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Run and Gun

Composed by @dany
Arranged by @dany
Lyrics by Yama-chang

Color Code Keys:

Japanese Romaji English
Run and Gun Run and Gun Run and Gun
今 撃ち抜こう Ima uchinukou Now let's shoot through
光の奇跡で Hikari no kiseki de The miracle of light
決める 超える Kimeru koeru Deciding to surpass
その先の未来へ Sono saki no mirai e Beyond that future
Time will tell Time will tell Time will tell
前を向いたなら Mae o muitanara Look forth
走り出せ Hashiridase And start running
Don't look back! Don't look back! Don't look back!
初めて見る Hajimete miru Seeing such an impressive scenery
ヤバイ景色 Yabai keshiki For the first time
瞳の奥に Hitomi no oku ni I'll burn it
灼き付けてみたい Yakitsukete mitai Into the back of my eyes
Translation: User:YukiMuzic