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Let’s Shoot! Rainbow Sparkle
Let’s Shoot! Rainbow Sparkle Banner
Event Period
The Let’s Shoot! Rainbow Sparkle event ran from 22 September 2017 15:00 JST to 29 September 2017 15:00 JST.
The revival event ran from 30 March 2018 15:00 JST to 9 April 2018 15:00 JST.
It’s been announced that the B-PRO members will challenge making fireworks on a show! They’ll split into teams and make them, but…… Find out what happens in the event!

Reward Photo
【Fireworks Show】Kaneshiro Goshi 1
【Fireworks Show】Sekimura Mikado 1
【Fireworks Show】Teramitsu Yuduki 1
【Fireworks Show】Kaneshiro Goshi
【Fireworks Show】Sekimura Mikado
【Fireworks Show】Teramitsu Yuduki
【Firm Person】Shingari Miroku 1【Firm Person】Shingari Miroku 2
【Clumsy Fingers】Aizome Kento 1【Clumsy Fingers】Aizome Kento 2
【Emotional Fireworks】Ashu Yuta 1【Emotional Fireworks】Ashu Yuta 2
【Firm Person】Shingari Miroku
【Clumsy Fingers】Aizome Kento
【Emotional Fireworks】Ashu Yuta
Gacha Photo
【Kind Light】Onzai Momotaro 1【Kind Light】Onzai Momotaro 2
【Bursting Fireworks】Teramitsu Haruhi 1【Bursting Fireworks】Teramitsu Haruhi 2
【Firework Memories】Nome Tatsuhiro 1【Firework Memories】Nome Tatsuhiro 2
【Kind Light】Onzai Momotaro
【Bursting Fireworks】Teramitsu Haruhi
【Firework Memories】Nome Tatsuhiro
【Fireworks Show】Kitakado Tomohisa 1
【Fireworks Show】Masunaga Kazuna 1
【Fireworks Show】Kitakado Tomohisa
【Fireworks Show】Masunaga Kazuna