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Kazuna is called MooNs' leader albeit reluctantly. Nevertheless, he takes his role seriously and is always willing to listen to others problems.


He is a tall, young man with beautiful features. His short hair is honey blond with his bangs parted to the right. He has turquoise eyes. Kazuna's right ear is pierced with two earrings.

His dress style is casual. He can often be seen with a sweater or shirts. Generally, he wears light colours.


Kazuna is the embodiment of a honour student: Smart, helpful and gentle. However, he also is quite competitive and has a jealous streak to his personality. He is very conscious of his actions and always tries his best. The urge to succeed in everything often clouds his mind.

An important aspect of his personality is his lack of self-worth. He does not deem himself special even though his group and Tomohisa think of him as a very capable person who they can rely on. 

Kazuna is originally from Fukuoka. His mother left the family when he was very young. The circumstances about the disappearance of his mother have yet to be explained. But because of his mother's absence and his father always busy with work, Kazuna was cared for by his older brother, Nozomi, who is six years older than him.[1] It was mentioned in Season 1, episode 8[2] that he has been searching for his mother since his childhood. He hopes that she will find him one day if he continues to work as an idol.

Because he moved to Tokyo for Bambi, grew up in the big city. Hence, he is not confident in speaking the Hakata dialect.[1]

Kazuna joined Bambi two years earlier than Hikaru and the rest of MooNs. [3]. He went to the Bambi audition in Fukuoka. Atsushi, who attended the audition there, spotted him at the audition and felt confident that Kazuna had the skills to become an idol. [1]

After that, Kazuna passed the auditions and ended up moving to Tokyo to attend lessons and work. Because Kazuna’s father was busy and couldn’t send his son to Tokyo, so Atsushi personally drove all the way to Fukuoka to pick him up.[1]


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Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:
Tomohisa and Kazuna knew each other since their Bambi period and they hosted the Prodigy Brunch Special, a popular lunch show, together during their time there.[4][5] Their relationship started out well. However, as time passed Kazuna felt inferior to his friend. He tries his best to act independent of Tomohisa but comes to his personal conclusion that he will always be outshined by his teammate. [2][5]
In contrast, Tomohisa is not of the same opinion. For him, Kazuna is a very capable person who has his own charm and shine and admires him, never missing any of MooNs' performances. He is not aware of Kazuna's conflicted feelings.[2][5]
It was after the talk with Ryuji who questions his inferiority complex and noticing an annotated magazine about the food in Hokkaido in Tomohisa's bag that Kazuna had a better understanding of Tomohisa.[5]

Kazuna, Ryuji and Tomohisa were very good friends during their Bambi days. They even had matching friendship bracelets, which were a gift from Tomohisa’s older sister, to symbolise their friendship. Tomohisa also regarded Kazuna as his older brother who teached him many different things; in the same way did Kazuna see Tomohisa as his honest and innoncent little brother. But when Kazuna distanced himself from Tomohisa due to his inferior complex, the latter was puzzled where this change of heart came from. The sudden appearance of Kazuna's older brother, Nozomi, puts an immense emotional pressure on him. In an unusually cold-hearted manner, he even rejects Tomohisa's well-meant advice with a sharp tongue.

After a string of events, Kazuna has a heartfelt conversation with KTKR and Tsubasa, where he opens up about those hidden feelings. Tomohisa is shocked about how much pain Kazuna had to endure back then and how ignorant he was about his friend's issues. So much that he starts to cry, showing that he deeply cares for and values their shared bond.

Momotaro loves and respects Kazuna a lot. According to Hikaru[6], Momotaro becomes unexpectedly talkative when it comes to Kazuna and often talks him up. He can also be considered one of the few people that can stop Momotaro from going too overboard.

Although the trust is mutual, Kazuna's habit to shoulder everything by himself often makes Momotaro worries about him and wishes his beloved Leader would rely on him more.

Kazuna and Tsubasa have a relationship built on trust and respect. He always treats her in a polite manner and regards her as an equal.

His SSR「Honest Feelings」reveals that he is currently not interested in romance since his career takes first priority. Despite that statement it has been vaguely implied on different occasions that he holds some affections towards Tsubasa. [7][8] One of the recurring subjects of his cards are their chance encounters. They make clear that he enjoys her presence and likes to spend time with her. However Kazuna can be sly at times as well. It is best shown in his SR「Glass Tree」 where they both go Christmas shopping together. At first it looks like a coincidence but he later asks her to keep it a secret from the other members. Usually Kazuna doesn't mind sharing with the other MooNs members but at those moments he tends to become a bit selfish to be alone with Tsubasa. Though, there is also a bashful side of him. He sometimes reacts awkwardly and blushes when being complimented by her.

An important aspect of their relationship is Kazuna's comfort in Tsubasa's presence. He tends to lose confidence in his proficiency and doubts himself during a job. Because she knows about this habit she often reaches out to him, asking how he is feeling and what his thoughts are. Tsubasa tries to encourage and support him the best she can. Her words help to lift his spirit. Sometimes, she teases him a little for being a worrywart.

As time passes by Kazuna starts to yearn for a closer relationship with her, revealing his growing feelings for Tsubasa. Ryusei*Fantasia in particular shows that these feelings go beyond that of a confidant, even asking her come meet his big brother, Nozomi, together. And even though Kazuna is flustered by Nozomi's assumption of Tsubasa and him dating, he later admits to her after the final meeting that he isn't aversed to this idea if it means getting to know her true being, unbeknown to anyone else.

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Goshi and MooNs are complete polar opposites. He had his communication difficulties with Momotaro, but they both learned to get along. Mikado often remarks Goshi's anger issues and that it produces winkles on his forehead – which in turn makes Goshi more annoyed. Tatsuhiro and Goshi get along well because of the former's calm nature. They share a reading American comics as a hobby, sometimes recommending issues they liked to the other[9].

However, Goshi finds MooNs to be too overbearing as a group, a conclusion he came to after he had to change his sleeping place every day because Kento and Yuta had the flu. MooNs didn't want to burden him with housework, so they made him a bit uncomfortable when everything was taken care of for him (see Goshi's Kizuna story in Kaikan*Everyday.

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In Eisuke's opinion MooNs is "the best balanced 5-member group" [10].

During a meeting with all B-PROJECT members where they also discuss Ultras Momotaro mentions how he envies Ultras for their free-spirited nature and doing whatever they want.

Nozomi is Kazuna's older brother. Due to the disappearance of their mother and their father always busy with work, Nozomi was the one who took care of Kazuna when they were young. Even though it was only the two of them most of the time, Kazuna was happy to be with his big brother. More than the heroes in TV shows, Nozomi looked much cooler than them and was Kazuna's whole pride. However, their relationship deteriorated over time.[1]

Ever since Nozomi moved to Tokyo, which was before Kazuna's debut, the both of them had not met up for a very long time. This didn't change much when Kazuna joined Bambi and moved to Tokyo. As Kazuna loves his brother dearly, each time Nozomi turns down their planned meetings last minute due to his work, Kazuna still gets disheartened despite growing physically and mentally into an adult.[11]

After the events in 【HOME】Masunaga Kazuna, Kazuna is determined to not to meet up with Nozomi. He doesn't want his brother to affect his work as it is an important time for MooNs. If it was an emergency, Nozomi would find other means to contact him. After many attempts of Nozomi trying to contact him over a number of days, Kazuna couldn’t ignore the issue any longer and decides to answer the call, arranging a day to meet up with Nozomi. He asks Tsubasa to accompany him for moral support.

At their meeting, Nozomi tells Kazuna that he is getting married and he was also searching for their mother. He tells Kazuna that it’s time to quit his idol job since Nozomi's engagement might be called off if his fiance found out Kazuna is a celebrity, and Kazuna had no reason to continue being an idol. This makes Kazuna conflicted and unfocused at work. In the end, after reading the messages from their fans in one of their filmings, Kazuna finds his true purpose for remaining with his idol job. He enjoys being with MooNs, B-PRO and making his fans happy.

Some time later, Kazuna receives a call from Nozomi and arranges a meeting. This time, Tsubasa suggested to accompany him, once again for moral support. At the meeting, they found out that Nozomi lied about his engagement.

Kazuna then confronts Nozomi and blames him for bringing so much hate into his childhood. However, Nozomi denies this accusation, putting the blame on Kazuna instead. He reveals that since they were young, Kazuna was obsessed with finding their mother. But for Nozomi, he had to quickly ‘grow up’ due to the absence of their parents in their life. Like Kazuna at that time, Nozomi was also only a child who felt lonely. It bothers him that Kazuna was always talking about finding their mother. His wish is for Kazuna to pay more attention to him instead. Kazuna is bewildered by his brother's honest, but sudden confession. He feels bad for making Nozomi feel this way and apologizes. At the end of the meeting, Kazuna tells Nozomi that he will remain as an idol to which the latter simply replies “Do as you wish.”

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  • Owns a driver's license.
  • He enjoys to read and often goes running in the mornings.[12]
  • Kazuna is a perfectionist with high skills in dancing and singing.[13]
  • Kazuna is not good in drawing and cooking. He is rather clumsy.[14]
  • He currently is not interested in romance as he is busy with his idol career.[15]
  • Kazuna takes a liking in aroma and fragrances. His favorite scent is ylang-ylang.[16][8]
  • His representative animal is a dog. His personal monster/mascot is called Kazumon.[17][18]
  • Kazuna is weak against animals, especially small ones. He doesn't know how to deal with them.[19]
  • Kazuna likes girls who work hard. Even if they are clumsy, he wants to cheer for them because they are giving their all.[20]
  • Before they started calling him "Leader", Momotarou used to call him "Kazuna" and Tatsuhiro "Masunaga". However, he can't seem to remember how Mikado and Hikaru called him[21].

  • 増 (masu) - increase
  • 長 (naga) - long
Given Name
  • 和 (kazu) - peace, harmony, tranquillity, serenity
  • 南 (na) - south
Kazuna's name derives from Zouchouten(増長天), one of the Four Heavenly Kings in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon. He is the guardian of the south.



# Orthodox Handsome Prince
# Ephemeral Transparency
# Hidden Competitiveness
# Clumsy Artist
# Apple of Daikoku's eyes
# Loved Leader
# Healing vocals full of affection