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Kitakado Tomohisa Twitter Icon Kitakado Tomohisa @B-Project · Nov 11 Ryuji, happy birthday.
The melody KitaKore has​ weaved together always gives me courage.
This is undeniably because of the time I spent with you.
Let's continue to create lots of happiness.

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Masunaga Kazuna Twitter Icon Masunaga Kazuna @B-Project · Nov 11 Happy birthday, Ryuji.
Sensitive and graceful, your presence is truly one-of-a-kind.
Still, no matter how highly recognized you are, I really respect the way you keep making efforts without being eaten up with pride.
It encourages me not to give up.
Let's continue to work hard and encourage each other.

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Sekimura Mikado Twitter Icon Sekimura Mikado @B-Project · Nov 11 Kore-san, happy birthday!!
You are full of talents, a jewelry box filled with the dreams and hopes of your fans!
However, I am also aware of all the hard work going on behind the scenes. So please do not overdo it.
When in need of peace and comfort, please rely on me!!

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