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Seize VICTORY! Sports FES
掴み取れVICTORY! スポーツFES
Seize VICTORY! Sports FES Banner
Event Period
The Seize VICTORY! Sports FES event ran from 11 May 2018 15:00 JST to 21 May 2018 15:00JST.
MooNs are in preparation of their upcoming CD release “GO AROUND”.
It’s been decided that they will participate in Aji TV’s sponsored Idol Sports Day Special and there’s something for the victorious group! They’ll win an announcement for their CD and the golden opportunity to perform on music and variety programs!! Yashamaru is pressuring these 5 “definitely be victorious” in order to get the announcement chance…!?

Reward Photo
【Cheer Battle】Sekimura Mikado 1【Cheer Battle】Sekimura Mikado 2
【Mutual Trust】Onzai Momotaro 1【Mutual Trust】Onzai Momotaro 2
【Cheer Battle】Sekimura Mikado
【Mutual Trust】Onzai Momotaro
Gacha Photo
【Three-legged Race】Masunaga Kazuna 1【Three-legged Race】Masunaga Kazuna 2
【Fighting Spirit】Nome Tatsuhiro 1【Fighting Spirit】Nome Tatsuhiro 2
【Three-legged Race】Masunaga Kazuna
【Fighting Spirit】Nome Tatsuhiro

Star Point Photo Bonus
【Three-legged Race】Masunaga Kazuna 3
【Cheer Battle】Sekimura Mikado 3
【Three-legged Race】Masunaga Kazuna 2
【Cheer Battle】Sekimura Mikado 2
【Three-legged Race】Masunaga Kazuna 1
560 Event Point 560 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point
【Cheer Battle】Sekimura Mikado 1
【Mutual Trust】Onzai Momotaro 2
【Fighting Spirit】Nome Tatsuhiro 2
【Mutual Trust】Onzai Momotaro 1
【Fighting Spirit】Nome Tatsuhiro 1
280 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point
Member Bonus
Masunaga Kazuna GameChibi
Onzai Momotaro GameChibi
Osari Hikaru GameChibi
Nome Tatsuhiro GameChibi
Sekimura Mikado GameChibi
100 Event Point 20 Event Point 20 Event Point 50 Event Point 20 Event Point

Seize VICTORY! Sports FES CG