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Hey Princess. Have my feelings come across properly, Princess? I mean...! You're defenseless, Princess! If you're not careful, some wolf might eat you!

Hikaru is the loud and energetic part of MooNs. Even though his overeagerness causes trouble for his group often times, they also appreciate his ability to lighten the mood.


He is a tall, young man and has an average build. His green hair is partly tied into a ponytail with one strand usually in a braid. His bangs are parted on the left side. His eyes are a color mix of brown and green with a yellow highlight.

In his free time, he wears clothes with lots of different patterns. 


Hikaru is very cheerful, loud and clumsy when too excited. His hard-working personality comes from his family situation. He always does his best in his jobs, no matter how small the requirements. In addition, he is someone who gets along easily with all kinds of people, even if he can't communicate with them due to language barriers. Hikaru is also noted to be popular with children, which might stem from the fact that he has younger siblings and knows how to interact with them.[1]

But in contrast to his cheerful nature, little is known that his loud words are to hide his chronical sickness. He does not want people to pity him because of his health condition. As long as he takes his medicine he can manage well.[2]

He was born in the Kansai region. Hikaru's father passed away so his mother raised him alone with his three younger siblings. His family home is a Takoyaki/Okonomiyaki restaurant.[3][4]

It was also his mother that signed him up for Bambi, unbeknownst to him.[5]

Hikaru is childhood friends with Tatsuhiro.[6]



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Despite his seemingly happy-go-lucky attitude, Kento considers Hikaru a stylish person and a handsome rival worthy of his attention. In fact, he has often used Hikaru as a model and partner for his self-produced brand (KENT AIZOME).[7]

Hikaru and Tatsuhiro are childhood friends.[6] Tatsuhiro is known as Hikaru's Caretaker, and is able to quietly control Hikaru as he has a tendency to wander off.[8]

Even though their personalities contrast each other so much, they work perfectly well together and care for each other greatly. While Hikaru tries to act strong in front of everyone despite his illness, Tatsuhiro is often worried that his friend pushes himself too hard and always reminds him to calm down. This is the main conflict of their relationship in both the anime and games. BULLET of the Heart for example shows that the usually calm and collected Tatsuhiro doesn't shy away from going unconventional ways to help Hikaru.

The events of Ryusei*Fantasia only strenghten the bond between them. While Tatsuhiro and Tsubasa wait together in the hospital lounge he reminisces about the boys' first meeting during the Bambi era. At first Tatsuhiro felt ouf place, coming from a sports field, he knew no one in this new environment of dance and singing. Then, Hikaru, high-spirited and energetic even back then, suddenly approached Tatsuhiro and the latter was swallowed by his positive aura. It's thanks to this time Tatsuhiro started to become closer with the other Bambi members and become more comfortable as an idol trainee. Hikaru is like the sun, someone very special in Tatsuhiro's eyes.

Like the other outgoing members, Hikaru quickly befriended her. He enjoys her presence and likes to do various activities together with her. The same goes for Tsubasa, she appreciates his open-minded personality and is ready to overlook his occasional unreliableness as he has many other valuable assets to offer. According to Tsubasa he easily communicates with people through his body language, even those not speaking Japanese, and possesses the power to make people smile[9].

Since he used to always tie his little sisters' hair up before school, he became an expert in doing his own hairdo. He also likes to play around with different hairstyles, but because MooNs' members all have short hair it's not possible, so he enjoys fixing Tsubasa's hair when her hairdo gets messed up during the hectic work schedule.[10] He also mentioned that her long hair reminds him of his little sister.

Hikaru and Tsubasa seem to have bonded over his family, in particular his little sister took a big liking to her. When Tsubasa once helped him out with getting a plush toy for his sister, she asked him to give Tsubasa local sweets and a letter in which she thanks Tsubasa for her continuous care and support of her big brother[11]. The two girls became aquainted enough to have exchanged numbers and keep in contact from time to time. His sister even considers Tsubasa a good marriage candidate for Hikaru.[12]

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Goshi and MooNs are complete polar opposites. He had his communication difficulties with Momotaro, but they both learned to get along. Mikado often remarks Goshi's anger issues and that it produces winkles on his forehead – which in turn makes Goshi more annoyed. Tatsuhiro and Goshi get along well because of the former's calm nature. They share a reading American comics as a hobby, sometimes recommending issues they liked to the other[13].

However, Goshi finds MooNs to be too overbearing as a group, a conclusion he came to after he had to change his sleeping place every day because Kento and Yuta had the flu. MooNs didn't want to burden him with housework, so they made him a bit uncomfortable when everything was taken care of for him (see Goshi's Kizuna story in Kaikan*Everyday.

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In Eisuke's opinion MooNs is "the best balanced 5-member group" [14].

During a meeting with all B-PROJECT members where they also discuss Ultras Momotaro mentions how he envies Ultras for their free-spirited nature and doing whatever they want.

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  • His hobby are games.
  • Hikaru has many friends in the entertainment industry.[6]
  • He tends to be a glutton, and especially likes bananas.
  • Hikaru likes to eat various flavors of fried chicken from 'Karage Man'.[15]
  • He likes takoyaki and roller coasters. Dislikes blueback fish though.[16]
  • Hikaru's idea of a perfect date is relax at home and eat her home cooking.[17]
  • His representative animal is a monkey. His personal monster/mascot is called Osarumon.[18][19]
  • Hikaru sometimes would cry at dramas, movies and even commercials as he is weak to genres like family or animals.[20]
  • Hikaru has a car license but in paper. He is the worst driver of MooNs. Momotaro and Kazuna both said that his driving could be more silent.[20]
  • His mother thought him a special way to make wishes, so he is growing his hair because he wants an important wish of his to come true.[21]

  • 王 (o) - king
  • 茶 (sa) - tea
  • 利 (ri) - profit, benefit
Given Name
  • 暉 (hikaru) - light, shine
Hikaru's name derives from Gundari-Myouou(軍荼利明王), one of the Five Wisdom Kings in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.



# Ingenuous Mood Maker
# Soft-hearted Gentle-looking Man
# Unforgettable Presence
# Straightforward
# But slightly Thoughtful
# Powerful Cry of Surprise
# Hidden Hottie