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Korekuni Ryuji Twitter Icon Korekuni Ryuji @B-Project · Aug 30 Happy Birthday. I think that Kento is truly amazing for making so many girls happy every day.
... Still, having someone you love or care for comes with great responsibilities, so you should be careful about that.
Wish you all the happiness, Kento.

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Masunaga Kazuna Twitter Icon Masunaga Kazuna @B-Project · Aug 30 Happy birthday, Kento. I have great regard for your adroit producer skills, which can evoke charm to the maximum. I really like Kento's unique charm, so I wanted to take this opportunity to convey that... but it's a bit embarrassing, ahah

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Teramitsu Haruhi Twitter Icon Teramitsu Haruhi @B-Project · Aug 30 Aizome-san! Happy Birthday!
You're cool, you got swag, I really look up to you! I'd like to hear about how to become a mature man at a trendy bar again!
Over a non-alcoholic cocktail of course!

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