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Matsukura Kenzo

Matsukura Kenzo (松蔵(まつくら) 健三(けんぞ))
Seiyuu: Hasu Takehiro (蓮岳大) Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 6

Ryuji's father. A big name actor whose swordfight skill is said to be of industry standard.
He produces and stars in『Shinsengumi Ultimate』(新撰組アルティメット) stageplay, where he chose Goshi, Momotaro and Mikado to play the role of Okita Soji.[1]
According to the paparazzi, he is rumored to be with a major actress, have set up a business for a beautiful woman in Kagurazaka, or have a secret love child.[2]

After B-PROJECT's first DOME concert, Reiko, Kento's mother, reveals that he is also Kento's father.[3]

Kenzo is a middle age man with short dark hair parted to the left and lavender eyes. He is seen wearing a two-piece black suit with a red tie.

Despite the 'scandals' claimed by the paparazzo[2], Kenzo is a man who is very passionate about acting. He cares about the well-being of his fellow actors and understands their feelings of wanting to act. As a professional, Kenzo puts his work first before anything else. This is something that even Ryuji acknowledges.[1]

  • 松 (matsu) - pine tree
  • 蔵 (kura) - to store, to hide
Given Name
  • 健 (ken) - strong, robust, healthy/ strength
  • 三 (zo) - three

Masunaga Nozomi

Masunaga Nozomi (増長(ますなが) 希充(のぞみ))
Seiyuu: Nojima Kenji (野島 健児) Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

Kazuna's older brother, 25 years old[4]. Ever since moving to Tokyo, he hasn't been in touch with his younger brother much. He is smart and competent, but fundamentally temperamental and dry. He is hard to read and elusive.

Nozomi is a young man who is slightly shorter than Kazuna by a little. His short hair is black with his bangs parted to the left. Similar to Kazuna, he has turquoise eyes.
He is usually seen wearing a dark blue three-piece suit (jacket, waistcoat and trousers). Underneath the jacket and waistcoat he wears a white button-down shirt and a pale blue tie with thin white stripes.

Kazuna describes him as a bit of a whimsical person, suddenly contacting Kazuna to arrange a meet-up.[5]

  • 増 (masu) - increase
  • 長 (naga) - long
Given Name
  • 希 (nozo) - hope, beg, request, rare
  • 充 (mi) - bring up, raise, rear
Nozomi's family name, derives from Zouchouten(増長天), one of the Four Heavenly Kings in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon. He is the guardian of the south.

Saikai Yu

Saikai Yu (さいかいゆう)
Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 8 (Mentioned)

Tsubasa's father. Saikai Yu was a famous composer who was respected and admired for his music.
He was rarely at home due to work. Twelve years ago he died when Tsubasa was still very young.[6]

According to Tsubasa he was very kind.[6]


Reiko (玲子(れいこ))
Seiyuu: None Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

Kento's mother. She single-handedly raised Kento on her own. When Kento was young, they often moved to different cities due to her job. Kento was often left alone at home whenever she was busy with work.

Kento was born out of her affair with Matsukura Kenzo, Ryuji's father. Reiko had kept Kenzo's identity a secret from Kento, while Kenzo kept his affair and love child from his family. She finally revealed this secret to Kento after B-PROJECT's first DOME live.[3]

She is decribed to have a beautiful face.

Given Name
  • 玲 (rei) - tinkling (jewels)
  • 子 (ko) - a word that comes after a woman's name, child

Yashamaru's Sister

Yashamaru's Sister (夜叉丸(やしゃまる)(いもうと))
Seiyuu: Konno Yuzuki (今野 優月) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 4

Yashamaru's younger sister. She was an up-and-coming singer with the voice of an angel.
Saikai Yu wrote a song a for her, however, she didn't have the chance to sing it. The song which was the theme song for an upcoming drama was given to the lead actress instead. A decision made by the producer of the drama.
Shortly after, Yashamaru's sister passed away.[6]

She has long blue hair and yellow eyes.
At the time of her death she was around the age of B-PRO members and Tsubasa.

She's described as someone with a fragile body but with a big passion for music that compensated for her physical deficit. She could be quite single-minded and stubborn when it came to music.[6]

Tomohisa's Mother

Tomohisa's Mother
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

During B-PROJECT visit at the Kitakado's residence, it is revealed that although she isn't a doctor she does have a medical licence.[3]

She is described to be a beautiful lady with soft, long hair; in Yuta’s words: fluffy hair, glossy skin and super lovely.[3]

Mikado's Father

Mikado's Father
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

Mikado's father is the vice-minister for policy condition and is very strict with his son's education. He allows Mikado to be an idol only on one condition: He needs to quit if he's told to do so. His father also doesn't seem to think very highly of idols. After Mikado's debut, their relationship became known to the public, much to his father's embarrassment.[3]



Konno (紺野(こんの))
Seiyuu: Sanpei Yuuki (三瓶 雄樹) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 1

Konno is one of the staff working at GANDARA MUSIC.[7]

Konno is a middle age man with dark short hair and brown eyes.
He is usually seen wearing glasses, a white long sleeved shirt with a pocket on the right chest over a teal v-line collar top and brown pants.

He is normally seen answering phone calls and helping Tsubasa out by answering the calls for her.[7] He diligently works hard to try and solve issues when situation arises.[8]
Otherwise, he chats with Maruyama during their free time.[7]

  • 紺 (kon) - navy blue, dark blue
  • 野 (no) - field


Maruyama (丸山(まるやま))
Seiyuu: Tashiro Tetsuya (田代 哲哉) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 1

Maruyama is one of the staff working at GANDARA MUSIC.[7]

Maruyama is a large build man with a brown bowl-cut hair and gray eyes.
He is usually seen wearing a orange T-shirt over a dark gray long sleeve shirt folded up to just before the elbow and dark green pants.

Maruyama is normally seen chatting with Konno about work issues.[7] However he diligently works hard when situation arises.[9]

Maruyama is normally seen holding a bag of potato chips and eating them.[7]

  • 丸 (maru) - circle, round
  • 山 (yama) - mountain


Gotoda (後藤田(ごとうだ))
Seiyuu: Takemoto Eiji (竹本英史) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 1

Tsubasa's new superior working under the second divison. He used to work in another company in the same industry and had just joined GANDARA MUSIC in Season 3.

Gotoda is a middle age man with brown wavy hair and blue-gray eyes.
He is usually seen wearing a blue cardigan over a white v-line top, gray pants and brown frame glasses. He is often seen holding a pink grabber tool around.

  • 後 (go) - behind; back; later
  • 藤 (to) - wisteria
  • 田 (da) - rice field; rice paddy


Itou (伊東(いとう))
Seiyuu: Sugisaki Ryo (杉崎亮) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 1

The Head of Department which Tsubasa is under.

Itou is an older man with grey sleek hair and brown eyes.
He is usually seen wearing a two piece brown suit over a white shirt.

  • 伊 (i) - that one
  • 東 (tou) - east

Industry Related People

Nishiyama Takanori

Nishiyama Takanori (西山(にしやま) 貴教(たかのり))
Seiyuu: Nishikawa Takanori (西川貴教) Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 4

「RAIZIN Festival」's organizer and performing artist. Chosen「B-PROJECT」as part of his quota for recommendations.

Nishiyama Takanori is a spitting image of Nishikawa Takanori (also known as TM Revolution). To his wild, styled hair and fashionable clothes, and even he reveals later in the episode to be wearing the outfit to one of T.M Revolutions popular songs "Hot Limit".[10]

Nishiyama acts very chill and casual. He is very devoted to the fans, as he was going to perform as himself when the other groups did not want to perform due to the rain.[10]

  • 西 (nishi) - west
  • 山 (yama) - mountain
Given Name
  • 貴 (taka) - expensive, worthful, precious
  • 教 (nori) - teach
Takanori's name, is based on Nishikawa Takanori(西川貴教).

Yoko Suzuki

Yoko Suzuki (ヨーコ(よーこ) 鈴木(すずき))
Seiyuu: Toyoguchi Megumi (豊口 めぐみ) Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 2

Yoko is the editor-in-chief of Kiss and Hug (キスアンドハグ), an idol magazine.[11]

Yoko is a middle-aged woman with a pixie cut that's ash brown and pink eyes. She is usually seen wearing a two-piece gray suit over a dull pink v-line collar top, with a silver necklace and ear studs.

Yoko is a very critical person. She is willing to push people to their limits to get them to give in to her demands.[11] Despite so, she likes people who don't give up when the situation gets tough and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, and is willing to help them. But of course, she expects them to return the favor.[12]
She is also easily swayed by Atsushi's charms.[11]

  • She likes cats or anything cat related, going as far as to force the models to wear cat ears and do kitty poses if their photos turns out boring.[11] Even her phone cover has cat ears and tail.[13]

  • 鈴 (suzu) - bell, chime
  • 木 (ki) - tree, wood
Given Name
  • ヨーコ (yoko) - *Words in hiragana and katakana has no meaning.

Wakaouji Ryuunosuke

Wakaouji Ryuunosuke (若王子(わかおうじ) 竜之介(りゅうのすけ))
Seiyuu: Takashi Kondou (近藤 隆) Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 6

Ryuunosuke is one of the participants that auditioned for the role, Okita Soji, in『Shinsengumi Ultimate』(新撰組アルティメット) Stageplay, alongside Goshi, Momotaro and Mikado.[1]

A young man with pale dark purple hair and eyes. He wears a brown cowboy vest with fringe at the bottom over blue top and a dark blue Capri pants.

Ryuunosuke is seen to be a very skittish person. Apologizing and running off quickly after bumping onto Goshi. Mikado mentioned that he was always by himself and wasn't very cooperative. However he wasn't as bad as Goshi.[1]
After being possessed by an Imperial loyalist spirit, he becomes very arrogant and confident, looking down on Momotaro who is weaker than him. Because he's a spirit that is presumed to have been killed by Okita Soji, his goal is to end the lives of those who called themselves Shinsengumi and eventually goes out of control. Eventually, the spirit is knocked out of Ryuunosuke's body by Goshi, Momotaro and Mikado.[1]

  • He once worked on a drama with Mikado before the stageplay.[1]

  • 若 (waka) - young
  • 王 (ou) - king
  • 子 (ji) - child
Given Name
  • 竜 (ryuu) - dragon
  • 之 (no) - a genitive case marker for の(no)
  • 介 (suke) - mediate, to assist


Toshima (外嶋(としま))
Seiyuu: Totani Kimito (戶谷公人) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 10

The director of the King of Caste Movie that B-PROJECT starred in.

Toshima is a middle age man with brown hair and green eyes. He has a undercut hairstyle with a man bun. He wears a white sweater over a purple top, black pants that has 2 white stripes across the right thigh area.


  • 外 (to) - outside, foreign, other, except
  • 嶋 (shima) - island


Kouchi (小內(こうち))
Seiyuu: Nakanishi Naoya (中西尚也) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 10

The stunt instructor of the King of Caste Movie that B-PROJECT starred in.

Kouchi is a middle age man with short black hair and brown eyes. His facial features are masculine than average. He wears a blue tracksuit jacket and green cargo pants.

  • 小 (koi) - small
  • 內 (chi) - inside, within

Shiraishi Makoto

Shiraishi Makoto (白石 誠(しらいし まこと))
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

KitaKore & MooNs's manager. He has a meek but gentle personality. It appears he is not good at dealing with complicated matters.

  • 白 (shirai) - white
  • 石 (shi) - stone
Given Name
  • 誠 (makoto) - truth, reality, sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity

Takase Saki

Takase Saki (高瀬 サキ(たかせ さき))
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

A famous actress known for being a young-actors killer. According to Kento, she is around the same age as his mother. When she first makes her appearence, she is seen flirting with Yuduki before switching her target to Haruhi.

  • 高 (taka) - tall, high, expensive
  • 瀬 (se) - shallows; shoal, rapids, position, opportunity


Tsubokura (坪倉(つぼくら))
Seiyuu: Sakurai Tooru (櫻井トオル) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 3

B-PROJECT's senior in the music industry. It was revealed during a TV Show that he has had Sakurada Haruki write a song for him, although he was criticized for that by Sakurada's fans.

Tsubokura is a man with wavy dark purple hair and purple eyes.He wears a white coat over a black top, with it's sleeves folded, and black pants.

  • 坪 (tsubo) - A unit of areal measure
  • 倉 (kura) - godown, warehouse, storehouse, cellar, treasury

Sakurada Haruki

Sakurada Haruki (桜田(さくらだ) 春樹(はるき))
Seiyuu: Sugimura Kenji (杉村憲司) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 3

A famous music artist who also composes, arranges, writes and produces songs. Many of the songs by him were big hits.

Sakurada Haruki is a middle age man with light brown and green eyes. He wears a black blazer over a black top and dark grey pants.

  • He is from Nishitokyo (City of West Tokyo) and is 182cm tall.[14]
  • Other than being a music artist, he is also a lyricist, composer, arranger and music producer.
  • He does vocals, and plays the bass, keyboard, synthesizer, accordion, drums and percussion. He also does music programming. [14]
  • He is under the record label "Four Stroke Music".[14]
  • One the songs he composed is named Tsumugi, sung by Mrs People.

  • 桜 (sakura) - cherry tree
  • 田 (da) - rice field
Given Name
  • 春 (haru) - spring
  • 樹 (ki) - tree; plant

Hataten Yasutora

Hataten Yasutora (旗天(はたてん) 泰虎(やすとら))
Seiyuu: NONE Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 3

A super famous guitarist who was previously in the same group as Sakurada Haruki. He's currently working and living in Los Angeles.

Hataten Yasutora is a middle age man with long brown hair with bangs swept to the right.

  • He is from Maebashi City in Gunma Prefecture.[14]
  • Other than being a guitarist, he is also singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer and music producer.[14]
  • He does vocals, and plays the guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, drums. He also does music programming. [14]
  • He is under the record label "Boot Canp Music" in Japan and "Maggy record" in U.S.A..[14]
  • He is under the agency "Tora no Hatajirushi (虎の旗印)" in Japan and "FLAG HEAVEN" in U.S.A..[14]

  • 旗 (hata) - national flag, banner, standard
  • 天 (ten) - heavens, sky, imperial
Given Name
  • 泰 (yasu) - peaceful, calm
  • 虎 (tora) - tiger

Fukuzawa Iwao

Fukuzawa Iwao (福澤(ふくざわ) (いわお))
Seiyuu: Yamaguchi Masahide (山口正秀) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 4

Director of the movie, Lamentation of Samurai (侍ラメント).

Fukuzawa Iwao is an older man with short black hair and stubble. He wears a a black jacket over a white shirt, blue pants, a grey bandana on his head and black sunglasses.

As someone who has worked in the industry for a long time, he knows how to deal different people. This was seen when he made Miroku redo his takes despite being satisfied with the first one. He knew Miroku was not satisfied due to his perfectionist personality and wanted him to learn that not everything needs to be perfect.

  • 福 (fuku) - good fortune
  • 澤 (zawa) - swamp
Given Name
  • 巌 (iwao) - rock; crag

Assistant Director

Assistant Director
Seiyuu: Ishikari Yuki (石狩勇気) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 4

Assistant Director of the movie, Lamentation of Samurai (侍ラメント).

A middle age man with dark brown wavy hair and blue eyes. He wears a a brown jacket over a light blue turtleneck, blue pants, and a wears a purple bandana on his head.

He is shown to be very concerning for the actors when he is aware of how taxing the scene is after they did it a number of times.

Awazu Gishin

Awazu Gishin (粟津(あわづ) 義真(ぎしん))
Seiyuu: Miyazaki Yuu (宮崎 遊) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 5

A super famous music creator who is a genius in music composing to music arrangements. The compositions he creates are so amazing that it is called Awazu Magic.

A man with brown hair and dull pink eyes. He wears a black sweater and grey pants. He is sometimes seen wearing a pair of headphones. He has a hunchback posture, and gives off a gloomy feel most of the time.

A closed-off person with very difficult personality to work with. When it comes to music, he is a perfectionist and has very strict standards. Due to his personality, he never compromises with his work and does not appear in the media.

  • He originally started out by posting videos of his music.
  • One of his songs is named Senko Hanabi(線香花火).

  • 粟 (awa) - foxtail millet
  • 津 (zu) - harbor, port, haven
Given Name
  • 義 (gi) - justice
  • 真 (shin) - truth, reality


Seiyuu: Fujiwara Yuuki (藤原祐規) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 7

A famous gamer on YourTube.

TOBI is a young man with black bowl cut hair and green eyes. He wears a pair of glasses, a yellow amulet necklace round his neck, a light gray jacket over dull green shirt and black pants.

He was very nervous during Ultras' livestream as it was the his time that he has appearing in person in any media. Eventually he managed to pull it thru with Ultras' help.

Tokimitsu Masahiro

Tokimitsu Masahiro (時光(ときみつ) 真大(まさひろ))
Seiyuu: Kawashima Tokuyoshi (川島得愛) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 8

"Hisui no Hoshi (Jaded Star)" stage play director. Really admires Momotaro for his acting and wants him to be the main character of one of his dramas/stage plays.

A man with brown hair and eyes. He wears a blue blazer over a white mandarin collar shirt, light grey pants and a pair of spectacles.

  • His name is never mentioned in the anime, thus it could also be read as Masato, Masatomo or Shinta.

  • 時 (toki) - time
  • 光 (mitsu) - light
Given Name
  • 真 (masa) - true, reality
  • 大 (hiro) - large, big

Drama Director

Drama Director
Seiyuu: Takeda Hana (武田 華) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 8

The director of a Drama “Kaga Yuzen no Tamashii (加賀友禅の魂) ” which Momotaro stars in.

A lady with brown wavy hair that reaches down to her shoulder and tied to a ponytail, and blue eyes. She wears a grey hoodie over a black long sleeved shirt and silver earrings.


Hikita (疋田(ひきた))
Seiyuu: Takanaka Hiroyuki (高仲 祐之) Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 11

B-PROJECT's photographer.

A middle aged man with reddish brown hair with center parting and black eyes. He has stubbles and wears a short black vest over a white shirt and grey pants.

  • 疋 (hiki) - used as counter for small animals; rolls of cloth; horses in the past
  • 田 (ta) - rice field



Andy (アンディ(あんでぃ))
Seiyuu: Inaba Minoru (稲葉 実) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 4

Andy is Tomohisa's butler. As a butler, he is skilled in several fields such as cooking and investigation.[15][16] He also arranges flights and accommodations for KitaKore.[17]

Andy is an elderly man with grey medium length curly hair.
He is usually seen wearing a three-piece black suit (jacket, grey waistcoat and trousers). Underneath the jacket and waistcoat he wears a white button-down shirt. The accessoires consist of a black tie held by a gold tie ring and a pair of white gloves.

As a butler, he is devoted to fulfilling his master's every needs.


Hasegawa (長谷川(はせがわ))
Seiyuu: Majima Junji (間島 淳司) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 6

Hasegawa is Mikado's father's secretary.[18]

Hasegawa is a middle age man with black hair which parts at the middle and blue eyes.
He is usually seen wearing glasses, in a two-piece black suit. Underneath the jacket he wears a white button-down shirt and a blue striped tie.

As a secretary, he is shown to follow and side with Mikado's father.

  • 長 (ha) - long
  • 谷 (se) - valley, lowland, plain
  • 川 (gawa) - river


Mamirin (マミリン(まみりん))
Seiyuu: Ichimichi Mao (市道 真央) Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 3

Mamirin is the main character of Witch Girl Mamirin(魔女っ子マミリン) which is also Mikado's favorite anime.

Tsubasa's Ex-manager

Tsubasa's Ex-manager
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

The manager of the CD shop where Tsubasa previously worked before she left for GANDARA MUSIC. He is described to be very supportive and still keeps in touch with Tsubasa to this day.


Hayakawa-san (早川(はやかわ)さん)
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

B-PROJECT's driver.

  • 早 (haya) - early, fast
  • 川 (kawa) - river, stream


Miyauchi-san (宮内(みやうち)さん)
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

The Kitakado household’s exclusive chef. Gets along very well with Kazuna.

  • 宮 (miya) - shrine, palace
  • 内 (uchi) - inside, within


Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

An entertainer friend of Haruhi's.


Sakoda-san (迫田(さこだ)さん)
Seiyuu: TBA Game Debut: Ryusei*Fantasia

Studio related person.

  • 迫 (sa) - urge, force, imminent, spur on
  • 田 (koda) - rice field

Tanjou Kouji

Tanjou Kouji (反所(たんじょう) 浩次(こうじ))
Seiyuu: NONE Anime Debut: Season 3 Episode 4

Miroku's co-star and one of the lead actors for the movie, Lamentation of Samurai (侍ラメント).

Tanjou Kouji is a young man with black hair and blue eyes. For the movie, his hair is tie up to a high ponytail, and wears a blue kimono with black innerwear and a grey umanori hakama.

  • His name can only be found on a poster of the movie, so due to a very unusual surname and a name with multiple readings, the translation might be inaccurate.

  • 反 (tan) - oppose, anti
  • 所 (jou) - place
Given Name
  • 浩 (kou) - prosperous
  • 次 (ji) - next, order, sequence