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169 cm
51 kg
September 22; Libra
Blood Type
Younger Brother [1]
First Appearance
Chapter 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Portrayed by
Kizu Tsubasa (OVER the WAVE!)
Konishi Seiya (OVER the WAVE! REMiX)
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Invincible Calm Hedgehog

I feel a lot of emotions for the first time when I'm with you... that I'm at a loss. I want you to smile, but sometimes I have the urge to trouble you. I wonder why...?

The mysterious part of MooNs. He is a psychic with a sixth sense. Someone who quietly observes his surroundings and gives advice when needed.


Momotaro is of average height and has a lean, graceful build. His hair is cut in a short bob and is parted in the middle with a single strand falling between his eyes. The most prominent feature of his appearance is his heterochromia. While the right eye is red with a touch of orange, the left one is blue. 

In his free time, he often wears loose clothes. He seems to not have a color preference.


He emanates a mysterious, unapproachable aura. But when he becomes closer to one he smiles from time to time. Momotaro is a man of few words. He rather observes and evaluates the situation before saying something.  

Despite the silent manner he is passionate about his work and always gives his best. Another small aspect of his character is his occasional teasing which can sound mean rather than playful.


Nothing is known about his past.



Even though Mikado and Momotaro are two opposites, they get along without problems. They are often seen doing activities together and work well as a team.

Momotaro's Kizuna story reveals the beginning of their friendship. During the Bambi period he was always alone, avoided by his comrades because, according to Momotaro, he was different from them. He lacked the motivation and aspiration to become an idol. While his peers dreamed of becoming one, Momotaro didn't know what his purpose was. Despite these concerns, he continued to participate in the lessons because he genuinely enjoyed them.
During one of the dance lessons Mikado approached him out of curiosity as they had to pair with someone and nobody wanted to work with Momotaro. From that time onwards they slowly formed a friendship, starting with greetings and small talks every time they saw each other.

Both think of the other as outstanding. Momotaro often denies when Mikado praises him in his own, often times exaggerated, words. To Momotaro his best friend emanates a dignified aura that attracts people around him. He admires Mikado's devotion to anime and games, it is something he never experienced himself. So watching Mikado enjoying his hobbies gives him a pleasant feeling.



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  • Owns his license.
  • Momotaro is very ticklish.[2]
  • He possesses the ability to see ghosts.
  • He does not like red beans and long baths.
  • Momotaro wants to go on a hot spring holiday.[3]
  • Momotaro has a big interest in digital and mechanic things. He's also very skillful with the internet as shown in some cards of his.[4][5]
  • He loves historical plays and likes to participates in Japanese events.[6]
  • His representative animal is a hedgehog. His personal monster/mascot is called Momotan.
  • Momotaro thought that santa would be embarrassed if he did not enter the house so he left the window open and went to sleep.[7]

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