Newcomer Training! On Scene Report
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Event Period
The Newcomer Training! Onsite Report event ran from 22 August 2017 15:00 JST to 6 September 2017 15:00 JST.
The revival event ran from 29 December 2017 15:00 JST to 9 January 2018 15:00 JST.
As a new A&R, you go along with the idols during their jobs and discover their surprising true selves… Find out what happens in the event!

Reward Photo
【Comedy Live】Teramitsu Haruhi 1【Comedy Live】Teramitsu Haruhi 2
【Choice Pose】Osari Hikaru 1【Choice Pose】Osari Hikaru 2
【Area Of Expertise】Onzai Momotaro 1【Area Of Expertise】Onzai Momotaro 2
【Comedy Live】Teramitsu Haruhi
【Choice Pose】Osari Hikaru
【Area Of Expertise】Onzai Momotaro
【Capable Child】Ashu Yuta 1【Capable Child】Ashu Yuta 2
【Samurai Knowledge】Nome Tatsuhiro 1【Samurai Knowledge】Nome Tatsuhiro 2
【Chosen Reason】Masunaga Kazuna 1【Chosen Reason】Masunaga Kazuna 2
【Capable Child】Ashu Yuta
【Samurai Knowledge】Nome Tatsuhiro
【Chosen Reason】Masunaga Kazuna
【Pleasant Sound】Kaneshiro Goshi 1【Pleasant Sound】Kaneshiro Goshi 2
【Pleasant Sound】Kaneshiro Goshi
Gacha Photo
【Shading Effort】Fudo Akane 1【Shading Effort】Fudo Akane 2
【Glasses Key Point】Sekimura Mikado 1【Glasses Key Point】Sekimura Mikado 2
【Shading Effort】Fudo Akane
【Glasses Key Point】Sekimura Mikado
【Desired Dango】Teramitsu Yuduki 1【Desired Dango】Teramitsu Yuduki 2
【White Lion】Kitakado Tomohisa 1【White Lion】Kitakado Tomohisa 2
【Desired Dango】Teramitsu Yuduki
【White Lion】Kitakado Tomohisa

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