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Kaneshiro Goshi Twitter Icon Kaneshiro Goshi @B-Project · Jan 25 Happy birthday, weirdo... no, Sekimura.
I'm also the kinda person who sticks to his beliefs, so I'd rather not say this but I think we're similar.
Just... I ain't interested in anime, so stop leaving your DVDs behind.

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Nome Tatsuhiro Twitter Icon Nome Tatsuhiro @B-Project · Jan 25 Sekimura, happy birthday.
I think that inquisitive mind of yours that seeks to learn more without bias is genuinely amazing. Your open-mindedness and enthusiasm are your distinct strengths.
I'm proud to have you in MooNs. Thank you as always.

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Teramitsu Haruhi Twitter Icon Teramitsu Haruhi @B-Project · Jan 25 Mikado-kun, happy birthday!!
I'm really happy that you always teach me stuff I don't know, mad respect! I also wanna do my best to become that kind of senpai in the future!
Ah, and let me know what are the best recent anime series please!

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