of their surprise, an employee of GANDARA MUSIC visited the store. Both feared that the incident some time ago will have her fired. To their relief it's the exact opposite, the company likes to scout her to work for them after her graduation. An employee of GANDARA MUSIC happened to be present during the incident with the customer the other day. The employee was impressed by Tsubasa's vast knowledge and devotion about music.

She didn't give an immediate answer that day. Both her mother and Tsubasa were quite worried about the future, but in the end Tsubasa didn't want to let the opportunity to work with music pass. After a lot of talking with her mother, the latter encouraged Tsubasa to follow her heart eventually. Thus, she decided to accept the offer and started to work for GANDARA MUSIC without proceeding to go to university.

When she met MooNs for the first time, it was her fourth day as the new employee and was introduced as Yashamaru's assistant.


As expected of B-PROJECT's prince he treats Tsubasa like a princess. He is very kind and overly generous to her, often wanting to buy her something on the whim. Tsubasa is mostly shown to feel a bit uncomfortable when he goes over the top with his generosity. She then changes the topic to put a stop to this situation. Surprisingly, Tomohisa becomes selfish and childish in Tsubasa's presence. In many of his card stories he muses on how he'd like to see her in specific clothes such as a kimono in his SSR「New Year」or wants to do something together, adding the sentence "Would you allow me to be selfish?".

As he grew up in an affluent environment, he lacks knowledge about the common life. Tsubasa often times is perplexed anew at the gap between the princely leader and rich child. She then takes over Ryuji's task to teach and explain him the things he does not know yet. His SR「Snow Rabbit」is a good example. Until then snow bunnies were unknown to him. So she showed him how they are made and he was very pleased about it.

However, as lost as he looks when being presented with the common life, he has extensive knowledge about those things he loves and takes big interest in, such as the stars and gems. In private moments he talks about those interests to her and tends to compare her to them. [5]

He also tends to flirt with her but his flirting differs greatly from Kento's. It has a more playful and tender touch. Same goes for his teasing. Ryuji and Tsubasa are frequent subjects of his kittenish remarks. Sometimes he gives off comments that are meant to be innocent but there are also times where it is not clear if those were unintentional or not, thus confusing Tsubasa.
Besides this, he has shown concern towards her on many occasions. In both season 1 and season 2, as well as in the game he pays close attention to Tsubasa's health condition. He does not want her to overwork herself. But when she collapses due to overwork, Tomohisa always made sure she is cared for in the best way possible way[6], not shying away doing so himself as it is shown during his epilogue in Ryusei*Fantasia.

Ryuji was one of the members that doubted Tsubasa’s capability when she was first introduced as their A&R. As someone who is critical of himself, he expects no less of others. His Kizuna story 1-3 and Season 1 depict well how he slowly warmed up to her and came to appreciate Tsubasa's presence.[7][8]

Ryuji's card stories are often about his love for sweets and fashion. After all the time they spent together she is prepared for the times when he is craving some sweets, hence she always carries his favorite lollipop with her. It also has become clear that he enjoys talking with her about fashion, even trusting her to pick out clothes for him at work.
Like Tomohisa, Ryuji enjoys picking presents for her, as a thanks for her support or just because he felt like it.[9][10] Tsubasa greatly admires Ryuji's passion and the things he does to be at his best. Her genuine compliments often bring a blush to his cheeks but it is obvious that he is happy about them. Though, he makes her speechless as well with his flirty approaches sometimes.[11][12]

Another recurring theme is their mutual support of each other. Despite his harsh words, he tries to cheer her up in his own way. [11][13]
When she started out, she didn't know yet how to respond to those comforting words hidden behind a rough tone but now, Tsubasa finds comfort in them, especially coming from Ryuji. And even though it is Ryuji who encourages her most of the time, Tsubasa too has a positive effect on him. The rare times he doubts himself or is unsure about something she is always there to give her honest opinion and shows him again what she thinks are his assets.[14][15]

The relationship between Goshi and Tsubasa started out rather rocky as Goshi didn't have much trust in the newcomer Tsubasa was. He didn't think that she was even able to memorize all of their names.[8]

A returning and most important subject of Goshi's card stories is music. It was made clear that this is his passion, the one path he wants to go in life. It is exactly this passion that builds a connection between Tsubasa and Goshi. Both share a strong love for music. Even though she is not as well versed as Goshi, she is someone he likes to exchange opinions with about the newest releases of CDs, headphones and other things related to music[16]. Tsubasa admires and respects him for his vast knowledge of music.
They often times share a moment alone together, albeit unintentionally and much to Yuta's and Kento's dismay. The latters usually complain that Goshi monopolizes Tsubasa as they are often seen or found out to have spent time together because of their common interest[17][18].

Initially, Tsubasa was hesitant to talk to Goshi as he emitted an unapproachable aura. But she learnt to deal with his mood and read his behavior. His SSR「BIRTHDAY PARTY」highlights best how their bond developed emotionally. In the story Tsubasa stops Goshi from rejecting an important offer. She now can confidently support him with the right words.

Overall, the atmosphere around them became more relaxed. As a result, she does not have much reservations anymore when it comes to physical contact. The latter card stories of Goshi show her being more assertive which causes Goshi to blush frequently.[17][19] The same applies to when he is met with her genuine expressions of admiration or thanks towards him (SR「First Aid」).
They are comfortable enough with each other for her to find slight joy in scaring him (SSR「Dripping Water」) or chuckles lightly at his denial about some things (SR「Arrival of Spring」).

Yuta and Tsubasa’s relationship has been on a friendly term since she started as their A&R. His open personality makes it easy for people to get acquainted with him. He quickly welcomed her into his inner circle of friends. She takes up the role of the big sister in their relationship.

Besides his love for sweets, there is another recurring subject in Yuta’s stories, his self-doubt. The more time passed, the more Tsubasa came to understand that he is not always the cheerful guy he pretends to be in difficult situations. As such she became an important source of comfort for him. At times when he is down after he got lost again or messed up she tries to cheer him up. Unlike his teammates, Tsubasa meets him with kindness and encouraging words.

An important moment of their bond is depicted in the game’s Main Story Season 1, Story 3: Love’s Whereabouts. Goshi and Kento have a big fight, Yuta as usual tries to lighten up the heavy atmosphere but it backfires. The former two don’t mince their harsh words which greatly hurts Yuta who runs out of the apartment. Tsubasa runs after him and he opens up to her about his lack of self-confidence and act of concealing his insecurities. He asked if she could hold his hands and speak encouraging words to him. Something he does on other occasions as well.[20][21]

Though just like his title of a ‘Carnivore Sheep’ says, he has a mischievous side to him that throws Tsubasa off-guard sometimes. He gives her comments like ‘I want to be petted by Tsubasa-chan as well.’ (SR「 Copycat」) or ‘If it’s with Tsubasa-chan, I don’t mind getting lost again.’. This stands in contrast to the times he genuinely tries to get her attention by acting cool.[21][22]

It has been hinted on a few occasions that he might harbor romantic feelings for her, most noticeably shown in Season 2, Ep. 5 「KICK OFF」 where he tries to win the opportunity to go on a concert with Tsubasa, not knowing that everything is based on a big misunderstanding.

Kento and Tsubasa's relationship is perhaps the one that changed the most, noticeble mainly in the game. When she was introduced as their A&R, to him Tsubasa was like any other woman Kento associated with until then. But over time this steadily changed.

Despite the subtle shift in their relationship, Kento's flirty attitude towards her stays. He often tries to get a "reward" from her, in the form of hugs or kisses, for the work he has done. Rather than being charmed, Tsubasa most of the time is perplexed and lost when he makes advances to her. The situation is either interrupted by another member or she runs away. However, as time goes by she learns how to handle these situations, resulting in a much more relaxed relationship between both.

Aside from his friendships with the other members, his bond with Tsubasa is also important as it slowly reveals the complexity behind his understanding of love. In S1, Ep. 9 he confides his hidden feelings to Tsubasa. Due to the lack of affection in his childhood, presumably by his mother as was shown in Ep. 9, he grew up without knowing what love means thus mistaking simple, romantic relationships as love.[3]
Those complicated feelings are a recurring subject in his card stories and in the game's Main Story Season 1, Story 2: THRIVE’s Love where it takes center stage. When with Tsubasa he recalls his childhood, mumbling about it or becoming lost in thoughts.[23] Good examples are his SSR「Flower Garden」, SSR「Sparkling Town」 and SSR「Lost Child」 where it becomes apparent that behind the confident act lies someone who craves honest affection.

At some point Tsubasa managed to break down a bit of the wall Kento built around himself. They are comfortable enough for Kento to consult about problems with her and stop the playboy act for that moment. He all too often is genuinely surprised at the different reactions she gives him for his advances and actions. Unlike the many women he kept company with she didn't give in to his charm yet.

Besides the romantic aspects of their bond, Tsubasa became the one person that he goes to first when it is about his precious bangs. Her opinion is very important to him. They also have tea as their shared interests. Both are found to often drink tea together and talk about new tea flavours.

The more time passed the more Kento lets his guard down around her, acting unusually childish and whiny. She even tends to tease him about his clumsiness. Overall she shows him kindness and understanding, almost appearing like a mother for him.

Kazuna and Tsubasa have a relationship built on trust and respect. He always treats her in a polite manner and regards her as an equal.

His SSR「Honest Feelings」reveals that he is currently not interested in romance since his career takes first priority. Despite that statement it has been vaguely implied on different occasions that he holds some affections towards Tsubasa. [24][25] One of the recurring subjects of his cards are their chance encounters. They make clear that he enjoys her presence and likes to spend time with her. However Kazuna can be sly at times as well. It is best shown in his SR「Glass Tree」 where they both go Christmas shopping together. At first it looks like a coincidence but he later asks her to keep it a secret from the other members. Usually Kazuna doesn't mind sharing with the other MooNs members but at those moments he tends to become a bit selfish to be alone with Tsubasa. Though, there is also a bashful side of him. He sometimes reacts awkwardly and blushes when being complimented by her.

An important aspect of their relationship is Kazuna's comfort in Tsubasa's presence. He tends to lose confidence in his proficiency and doubts himself during a job. Because she knows about this habit she often reaches out to him, asking how he is feeling and what his thoughts are. Tsubasa tries to encourage and support him the best she can. Her words help to lift his spirit. Sometimes, she teases him a little for being a worrywart.

As time passes by Kazuna starts to yearn for a closer relationship with her, revealing his growing feelings for Tsubasa. Ryusei*Fantasia in particular shows that these feelings go beyond that of a confidant, even asking her come meet his big brother, Nozomi, together. And even though Kazuna is flustered by Nozomi's assumption of Tsubasa and him dating, he later admits to her after the final meeting that he isn't aversed to this idea if it means getting to know her true being, unbeknown to anyone else.

In the beginning Tsubasa was insecure in how to speak to or interact with Momotaro. His SR「PARTY NIGHT」depicts quite well how she initially had difficulties reading him as their talk didn’t carry on and ended in silence after exchanging a few words. But when she was alone with him Tsubasa quickly noticed that Momotaro shows concern in his own way and that this taciturn attitude was not in particular against her, but acts like this with everyone.

It takes some time for Tsubasa to be able to read Momotaro; there are still moments where she is unsure about what he thinks (e.g. SSR Wish). However, Tsubasa slowly becomes someone Momotaro can confide in about various matters. For example, she is the first person he went to ask for advice on what to do in one of Kazuna’s kizuna stories when the latter behaves strangely.
There are also times where Tsubasa acts as some sort of a balance between Momotaro’s down-to-earth self and overly passionate self that even forgets reality for a moment (e.g. SSR「BIRTHDAY PARTY」).[26]

Their relationship reaches a more relaxed status quo that allows Tsubasa to call him 'Momo-kun' or the latter even teasing her.[27] In rare, but very personal moments such as his SSR「Wish」Momotaro, just as much as she does for him and the other members, cares for her wellbeing and wants her to keep smiling.[28]

Like the other outgoing members, Hikaru quickly befriended her. He enjoys her presence and likes to do various activities together with her. The same goes for Tsubasa, she appreciates his open-minded personality and is ready to overlook his occasional unreliableness as he has many other valuable assets to offer. According to Tsubasa he easily communicates with people through his body language, even those not speaking Japanese, and possesses the power to make people smile[29].

Since he used to always tie his little sisters' hair up before school, he became an expert in doing his own hairdo. He also likes to play around with different hairstyles, but because MooNs' members all have short hair it's not possible, so he enjoys fixing Tsubasa's hair when her hairdo gets messed up during the hectic work schedule.[30] He also mentioned that her long hair reminds him of his little sister.

Hikaru and Tsubasa seem to have bonded over his family, in particular his little sister took a big liking to her. When Tsubasa once helped him out with getting a plush toy for his sister, she asked him to give Tsubasa local sweets and a letter in which she thanks Tsubasa for her continuous care and support of her big brother[31]. The two girls became aquainted enough to have exchanged numbers and keep in contact from time to time. His sister even considers Tsubasa a good marriage candidate for Hikaru.[4]

Tatsuhiro and Tsubasa had difficulties at the start to warm up to each other. The former's extreme nervousness when he is near a girl hindered them to become closer. There were a few occassions where they were together, making it awkward and distant for her due to Tatsuhiro's tenseness, e.g. SSR「BIRTHDAY PARTY」. In his SR「PARTY NIGHT」Mikado then suggests to use the 'secret weapon' to help Tatsuhiro relax more: alcohol. It did work but Tsubasa also noted to herself that this can't be the solution since he can't possibly consume alcohol before work.
This situation reached a climax when they both were stuck together in the backstage room because the door wouldn't open. He couldn't stop being nervous and overly aware of her that he tried to violently open the door, much to her surprise[32]. However, it should be mentioned that this only happens when he is alone with her, together with MooNs or the other members he doesn't have such difficulties.

Luckily over time Tatsuhiro started to relax around her, albeit still sometimes being hyperaware of her as a female being [33], and regards her as an important part of his inner circle of friends. They often exercise and go on a drive together now (e.g. SSR「BIRTHDAY SWEETS」or SSR「Chivalrous Santa」) and he sometimes laughs at her clumsiness [34][35].
Tsubasa also acts as his moment of mental rest, not only but especially during the events of Ryusei*Fantasia. When everything becomes too much even for him, who is regarded as the support pillar of MooNs, Tatsuhiro feels safe when she is there to cool down his mind. In a rare moment of honesty, he asks her to be his helping hand during the times he loses sight of his surroundings.

Mikado and Tsubasa were on a friendly basis right from the start. Given his gentleman-like aura, he treats her with much respect and care, e.g. walking on the side along the street or matching her pace while walking together (SSR The Perfect Role Study). He values her opinions and eagerness for every given task. Tsubasa sees Mikado as an intelligent young man who never ceases to amaze her with his knowledge about various topics.

Aside from Momotaro, who he thinks of as an irreplaceable partner and confidant, Tsubasa as well became someone important he goes to for advice or emotional support. He appreciates her empathy with which she meets people, be it a stranger or a friend; referring to her as one of his two goddesses (the other one being Mamirin) in his SSR FLOWER GARDEN or as a fairy[4] . Most of the time when he jokingly flirts with her, he teases her with phrases such as "acting like newlyweds" or sudden advances on her which make Tsubasa panic since it's unlike the usually gentlemanly Mikado (SSR Perfect Acting and SSR Cheer Battle). But when he's serious about his intentions the atmosphere shifts and he makes it known to her. So, when his alone time with her is interrupted by the other members of MooNs or B-PROJECT he feels genuinely frustrated afterwards (e.g. SR Candle Night).

The events of Ryusei*Fantasia are tumultuous for everyone. Mikado is given an ultimatum by his father, idol work or university/studies. He doesn't want to let go of either one, so he works even harder to prove to his father that being an idol is nothing to be ashamed of. This inevitably leads to him putting more on his plate than he can handle. This in turn means double the work for Tsubasa too, but she's more concerned with Mikado's mental state during this stressful phase. She gets to witness first-hand how tense and depressing the conversations between Mikado and his father are. At one point the complete ignorance of his son's ambitions makes her very upset that she clenches her fists so strong causing her nails to leave marks on her palms. Mikado didn't want her to feel distress over his familial conflicts and apologizes while kneeling down, gently inspecting her hands.

During Mikado's epilogue they have breakfast together on her next rest day at a café. Both wholeheartedly enjoy this calm, relaxed atmosphere after everything went back to normal. They look back on the past months with all its ups and downs and agree that MooNs awaits a bright future. Mikado then says that before one knows they're 80 years old, still performing on stage together. This remark makes Tsubasa chuckle, yet she has no doubt that even by this time everyone will be as charming and fun as always. For Mikado it goes without saying that she will stay their A&R forever and to see her smile by his side when this time comes.

Tsubasa mostly acts as a big sister figure for the twins. They feel comfortable around her and get along well with each other. A returning story element of their relationship are the similarities, but later on also the differences between the twins.

Ryusei*Fantasia explores this in depth when Yuduki and Haruhi's past is catching up with them. Her involvement in the conflict reveals their opposite coping mechanisms. While Yuduki's trust in Tsubasa is big enough to openly talk with her about their life in the orphanage after they lost their remaining family and what kind of person the chairman, who they fondly call ‘grandma', is. At the same time he also confides in Tsubasa about Haruhi's bad habit from the past: Diverting any female interest in Yuduki to himself to protect his precious brother. A habit that re-emerged because of a female celebrity's serious interest in (as in wanting to play with) Yuduki. This acts as the catalyst for the twins to reevaluate their bond together. Especially Yuduki realizes that there's been a growing wish inside of him to pursue more solo projects to be perceived and grow as his own person [4] (cf. [36]where he is talking with Tsubasa and Goshi about honing his skills as an artist). During these turbulent times Yuduki appreciates Tsubasa's gentle handling and views her as someone who grants him courage to move forward.

On the other hand, Haruhi's handling of the same situation is the complete opposite of Yuduki. When he realized what the intentions of the female celebrity is, he immediately reverted back to his more manipulative and calculative protection mode. A side Tsubasa has yet to see of the usually cheerful Haruhi. His tone when talking with her in between practices and meetings is significantly sharper, which leaves her puzzled. After he found out about Yuduki and Tsubasa's talk about their past he becomes furious because for him this is a very intimate matter and for no one else to share with. Instead of being offended at Haruhi's behavior towards her Tsubasa tries to reason with him and understands where this sudden change comes from. After the conflict is resolved, something seemed to have shifted within Haruhi. In his epilogue it becomes clear that his previous advances were not serious in nature but are, or start to be, now. He has taken a genuine interest in her, beyond a superficial level.

Akane has been on friendly terms with Tsubasa from the beginning. She finds it easy to talk to him because of his open nature. The same goes for Akane who feels comfortable when she is around.

Even though he is the oldest of KiLLER KiNG and acts mature, he often behaves child-like in her presence, a proof of how he feels at ease with her. In relation to the aforementioned, Akane sometimes tends to be a bit more reckless to appear cool in front of her. [37] He easily blushes and becomes shy when complimented by Tsubasa. As much as she cares for Akane’s well-being, so does he for her. In his SSR Surprise he is worried that she doesn’t eat properly due to her stressful schedule. So he wants to prepare her favourite dishes. In that manner, he often buys her small gifts as a thank you for her constant support. [38][39] Akane also likes to consult with her about difficult things or thinks of her often times, for example during New Year’s where he wished Tsubasa went with KiLLER KiNG to the shrine visit and has her in mind when they talk about a person that takes good care of people.[40]

There have been small hints that he has a crush on her, albeit unconsciously. They are scattered throughout his cards, with his SSR BIRTHDAY SWEETS being the strongest indicator so far. The card shows that Tsubasa holds a special place in his heart apart from his friends. Because of work she was not able to attend his birthday party. Because of this Akane was all the more happier when she visited him the next day and could have his second party, just with the two of them.[41]

Miroku and Tsubasa get along well. Similarly, to the twins Tsubasa is like a big sister figure to him. He enjoys her company and even likes to tease her on a few occasions (SSR Freshers). As with everyone of B-PROJECT Miroku knows how hard she works for the group(s) to succeed, worrying for her wellbeing or expressing his gratitude with little presents (e.g. SSR Surprise, or SR Thank you Gift)). Tsubasa quickly came to understand that his young age doesn't make him inferior to his older teammates in any way. Both stand on an equal grounding when it comes to discussing matters relating to e.g. KiLLER KiNG. When he isn't happy with ideas she is presenting, he counters her ideas and offers his instead that are closer to his vision. It's clear that both appreciate this productive exchange of words.

With her patient and emphatic nature Tsubasa has quickly become an important emotional support for Miroku. When he is lost or things don't work out like he envisioned it Tsubasa always offers a helping hand or simply listens to his thoughts[42] - especially during the stressful events of Ryuusei*Fantasia where he gets into a serious argument with Akane about his strong inferior complex towards THRIVE and the other members that he is projecting onto KiLLER KiNG. It hurts her to see both so divided since she knows how close they are to each other. Tsubasa tries to talk with both, wanting to find out their respective thoughts on this matter. Miroku is relieved that she came to talk to him and thanks her later when the conflict is resolved.

Among the few people he openly admires Tsubasa is one of them. She is an adult he aspires to become when growing up[4].

Yashamaru and Tsubasa have a mentor-apprentice relationship. Right from the start she admired him for his achievements in the company and looked up to him. When Tsubasa is unsure how to handle a work-related issue, he is always willing to listen to her concerns and offers valuable advice.

Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:
However, unbeknownst to Tsubasa, they are related through her father, the late Saikai Yu. It's one of the main subjects of Season One and Two of the anime. Yashamaru holds an immense grudge against Saikai Yu because he blames him for his sister's death many years prior to Seasone One. Ever since then, he has been projecting his resentment onto Tsubasa. At the end of Season One he revealed that Tsubasa's employment in GANDARA MUSIC and her position as the new A&R of B-PROJECT was all planned by him to take revenge on her in place of Saikai Yu. When his plan failed because of the members' strong attachment to Tsubasa he left the company for a while and continued to sabotage her work in Season Two. He was persuaded to leave the past behind and return to B-PROJECT after speaking with his old friend, BRAVE's president, Daikoku Shuji.

Kaikan*Everyday / Ryusei*Fantasia:
Because the events above aren't mentioned outside of the anime, it's unclear if the timelines of the anime seasons and the two games actually align. Tsubasa and Yashamaru are shown to be on good terms with each other in both games. He continues to act as her mentor and supports her during hectic times at the workplace.

Insert Text Here.

Ultras took an immediate liking to Tsubasa, in particular Eisuke who loves B-PROJECT and feels honored to be managed by their A&R. Tsubasa on the other hand has some difficulties working with Ultras initially due to their free-spirited way of things. Both parties were confronted with a new work environment, thus had to learn how to act around each other.

During their meetings together, Ultras becomes aware how hardworking and busy she is, which they greatly admire her for[43]. Nevertheless, they don't want to bend over and change their identity as Ultras. With this mindset they are making work harder for Tsubasa as they tend to go against GANDARA's set of rules. Despite their rash decisions sometimes Tsubasa tries to be reasonable with them, patiently guiding the industry newbies through the corporate environment.

Outside of work Ultras starts to connect with her on a personal level. They try to help her out with various tasks such as marketing ideas for B-PROJECT's new music releases or hear her out during hectic times[44]. While Bunta maintains a professional distance Eisuke seems to have become attached to her – he often is looking for an opportunity to spend more time with Tsubasa, e.g. inviting her to have lunch together with Ultras[45]. Because of her busy schedule she often has to decline the invitation. To not worry her or make her feel guilty, Eisuke smiles his disappointment away but does sulk when it's only Bunta and him. It's also interesting to note that Eisuke uses different honorifics related to Tsubasa: When he is with her he calls her "Tsubasa-chan", when he is talking about her he calls her "Tsubasa-san". Insert Text here.

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Refers to "tsubasa" Tsubasa-san Tsubasa Tsubasa-chan Tsubasa Tsubasa-chan
Refers to "them" Yuduki-kun Haruhi-kun Akane-kun Miroku-kun A-suke-san
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Refers to "tsubasa" Sumisora-san Watashi Tsubasa-chan Sumisora-kun Sumisora
Refers to "them" B-ta-san Yashamaru-san Daikoku-san Shuuji-san

  • Tsubasa likes men that can cook.[46]
  • Tsubasa can read music notes but is not good at playing.[47]
  • Other interests include baking, such as baking cookies for the members. Or try out new tea flavours.[48][49]
  • It was mentioned on a few occasions that Tsubasa tends to puff her cheeks when she is in deep thoughts.[4]
  • Ever since she was a child Tsubasa likes songs with a bass sound; listening to such songs calms her down.[4]
  • Tsubasa likes to watch horror movies, but she prefers the horror movies from overseas, because they are easy to understand.[4]
  • Tsubasa occasionally acts as an acting partner for the members in preparation for roles. She's been praised for her natural acting skills by both the members and professionals alike.[50]
  • When Tsubasa listens to a song she doesn't know, she is able to pick up the small sounds or the disharmony in that song and comes to understand the song better through these little aspects.[4]

  • 澄 (sumi) - clear, pure
  • 空 (sora) - sky
Given Name
  • つばさ (tsubasa) - *Words in hiragana and katakana has no meaning.
Tsubasa's name derives from Saichō(最澄) and Kūkai(空海), two Japanese Buddhist Monks who founded Buddhist sects classified under Old Buddhism.


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