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Main Story

Making Your Dream Come True CG
The 3 of us can fulfill it! CG
Location of Hardship CG
Princess Project CG
The Wolf Prince CG
Amusement Park Date CG
Actual Dream CG
Actual Dream
Hero's Wish CG
Hero's Wish
Protect Peace on Earth CG
Protect Peace on Earth
Reward from the Program CG
Reward from the Program
Dreamy Relief CG
Dreamy Relief

Moodmaker CG
Skinship CG
Radio Recording CG
Radio Recording
Strong Bond CG
Strong Bond
Hidden Past CG
Hidden Past
We♡Oshiriz CG
Two Princes CG
Two Princes
Present CG
Secret Signal CG
Secret Signal
Teamwork CG
First Love Memories CG
First Love Memories
Relaxing Place CG
Relaxing Place
Kind Lie CG
Kind Lie
Secret Training CG
Secret Training
Energetic Reason CG
Energetic Reason
Stoic Side CG
Stoic Side
Small Happening CG
Small Happening
Idol and True Face CG
Idol and True Face