Photos are cards which you need in order to play a Live. Each Photo represents a Member of B-PROJECT.

Photos are grouped into 5 types of Rarity:
EX.pngN.pngR.pngSR.png  SSR.png

Where each Rarity differs in Stats strength and number of Skills.

They are also grouped into one of the 3 Stats they are highest in:
Appeal Appeal.png  Dance Dance.png  Vocal Vocal.png

Photos will get Stats Boost according to their Intimacy Level.Relationship.png

List of Photos

This is the list of Photos available in the game, B-PROJECT~Kaikan*Everyday~.

KitaKore Logo 2.png
【Flower Garden】Kitakado Tomohisa 1.png
【Flower Garden】Korekuni Ryuji 1.png
THRIVE Logo 2.png
【Flower Garden】Kaneshiro Goshi 1.png
【Flower Garden】Ashu Yuta 1.png
【Flower Garden】Aizome Kento 1.png
MooNs Logo 2.png
【Flower Garden】Masunaga Kazuna 1.png
【Flower Garden】Onzai Momotaro 1.png
【Flower Garden】Osari Hikaru 1.png
【Flower Garden】Nome Tatsuhiro 1.png
【Flower Garden】Sekimura Mikado 1.png
KiLLER KiNG Logo 2.png
【Flower Garden】Teramitsu Yuduki 1.png
【Flower Garden】Teramitsu Haruhi 1.png
【Flower Garden】Fudo Akane 1.png
【Flower Garden】Shingari Miroku 1.png
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