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You promised to watch anime with me today, right? You know what will happen later, don't you? It will be just the two of us, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. I will not miss this chance.

A gentleman who meets people with politeness and good manners. He possesses a good grounding in general knowledge that often comes in handy. Though there is a side to him that only appears when the fictional magical girl Mamirin is involved.


Mikado is a young man with an average height and build. He has dark brown hair with his bangs parting to the right side. His eye color is green. Mikado's most prominent feature is his glasses with which he seldom is seen without.

He usually is well-dressed, and often wears shirts and vests.


It is important to note that Mikado has two sides to his personality. Smart, gentle and professional when he acts as an idol. He has a strong desire to excel in his studies, thus fulfilling his duties as his father demands. On the other hand he wants to remain in the entertainment industry to prove his father's bad image of idols wrong.

But he becomes the opposite when he talks about his hobby: anime and manga. As mentioned above, in particular for Mamirin he holds a very passionate love that no one other than him understands. In this aspect, he can become even louder than Hikaru.

He also can be quite mean when he teases as shown on various occasions with his friends.

In Season 1, episode 6「SIX SENSE BLADE」and the game's main story, it was hinted that he had a rough past[2][3]. Mamirin helped him during those hard times.

His past was revealed in Season 2, episode 6 [Moving On]. His father who is the vice-minister for policy condition was always very strict in his son's education. Mikado tried to be recognized by his father and to be as perfect as possible to make his home life more harmonious. When he was given the chance to become an idol it was tied to one condition: His father would decide when he has to quit.[4]

After he was encouraged by his fellow MooNs members to not give up, he decided to break this promise and continue pursuing his career as an idol.

Despite being raised in a strict household, his mother is a kind person who raised him and his brother well. His younger brother is 6 years old. He’s kind, smart and does not resemble their father at all. The relationship with his father however deteriorated over time, in particular after Mikado's ambitious to keep working as an idol become stronger.[5]



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Even though Mikado and Momotaro are two opposites, they get along without problems. They are often seen doing activities together like shopping[6] and work well as a team.

Momotaro's Kizuna story reveals the beginning of their friendship. During the Bambi period he was always alone, avoided by his comrades because, according to Momotaro, he was different from them. He lacked the motivation and aspiration to become an idol. While his peers dreamed of becoming one, Momotaro didn't know what his purpose was. Despite these concerns, he continued to participate in the lessons because he genuinely enjoyed them.
During one of the dance lessons Mikado approached him out of curiosity as they had to pair with someone and nobody wanted to work with Momotaro. From that time onwards they slowly formed a friendship, starting with greetings and small talks every time they saw each other.[7]

Both think of the other as outstanding. Momotaro often denies when Mikado praises him in his own, often times exaggerated, words. To Momotaro his best friend emanates a dignified aura that attracts people around him. He admires Mikado's devotion to anime and games, it is something he never experienced himself. So watching Mikado enjoying his hobbies gives him a pleasant feeling.

Mikado and Tsubasa were on a friendly basis right from the start. Given his gentleman-like aura, he treats her with much respect and care, e.g. walking on the side along the street or matching her pace while walking together (SSR The Perfect Role Study). He values her opinions and eagerness for every given task. Tsubasa sees Mikado as an intelligent young man who never ceases to amaze her with his knowledge about various topics.

Aside from Momotaro, who he thinks of as an irreplaceable partner and confidant, Tsubasa as well became someone important he goes to for advice or emotional support. He appreciates her empathy with which she meets people, be it a stranger or a friend; referring to her as one of his two goddesses (the other one being Mamirin) in his SSR FLOWER GARDEN or as a fairy[5] . Most of the time when he jokingly flirts with her, he teases her with phrases such as "acting like newlyweds" or sudden advances on her which make Tsubasa panic since it's unlike the usually gentlemanly Mikado (SSR Perfect Acting and SSR Cheer Battle). But when he's serious about his intentions the atmosphere shifts and he makes it known to her. So, when his alone time with her is interrupted by the other members of MooNs or B-PROJECT he feels genuinely frustrated afterwards (e.g. SR Candle Night).

The events of Ryusei*Fantasia are tumultuous for everyone. Mikado is given an ultimatum by his father, idol work or university/studies. He doesn't want to let go of either one, so he works even harder to prove to his father that being an idol is nothing to be ashamed of. This inevitably leads to him putting more on his plate than he can handle. This in turn means double the work for Tsubasa too, but she's more concerned with Mikado's mental state during this stressful phase. She gets to witness first-hand how tense and depressing the conversations between Mikado and his father are. At one point the complete ignorance of his son's ambitions makes her very upset that she clenches her fists so strong causing her nails to leave marks on her palms. Mikado didn't want her to feel distress over his familial conflicts and apologizes while kneeling down, gently inspecting her hands.

During Mikado's epilogue they have breakfast together on her next rest day at a café. Both wholeheartedly enjoy this calm, relaxed atmosphere after everything went back to normal. They look back on the past months with all its ups and downs and agree that MooNs awaits a bright future. Mikado then says that before one knows they're 80 years old, still performing on stage together. This remark makes Tsubasa chuckle, yet she has no doubt that even by this time everyone will be as charming and fun as always. For Mikado it goes without saying that she will stay their A&R forever and to see her smile by his side when this time comes.

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Goshi and MooNs are complete polar opposites. He had his communication difficulties with Momotaro, but they both learned to get along. Mikado often remarks Goshi's anger issues and that it produces winkles on his forehead – which in turn makes Goshi more annoyed. Tatsuhiro and Goshi get along well because of the former's calm nature. They share a reading American comics as a hobby, sometimes recommending issues they liked to the other[8].

However, Goshi finds MooNs to be too overbearing as a group, a conclusion he came to after he had to change his sleeping place every day because Kento and Yuta had the flu. MooNs didn't want to burden him with housework, so they made him a bit uncomfortable when everything was taken care of for him (see Goshi's Kizuna story in Kaikan*Everyday.

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In Eisuke's opinion MooNs is "the best balanced 5-member group" [9].

During a meeting with all B-PROJECT members where they also discuss Ultras Momotaro mentions how he envies Ultras for their free-spirited nature and doing whatever they want.

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  • He is fairly good at cooking.[10]
  • Mikado juggles between work and studies.[11]
  • His room is filled with all kinds of anime and manga stuff.[12]
  • In preparation for jobs, he often references book or manga characters and sometimes even turns into said character, like a delinquent from a manga with that theme. [13]
  • Mikado checks news on the net daily.[14]
  • His eyesight is 0.2 on the right and 0.08 on the left.[15]
  • Mikado monopolizes the TV in the living room in the morning and watches anime at a very loud volume.[16]
  • Mikado sometimes watches DVDs in the living room until morning. So he matches with Hikaru in terms of waking up late.[17]
  • His representative animal is a squirrel. His personal monster/mascot is called Mikadoctor.[18][19]

  • 釈 (seki) - elucidate, explain
  • 村 (mura) - village
Given Name
  • 帝 (mika) - emperor, sovereign
  • 人 (do) - person, human
Mikado's name derives from Taishakuten(帝釈天), the Lord of the Devas in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.



# Intellectual Idol excelling both academically & athletically
# Task Management Master
# A youth of singular beauty behind the lenses
# Good at switching
# Wildly Hyper
# Brave Pioneer
# MooNs aficionado