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Aizome Kento Twitter Icon Aizome Kento @B-Project · Sep 22 Happy birthday.
I always find it impressive how curious he can be when it comes to plays. Momo's talent is truly invaluable. We've known each other for some time, but his mysterious side stays the same, very typical.
Let's go eat together sometime. Have a wonderful birthday.

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Osari Hikaru Twitter Icon Osari Hikaru @B-Project · Sep 22 PEA-CHAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYーーー!!
Whatchu wanna do!? Watchu wanna eat!? Just say the wordーー!! Hope you'll never ever run out on me, both as MooNs' members and friends!
I'm gonna make preparations for your big party~♪

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Fudo Akane Twitter Icon Fudo Akane @B-Project · Sep 22 Momotaro, Happy Birthday!
I LOVE the Bushido spirit I sense from you! When I see your upright posture, I also sit up straight!
I want to learn about acting too, so can I ask you a question or two next time?
But you'll have to help me every step of the way, so go easy on me! Ahah

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