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The stars are beautiful today, don't you think? How about stargazing together? I used to like watching them by myself, but now if you're not here, Princess, it's not enough. Do you know what this feeling is?

A member of the two-man unit KitaKore. Tomohisa is the son of a wealthy family. Despite his mature look, he is naive when it comes to the way 'commoners' live. Because of his demeanour and appearance, he is often called the prince of B-PROJECT and occasionally takes the role of their leader.


With a height of 180cm, Tomohisa is the third tallest member of the group. He has slightly unruly, short white hair and ocean blue eyes with a tint of yellow.

He wears different outfits in the game and anime. His style can be considered well-dressed and light-coloured.


Tomohisa is a rich, intelligent young man. Both his attitude and manner are fairy tale prince-like. In contrast to his good leadership skills, he lacks personal awareness. As he grew up in a wealthy household, he has difficulties adapting to the simpler way of life. Nevertheless, he is curious about it and tries his best to adapt.

A lot of people have described Tomohisa as a pure and good kid; especially as a child he demonstrated this nature that contrasts his usual mature demeanour. He finds joy in simple activities and his little pranks are always carried out with a childlike innoncence to them, e.g. his SR 「Poisson d'Avril」.[1]

Even though he is good in helping others, he rather stays silent about his own problems.[2] This sometimes causes tension between Ryuji and him. 

It also has been shown that his charms not only enchant humans, but also animals and even electronical devices[3].


Tomohisa has a good relationship with his family. Because his parents often listened to what Tomohisa and his siblings were saying, they hardly opposed their parents. Due to the big age difference between his older siblings, he almost never had an argument with them. His sister studied abroad during her middle school days.
According to Yuta, his mother is a beautiful lady with soft hair, glossy skin and a lovely personality. She also holds a medical license. It becomes apparent that Tomohisa takes after her in many ways. Ryuji also mentions in a conversation with Tsubasa that Tomohisa has the same generous spending habit as his older sister.

Tomohisa hints at a rough time for his brother as the oldest son of the family. He on the other hand was pampered as he grew up. But just like his brother, he was expected to study something in the field of medicine as it is his family’s speciality, so his wish to become an idol was surprising. After a long discussion however, his sister and grandmother supported him.



Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:
Kitakado Tomohisa and Korekuni Ryuji are childhood friends. They first met at a party where they both sneaked out and played in the snow and built snowmen and snow bunnies.[4] Later on, both of them were enrolled in Bambi school, and by luck, they were placed in the same unit.

Although Ryuji and Tomohisa met prior to their Bambi time, at a party a few years before, they didn’t recognize each other. The reason most likely is because Ryuji was dressed as a girl. But that moment remains to be an unforgettable memory for Tomohisa. When he thinks back to the encounter, he might have met his first love (also implied in Season Two, Ep. 4).
Early on in their Bambi days, Ryuji was reluctant to talk with Tomohisa as he was rather cautious of the people around him. But Tomohisa was curious about Ryuji and did not stop talking to him little by little. It was when Tomohisa stepped in to defend Ryuji from children who bullied him for being the child of the famous Matsukura Kenzo that both started to become friends. As time passed, they were placed in the same unit, KitaKore. After living together with other children in the dorm, they were allowed to live with just the two of them in an apartment.
Ryuji always tried to ignore the rumours around his father and his family, but one day Tomohisa brought back home a newspaper that contained an article with false information about Ryuji’s mother. This caused the latter to cry in frustration – the first time he cried in front of Tomohisa. This moment left a lasting impression on him; ever since then he swore to himself that he would be by Ryuji’s side at any cost, even if it's unreasonable at times.

When they meet up for meals, Ryuji would choose the place as Tomohisa has many places he wants to go to.[5] Occasionally they do solo jobs. Whenever they do, they are worried and think about the other's wellbeing. Though their concern for the other sometimes becomes a burden to their bond as they tend to hide their problems and deal with them on their own, much to the displeasure of their partner. In his SSR 「BIRTHDAY PARTY」 and the Season 2, Ep. 4 Tomohisa rather hid his negative feelings from Ryuji which caused a rift between the two. It becomes apparent that Ryuji wants his partner to be more open with him when it's about his worries since he also wants to help him solve those problems.[2][4]

In the issue of 2D☆STAR vol.3, Ryuji said if he was a girl it would be impossible to mingle with Tomohisa as their values are too different. But he didn't think anyone else would be his partner except for Tomohisa. The latter would choose Ryuji as his boyfriend if he was a woman. This shows that despite their difference in thinking and personalities they think of each other as irreplaceable.[5]

Even though both boys grew up in wealthy families their individual understanding of the common life differs greatly. Ryuji often has to correct or teach Tomohisa simple things.[6][5] He often is seen to sigh at the naivety of his childhood friend. He has an eye on Tomohisa's spendings since the latter tends to overestimate the cost of ordinary things like a train ticket. Season 2, Ep. 1 clearly states that Tomohisa wouldn't be able to survive without Ryuji because of his ignorance of many things.[7]

Moreover, Tomohisa likes to tease Ryuji about his occasional dishonesty which makes the latter blush in embarrassment. Nevertheless, both feel the most comfortable around each other's presence.

Kodou*Ambitious / Zeccho*Emotion:
Tomohisa and Kazuna knew each other since their Bambi period and they hosted the Prodigy Brunch Special, a popular lunch show, together during their time there.[8][9] Their relationship started out well. However, as time passed Kazuna felt inferior to his friend. He tries his best to act independent of Tomohisa but comes to his personal conclusion that he will always be outshined by his teammate. [10][9]
In contrast, Tomohisa is not of the same opinion. For him, Kazuna is a very capable person who has his own charm and shine and admires him, never missing any of MooNs' performances. He is not aware of Kazuna's conflicted feelings.[10][9]
It was after the talk with Ryuji who questions his inferiority complex and noticing an annotated magazine about the food in Hokkaido in Tomohisa's bag that Kazuna had a better understanding of Tomohisa.[9]

Kazuna, Ryuji and Tomohisa were very good friends during their Bambi days. They even had matching friendship bracelets, which were a gift from Tomohisa’s older sister, to symbolise their friendship. Tomohisa also regarded Kazuna as his older brother who teached him many different things; in the same way did Kazuna see Tomohisa as his honest and innoncent little brother. But when Kazuna distanced himself from Tomohisa due to his inferior complex, the latter was puzzled where this change of heart came from. The sudden appearance of Kazuna's older brother, Nozomi, puts an immense emotional pressure on him. In an unusually cold-hearted manner, he even rejects Tomohisa's well-meant advice with a sharp tongue.

After a string of events, Kazuna has a heartfelt conversation with KTKR and Tsubasa, where he opens up about those hidden feelings. Tomohisa is shocked about how much pain Kazuna had to endure back then and how ignorant he was about his friend's issues. So much that he starts to cry, showing that he deeply cares for and values their shared bond.

As expected of B-PROJECT's prince he treats Tsubasa like a princess. He is very kind and overly generous to her, often wanting to buy her something on the whim. Tsubasa is mostly shown to feel a bit uncomfortable when he goes over the top with his generosity. She then changes the topic to put a stop to this situation. Surprisingly, Tomohisa becomes selfish and childish in Tsubasa's presence. In many of his card stories he muses on how he'd like to see her in specific clothes such as a kimono in his SSR「New Year」or wants to do something together, adding the sentence "Would you allow me to be selfish?".

As he grew up in an affluent environment, he lacks knowledge about the common life. Tsubasa often times is perplexed anew at the gap between the princely leader and rich child. She then takes over Ryuji's task to teach and explain him the things he does not know yet. His SR「Snow Rabbit」is a good example. Until then snow bunnies were unknown to him. So she showed him how they are made and he was very pleased about it.

However, as lost as he looks when being presented with the common life, he has extensive knowledge about those things he loves and takes big interest in, such as the stars and gems. In private moments he talks about those interests to her and tends to compare her to them. [11]

He also tends to flirt with her but his flirting differs greatly from Kento's. It has a more playful and tender touch. Same goes for his teasing. Ryuji and Tsubasa are frequent subjects of his kittenish remarks. Sometimes he gives off comments that are meant to be innocent but there are also times where it is not clear if those were unintentional or not, thus confusing Tsubasa.
Besides this, he has shown concern towards her on many occasions. In both season 1 and season 2, as well as in the game he pays close attention to Tsubasa's health condition. He does not want her to overwork herself. But when she collapses due to overwork, Tomohisa always made sure she is cared for in the best way possible way[12], not shying away doing so himself as it is shown during his epilogue in Ryusei*Fantasia.

In his Kizuna story[13] Goshi had to change apartments every night because Kento and Yuta had the flu. Naturally KTKR also offered their place to stay for the time his two teammates are resting from sickness. But Goshi wasn't comfortable at all during his stay. He's greatly confused and put off by their overall atmosphere at home. In this opinion, everything has this "aristocratic" touch which makes him even more uneasy.

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Eisuke describes KTKR as the one "who always maintains the style of a top idol."[14]

Ryuji doesn't see a big problem with Ultras' headstrong approach to everything since they are neither part of KTKR nor of B-PROJECT, so all their shenanigans don't necessarily adhere to the group. On the contrary, he is rather impressed by their guts to hold their own press conference about their debut announcement via live stream. Tomohisa isn't as nonchalant about Ultras initially. He is unsure on what to think about this new addition, but he also makes it clear that he is not against changes and growth.

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  • Tomohisa's uncle runs a security firm.[1]
  • The Kitakado mansion is so big that people get lost in it, e.g. Yuta. There are buttons in the mansion to call for help in case people get lost.[1]
  • Tomohisa takes a big liking to gems. [11]
  • He can play the piano, although not on a professional level. [15]
  • Tomohisa's hobby is looking at the stars. He has a planetarium at home.[16][17]
  • He has a soft spot for animals. One of his jobs, for example, included a photo shoot with lion cubs. Instead of being scared, he enjoyed taking pictures with them.[18]
  • In VIP Room, he reveals his interest in movies. New Frontier and Performance further elaborate on this subject. Rather than acting, he's more interested in directing movies.
  • Tomohisa finds that sleeping in the next day feels great when he does not dry off himself before bed.[16]
  • Tomohisa has a white horse named Stephanie[4]. During an interview he also revealed that his family owns several racehorses, many of which are at his villa in England.[19]
  • Tomohisa keeps his scripts, novels, and reading glasses near his pillow or at the bedside. He can be often found reading difficult books on the sofa in the living room and carrying one book in his bag.[20]
  • His representative animal is a lion. His personal B-Mon (monster/mascot) is called Tomomon.[21][22]

  • 北 (kita) - north
  • 門 (kado) - door
Given Name
  • 倫 (tomo) - ethics
  • 毘 (hi) - help, assist
  • 沙 (sa) - sand/ number of units, 1 of 100 million parts
Tomohisa's name derives from Bishamonten(毘沙門天), one of the Four Heavenly Kings in the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon. He is the guardian of the north.



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