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Something I like more than chupa chuls? There's no such thing! But... Well, if you do your best, Princess, that might change. Are you ready to become my number one~?

The other member of the two-man unit KitaKore. Like his partner, Ryuji grew up in a wealthy environment as well. He is witty and devilish in nature.


Standing 165 cm Ryuji is one of the shortest members of B-PROJECT. His hair is coloured deep purple with a part of his right bangs dyed pink. His eyes are a mix of his hair colours.

Ryuji has a petite build. In the game and anime he changes into different outfits. He likes to wear feminine clothes. Many of his costumes are figure-hugging while in his free time he often wears loose clothing as well.


At first glance, Ryuji seems distant but when he warms up to someone he becomes more friendly and open. Most of the time he hides his true feelings behind snarky comments but his heart is in the right place. He also likes to tease his friends. Tomohisa and Yuta, in return, like to tease him for his dishonesty.

Ryuji does not like to be called a girl just because of his preference for girlish things. When he is not satisfied with something, he tends to be moody or holes himself up in his room to brood over the problem. He works hard to be recognized as 'Korekuni Ryuji' and not as 'the son of famous actor Matsukura Kenzo'. 

When it comes to creative tasks, his mood lightens immediately, showing his passion for fashion and design.

His family is active in the show business. His father, Matsukura Kenzo, often is subject of various gossip magazines. The famous actor is said to have had many affairs. Because of his father's fame, Ryuji was bullied in the past. That is why he does his best to be acknowledged for his own achievements.

His mother is an actress who retired after giving birth to his older sister[1], meanwhile his older sister is a top stylist[2], aged 24 years old.[1]

When Ryuji first debuted and did not have a good experience from the workplace, he would go on to JOIN and complain. Now he has adjusted to it.[3]



Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:
Kitakado Tomohisa and Korekuni Ryuji are childhood friends. They first met at a party where they both sneaked out and played in the snow and built snowmen and snow bunnies.[4] Later on, both of them were enrolled in Bambi school, and by luck, they were placed in the same unit.

Although Ryuji and Tomohisa met prior to their Bambi time, at a party a few years before, they didn’t recognize each other. The reason most likely is because Ryuji was dressed as a girl. But that moment remains to be an unforgettable memory for Tomohisa. When he thinks back to the encounter, he might have met his first love (also implied in Season Two, Ep. 4).
Early on in their Bambi days, Ryuji was reluctant to talk with Tomohisa as he was rather cautious of the people around him. But Tomohisa was curious about Ryuji and did not stop talking to him little by little. It was when Tomohisa stepped in to defend Ryuji from children who bullied him for being the child of the famous Matsukura Kenzo that both started to become friends. As time passed, they were placed in the same unit, KitaKore. After living together with other children in the dorm, they were allowed to live with just the two of them in an apartment.
Ryuji always tried to ignore the rumours around his father and his family, but one day Tomohisa brought back home a newspaper that contained an article with false information about Ryuji’s mother. This caused the latter to cry in frustration – the first time he cried in front of Tomohisa. This moment left a lasting impression on him; ever since then he swore to himself that he would be by Ryuji’s side at any cost, even if it's unreasonable at times.

When they meet up for meals, Ryuji would choose the place as Tomohisa has many places he wants to go to.[5] Occasionally they do solo jobs. Whenever they do, they are worried and think about the other's wellbeing. Though their concern for the other sometimes becomes a burden to their bond as they tend to hide their problems and deal with them on their own, much to the displeasure of their partner. In his SSR 「BIRTHDAY PARTY」 and the Season 2, Ep. 4 Tomohisa rather hid his negative feelings from Ryuji which caused a rift between the two. It becomes apparent that Ryuji wants his partner to be more open with him when it's about his worries since he also wants to help him solve those problems.[6][4]

In the issue of 2D☆STAR vol.3, Ryuji said if he was a girl it would be impossible to mingle with Tomohisa as their values are too different. But he didn't think anyone else would be his partner except for Tomohisa. The latter would choose Ryuji as his boyfriend if he was a woman. This shows that despite their difference in thinking and personalities they think of each other as irreplaceable.[5]

Even though both boys grew up in wealthy families their individual understanding of the common life differs greatly. Ryuji often has to correct or teach Tomohisa simple things.[7][5] He often is seen to sigh at the naivety of his childhood friend. He has an eye on Tomohisa's spendings since the latter tends to overestimate the cost of ordinary things like a train ticket. Season 2, Ep. 1 clearly states that Tomohisa wouldn't be able to survive without Ryuji because of his ignorance of many things.[8]

Moreover, Tomohisa likes to tease Ryuji about his occasional dishonesty which makes the latter blush in embarrassment. Nevertheless, both feel the most comfortable around each other's presence.

Ryuji and Yuta are very close with each other. They can often be seen doing various activities together, in particular when it comes to their shared hobby: Sweets. They are the reason why those two started to talk more back in the Bambi era. When he entered the dorm it was fun at first but he became lonelier with each day because he missed the comfort of his family. It was then that Ryuji called out to Yuta and invited him to go eat pancakes. Ryuji says that it's only because Yuta looked like a depressed puppy, though it's clear that their similiar likings also played a big role. Ever since then Yuta has been very attached to Ryuji, keeping this fond memory in his heart. Much to the latter's embarrassment he had to find out that Yuta was talking a lot about him with his sister, so when Ryuji first met with his family, they already knew everything about him.[9]

Despite their close-knit friendship they also view each other as rivals. They did think about what if they would have ended up in the same unit. Surely, each day would have been fun. However, Yuta quickly realized that KTKR was made to debut together and without THRIVE he wouldn't be where he is now. It was Ryuji who told him back then that they are not trainees anymore but rivals. This helped Yuta to approach this new situation in a different way, becoming more hardworking and serious during dance and singing practice. Since then he aimed to improve himself and be able to stand on an equal footing wih Ryuji. For Ryuji in return, this resolution let their relationship mature into one that goes beyond that of a mere friend.[9]

The personal turmoils of Ryusei*Fantasia put their bond to the test however. In a conversation with Tsubasa about what it means to be a family Ryuji believes that trust is essential to this concept. When Yuta revealed that he knew about Ryuji and Kento being half-siblings, it deeply hurt Ryuji to be betrayed like this by someone he deems family. He even thought about resigning KTKR from B-PROJECT. After reflecting on the events he came to the conclusion that he neither wants to leave B-PROJECT nor that it is anyone's fault. He is overwhelmed by the guilt he feels for hurting Kento and Yuta. In the end, they are able to resolve this situation and come to terms of the past happenings.

Ryuji and Kento are friends who exchange information regarding beauty. There was once where Kento bought a hair cream after hearing about it from Ryuji who had used it. [7]

The both of them were unaware of the fact that they were half-siblings until the events in B-PROJECT Ryusei*Fantasia. Kento was the first to find out that Kenzo was his father through his mother, Reiko. Ryuji finds out about his father's affair and secret child after his father was admitted to the hospital through Yuta.

At first, Ryuji was unaccepting of the fact that his father did such a thing and wanted KitaKore to leave B-PROJECT because he can't trust them anymore, especially Yuta. But he is aware that none of this was Kento's fault and after coming to terms with the sudden revelation he wants to better understand Kento, starting with his past. Kento assumes it's done out of pity towards him though. He tells Ryuji that he knows that B-PROJECT will eventually end one day and doesn't mind him leaving B-PROJECT. However, he tells Ryuji that what he's doing now isn't like himself. He knows that Ryuji isn’t a person to give up on things. Contradicting his words, he tells Ryuji to forgive Yuta.

Afterwards, Kento continues to act out of character. Goshi confronts him and tells him to speak out his true feelings. Kento initially denies to do so but eventually admits that he feels frustated about this whole situation: Suddenly knowing who his father is, a person who was never involved in his life up until now. He also doesn’t want B-PROJECT to disband. Meanwhile, Ryuji comes to the realization of how he will miss being with B-PROJECT. He was struck with the guilt of hurting Kento and Yuta. He wishes to remain in B-PROJECT. Thus KitaKore decides to remain in B-PROJECT.

After talking things out with their father, Ryuji and Kento decide to treat each other as siblings. They plan to arrange a meeting with the rest of Ryuji's family and have a talk among all the siblings, including Ryuji's sister.

Ryuji was one of the members that doubted Tsubasa’s capability when she was first introduced as their A&R. As someone who is critical of himself, he expects no less of others. His Kizuna story 1-3 and Season 1 depict well how he slowly warmed up to her and came to appreciate Tsubasa's presence.[10][11]

Ryuji's card stories are often about his love for sweets and fashion. After all the time they spent together she is prepared for the times when he is craving some sweets, hence she always carries his favorite lollipop with her. It also has become clear that he enjoys talking with her about fashion, even trusting her to pick out clothes for him at work.
Like Tomohisa, Ryuji enjoys picking presents for her, as a thanks for her support or just because he felt like it.[12][13] Tsubasa greatly admires Ryuji's passion and the things he does to be at his best. Her genuine compliments often bring a blush to his cheeks but it is obvious that he is happy about them. Though, he makes her speechless as well with his flirty approaches sometimes.[14][15]

Another recurring theme is their mutual support of each other. Despite his harsh words, he tries to cheer her up in his own way. [14][16]
When she started out, she didn't know yet how to respond to those comforting words hidden behind a rough tone but now, Tsubasa finds comfort in them, especially coming from Ryuji. And even though it is Ryuji who encourages her most of the time, Tsubasa too has a positive effect on him. The rare times he doubts himself or is unsure about something she is always there to give her honest opinion and shows him again what she thinks are his assets.[17][18]

In his Kizuna story[9] Goshi had to change apartments every night because Kento and Yuta had the flu. Naturally KTKR also offered their place to stay for the time his two teammates are resting from sickness. But Goshi wasn't comfortable at all during his stay. He's greatly confused and put off by their overall atmosphere at home. In this opinion, everything has this "aristocratic" touch which makes him even more uneasy.

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Eisuke describes KTKR as the one "who always maintains the style of a top idol."[19]

Ryuji doesn't see a big problem with Ultras' headstrong approach to everything since they are neither part of KTKR nor of B-PROJECT, so all their shenanigans don't necessarily adhere to the group. On the contrary, he is rather impressed by their guts to hold their own press conference about their debut announcement via live stream. Tomohisa isn't as nonchalant about Ultras initially. He is unsure on what to think about this new addition, but he also makes it clear that he is not against changes and growth.

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  • His eyebrows are naturally thin.[20]
  • Ryuji does not believe in fortune-telling.[21]
  • He is mostly seen with a lollipop in his mouth.
  • He also designs his own clothes[22] and likes to cook.
  • Ryuji is not good with boat trips as he has seasickness.[23]
  • A recurring subject of his cards are his love for sweets and shopping/fashion. His noted favourite brand names are: Isadore Banks[24] and Porte[25].
  • While he sleeps, Ryuji holds a pillow that Tomo bought him.[26]
  • Ryuji is bad in waking up. Tomo says he is like a little demon when waking up.[26][27]
  • His representative animal is a cat. His personal monster/mascot is called Korenyan.[28][29]
  • Between dogs or cats fraction, Ryuji will go with cats as he does not like to listen or flatter people.[21]
  • Ryuji refers to everyone by their names because he finds that calling people by their family names gives off a shy feeling but if he calls them by name, it gives a doki doki (exciting) feeling.[21]

  • 是 (kore) - right, justice
  • 国 (kuni) - country
Given Name
  • 竜 (ryu) - dragon
  • 持 (ji) - hold
Ryuji's name derives from Jikokuten(持国天), one of the Four Heavenly Kings in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon.



# The Mightiest, Unrivaled Devilish Idol
# One of a kind Self-expression Ability
# Refined Aesthetic Sense
# Superior Sweet Tooth
# Reliable Mentor
# Youngest Child in a Show Business Family
# Beautiful Princess-Like Prince