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ON AND OFF Vol.1/Vol.2
Release Date 3 July 2020
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「ON AND OFF」Vol.1/Vol.2 is a two volumes visual fanbook for B-PROJECT game 『Kaikan*Everyday』, previously known as 『Muteki*Dangerous』.


Full Title:
B-PROJECT 無敵*デンジャラス&快感*エブリデイオフィシャルファンブック「ON AND OFF」Vol.1/Vol.2
B-PROJECT Muteki*Dangerous & Kaikan*Everyday Official Fanbook 「ON AND OFF」Vol.1/Vol.2

Price: 3,800 yen each

Format: A4


Chapter 1

  • Vol. 1 features KitaKore and MooNs, while Vol. 2 is dedicated to THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG. Aside from Kizuna CGs and standing pictures, the first chapter has an interview where the members will answer 5 questions each.

Chapter 2

  • Take a look back on the stories with the beautiful CGs.
  • Vol.1 includes the EXTRA stories, while Vol.2 has SEASON 1 and SEASON 2

Chapter 3

  • A look back on the events in chronological order. It includes events CGs and their respective photos, but also logos and flavor texts.
  • Vol.1 features events from "Newcomer Training! On Scene Report" to "Special Night for Christmas";
  • Vol.2 features events from "Fortune Comes! New Year Kakushi Cup Competition" to "HOTEL ROYAL CLASSICS"

Chapter 4

  • Pick up photos as well as Photo shoots appeared throughout the years divided into Vol.1 & Vol.2

Chapter 5

  • Vol. 1 has KitaKore and MooNs' costumes, while Vol.2 THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG's

Chapter 6

  • You'll be able to enjoy a big sized version of the boys from the cover. In addition, exclusive stor(y/ies) depicting the daily lives of members.