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The place I want to go the most to right now is the sea. You can dive on-season and off season it's calm and you can gaze at it without thinking about anything. I dislike the noise, and I usually go alone, but maybe I could take you. You know... what does this mean, yes? If you don't I'll tell you. You're... special.

Like Yuduki, Miroku is quiet but also serious. He approaches a new job with the mindset of learning new things with every hindrance he has to overcome. He does not want to be in his seniors' shadow.


Despite his young age, he and Kento are the tallest members. His muscular but lean build is a result of his regular workout in the gym. Miroku has grey short hair and purple eyes with a tint of turquoise blue. A prominent feature is his pierced ear conch on his left side.

He has a casual dress style that includes figure-hugging tops.


Miroku has a quiet and stoic personality. Since he was young, he would set boundaries from others which made him seem distant to his surroundings [1]. But he still cares a lot for his friends. He does not like his seniors to pity him only because he is a newbie in the show business. He is also quite competitive.[2]

To bring out the best in himself he does a lot of research for his jobs. The same applies to cooking. He likes it and tends to cook the same dish until he completely masters it.

An important fact many do not realize is his hard-working nature. Since he was a child, he was misunderstood as a genius and outstanding in looks who do not have to bring up much effort to succeed. In reality, he works as much as others to get to where he is now. [1]

Miroku was raised in a strict household, where his parents are teachers.[3] Due to the growing up in a family environment where everything he does has to be number 1, Miroku grew up with the mentality of giving his all with everything he does.[1]

When he was young, Miroku was a very small and quiet child. His parents were worried that he would be bullied in school, hence to strengthen his body, he was sent to a dojo.[3] There he met Akane in the dojo of the latter's grandpa where they practiced judo together.[4]

One day while watching TV, they happened to see a program with children from Bambi Project and became interested. Despite so, Miroku couldn't imagine becoming an idol. However, Akane wanted to try it out and convinced Miroku to audition with him. Hence both him and Akane auditioned and joined Bambi together. Miroku's parents were not enthusiastic about his decision and they rather he concentrated on his studies. They feel that the idol business does not offer a secured future. However, due to his strong wish to become an idol, he works very hard to be acknowledged by his parents and show them that both school and work can co-exist.[3]



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Akane and Miroku are childhood friends. They met roughly 10 years ago, when they were both 8 and 6 years old respectively. Miroku was brought to the Akane's grandfather's Dojo by his mother to have a look around. At that time, Miroku was a shy preschooler and had pure white skin. Akane thought he looked like a fairy and took an interest in him, wanting to know more about him. Akane was very happy when Miroku smiled for the first time.[3] They both attended Akane's grandfather's Dojo.[5]

As they naturally came to spend more time together, one day while watching TV, they happened to see a program with children from Bambi Project and became interested. Despite so, Miroku couldn't imagine becoming an idol. However, Akane wanted to try it out and convinced Miroku to audition with him. [3] Hence the two of them auditioned and entered Bambi together.[6] At the beginning, the two didn't live in the dorms with the other children and commuted from Shizuoka to Tokyo via Shinkansen or car for lessons.[3] Because they joined Bambi together, they had been each other's motivation and inspiration in keeping their dream as an idol.[3]

But both carry around a deep regret in relation to the other, each from a different moment during the Bambi era. In Miroku’s case it was when Thrive was to debut with Akane as part of the initial line-up. However, in the end the group debuted without Akane. Even though Miroku knew how hurt Akane was by this decision and needed words of comfort from him, he somehow felt relieved. It meant that they wouldn't be separated, a fear that grew stronger the more Thrive’s debut and the rumours around its members became a topic. Akane on the other hand felt inferior and lacking in skills when their president decided to debut Akane with KiLLER KiNG instead. It meant for him that he wasn’t and never will be good enough. No matter how strong his efforts are, he never will catch up with Thrive or even surpass them. This in turn resulted in Akane unconsciously thinking that KiLLER KiNG can’t make it to the top with their new song.[3]

They are close enough that Akane knows every part of Miroku's body, including the 17 moles he has, however he isn't sure how many he has now. [7]

During their trainee days (Bambi), the two of them often had fights in the ramen shop over extra noodle servings. One time Yuta was sitting between them, and noted that every time Akane orders an extra serving of noodles, Miroku would increase his muscle training regime. This made Akane very angry.[8]

Kento and Miroku get along pretty well. As the both of them are very health-conscious, they often talk about topics related to health.[9]

As a senpai, Kento drives Miroku to places if he asks, and treats him kindly.[10]

Miroku and Tatsuhiro maintain a friendly rivalry with each other. Since his senior is the only one who can keep up with Miroku in the sports field, aside from Akane, he likes to challenge Tatsuhiro in various disciplines (e.g. SR「Serious Match」).

Miroku and Tsubasa get along well. Similarly, to the twins Tsubasa is like a big sister figure to him. He enjoys her company and even likes to tease her on a few occasions (SSR Freshers). As with everyone of B-PROJECT Miroku knows how hard she works for the group(s) to succeed, worrying for her wellbeing or expressing his gratitude with little presents (e.g. SSR Surprise, or SR Thank you Gift)). Tsubasa quickly came to understand that his young age doesn't make him inferior to his older teammates in any way. Both stand on an equal grounding when it comes to discussing matters relating to e.g. KiLLER KiNG. When he isn't happy with ideas she is presenting, he counters her ideas and offers his instead that are closer to his vision. It's clear that both appreciate this productive exchange of words.

With her patient and emphatic nature Tsubasa has quickly become an important emotional support for Miroku. When he is lost or things don't work out like he envisioned it Tsubasa always offers a helping hand or simply listens to his thoughts[11] - especially during the stressful events of Ryuusei*Fantasia where he gets into a serious argument with Akane about his strong inferior complex towards THRIVE and the other members that he is projecting onto KiLLER KiNG. It hurts her to see both so divided since she knows how close they are to each other. Tsubasa tries to talk with both, wanting to find out their respective thoughts on this matter. Miroku is relieved that she came to talk to him and thanks her later when the conflict is resolved.

Among the few people he openly admires Tsubasa is one of them. She is an adult he aspires to become when growing up[3].

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Goshi is viewed in high regards as a much-respected musician among his juniors, especially the twins have a special attachment to him – as the ones who have personal connections to the English language. Yuduki and Haruhi tend to cling to and tease Goshi, often persuading him to do activities together as a group with their puppy eyes. Haruhi dreams of going on a car ride with Goshi when he obtained his driver's license or drink his first alcohol with Goshi when he legally becomes an adult. Yuduki also sees him as a great mentor who gives valuable advice for the future as a music artist and his personal growth [12].

Akane and Goshi's connection goes back to the Bambi era where the former was planned to debut with THRIVE but debuted with KiLLER KiNG instead. Even though this decision was made to fully maximize Akane's potential in a group that suits him better, he has ever since carried a strong inferior complex towards THRIVE. So while he is happy with KiLLER KiNG there's always a hint of self-doubt deep down his heart[3][13].

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Eisuke describes KiLLER KiNG as "cute and cool" [14].

The two groups didn't have much contact with each other yet, but the twins were worried when they watched Ultras' first, and unauthorized, live stream under GANDARA Music in which they announced their company debut.

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  • Like Tatsuhiro and Akane he is very athletic.
  • Miroku tries not to consume Carbohydrates as much as he can.[15]
  • Like his senior Kento, he pays the utmost attention to his nutrition.
  • During their Bambi time Miroku was a model for a teens magazine.[1]
  • Miroku likes the cold air and the quietness of the town in the morning.[16]
  • Miroku trains his muscles before going on stage. It helps him relieve tension.[15]
  • His representative animal is a panther. His personal monster/mascot is called Mirora.[17][18]
  • Miroku wants to try drinking sake when he can drink. He heard it goes well with sashimi.[19]
  • Miroku is finicky when it comes to cooking. He will only cook the same thing until he feels he's perfected it.[20]

  • 殿 (shingari) - palace, hall, temple/lord, noble
Given Name
  • 弥 (mi) - cover, far and wide/ increasingly, for a long time; forever
  • 勒 (roku) - the second of the Eight Principles of Yong
Miroku's name derives from Miroku Bosatsu(弥勒菩薩), one of the Five Main Bodhisattvas in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.



# Mr. Perfect Sixteen
# Acclaimed Growth Phase
# The Cool Straight man in a Comedy Duo
# Strongest Youngest Child
# Stoic Muscle Training Machine
# Clear-headed
# Competitive Hard Worker