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I feel a lot of emotions for the first time when I'm with you... that I'm at a loss. I want you to smile, but sometimes I have the urge to trouble you. I wonder why...?

The mysterious part of MooNs. He is a psychic with a sixth sense. Someone who quietly observes his surroundings and gives advice when needed.


Momotaro is of average height and has a lean, graceful build. His hair is cut in a short bob and is parted in the middle with a single strand falling between his eyes. The most prominent feature of his appearance is his heterochromia. While the right eye is red with a touch of orange, the left one is blue. 

In his free time, he often wears loose clothes. He seems to not have a color preference.


Due to his quiet nature and his lack of emotional expression Momotaro emanates a mysterious, unapproachable aura. He is a man of few words, he rather observes and evaluates the situation before saying something. As a result, he is often misunderstood, but when he becomes closer to one he does a total 180. In this respect, he has been referred to as a "nightingale" by his unit mates (in reference to Florence Nightingale) since in actuality Momotaro is a man who comes to your when you are very much in need of help.

Despite the silent manner, however, he is passionate about his work and always gives his best. When he is engrossed in something, he is so consumed by it that he does not notice anything else. Another small aspect of his character is his occasional teasing which can sound mean rather than playful. He often jokes around MooNs members (especially with Tatsuhiro and Hikaru) because he likes making them laugh.

Nothing is known about his past. However, despite being a hardworker, he has stated that the sole reason he joined Bambi is because he "went with the flow". Unlike the other kids striving to make their dreams come true, Momotaro simply attended lessons because dancing and singing weren't activities he had experience with[2].


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Momotaro loves and respects Kazuna a lot. According to Hikaru[3], Momotaro becomes unexpectedly talkative when it comes to Kazuna and often talks him up. He can also be considered one of the few people that can stop Momotaro from going too overboard.

Although the trust is mutual, Kazuna's habit to shoulder everything by himself often makes Momotaro worries about him and wishes his beloved Leader would rely on him more.

Even though Mikado and Momotaro are two opposites, they get along without problems. They are often seen doing activities together like shopping[4] and work well as a team.

Momotaro's Kizuna story reveals the beginning of their friendship. During the Bambi period he was always alone, avoided by his comrades because, according to Momotaro, he was different from them. He lacked the motivation and aspiration to become an idol. While his peers dreamed of becoming one, Momotaro didn't know what his purpose was. Despite these concerns, he continued to participate in the lessons because he genuinely enjoyed them.
During one of the dance lessons Mikado approached him out of curiosity as they had to pair with someone and nobody wanted to work with Momotaro. From that time onwards they slowly formed a friendship, starting with greetings and small talks every time they saw each other.[5]

Both think of the other as outstanding. Momotaro often denies when Mikado praises him in his own, often times exaggerated, words. To Momotaro his best friend emanates a dignified aura that attracts people around him. He admires Mikado's devotion to anime and games, it is something he never experienced himself. So watching Mikado enjoying his hobbies gives him a pleasant feeling.

Momotaro and Yuduki would sometimes go and eat sweets together. Before, they ate from a Japanese confectionery shop in Ginza.[6]

In the beginning Tsubasa was insecure in how to speak to or interact with Momotaro. His SR「PARTY NIGHT」depicts quite well how she initially had difficulties reading him as their talk didn’t carry on and ended in silence after exchanging a few words. But when she was alone with him Tsubasa quickly noticed that Momotaro shows concern in his own way and that this taciturn attitude was not in particular against her, but acts like this with everyone.

It takes some time for Tsubasa to be able to read Momotaro; there are still moments where she is unsure about what he thinks (e.g. SSR Wish). However, Tsubasa slowly becomes someone Momotaro can confide in about various matters. For example, she is the first person he went to ask for advice on what to do in one of Kazuna’s kizuna stories when the latter behaves strangely.
There are also times where Tsubasa acts as some sort of a balance between Momotaro’s down-to-earth self and overly passionate self that even forgets reality for a moment (e.g. SSR「BIRTHDAY PARTY」).[7]

Their relationship reaches a more relaxed status quo that allows Tsubasa to call him 'Momo-kun' or the latter even teasing her.[8] In rare, but very personal moments such as his SSR「Wish」Momotaro, just as much as she does for him and the other members, cares for her wellbeing and wants her to keep smiling.[9]

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Goshi and MooNs are complete polar opposites. He had his communication difficulties with Momotaro, but they both learned to get along. Mikado often remarks Goshi's anger issues and that it produces winkles on his forehead – which in turn makes Goshi more annoyed. Tatsuhiro and Goshi get along well because of the former's calm nature. They share a reading American comics as a hobby, sometimes recommending issues they liked to the other[10].

However, Goshi finds MooNs to be too overbearing as a group, a conclusion he came to after he had to change his sleeping place every day because Kento and Yuta had the flu. MooNs didn't want to burden him with housework, so they made him a bit uncomfortable when everything was taken care of for him (see Goshi's Kizuna story in Kaikan*Everyday.

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In Eisuke's opinion MooNs is "the best balanced 5-member group" [11].

During a meeting with all B-PROJECT members where they also discuss Ultras Momotaro mentions how he envies Ultras for their free-spirited nature and doing whatever they want.

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  • Owns his license.
  • Momotaro is very ticklish.[12]
  • He possesses the ability to see ghosts.
  • He does not like red beans and long baths.
  • Momotaro wants to go on a hot spring holiday.[13]
  • Momotaro has a big interest in digital and mechanic things. He's also very skillful with the internet as shown in some cards of his.[14][15]
  • He loves historical plays and likes to participates in Japanese events.[16]
  • His representative animal is a hedgehog. His personal monster/mascot is called Momotan.[17][18]
  • Momotaro thought that santa would be embarrassed if he did not enter the house so he left the window open and went to sleep.[19]

  • 音 (on) - sound
  • 済 (zai) - settle, finish, feel at ease
Given Name
  • 百 (momo) - hundred
  • 太 (ta) - big, fat, great
  • 郎 (ro) - son
Momotaro's name derives from Kudara Kannon(百済観音), one of the Five Main Bodhisattvas in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.



# An absolutely distinctive Aura
# Well-honed Six Sense
# Extraordinary Cool Beauty
# Passion hidden behind the blank look
# Refuses no one
# Love for all
# Enjoys anything