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He has been of a musical bent as far as he can remember, and since he started posting songs, he has become a celebrity in the neighborhood. Ultras was formed (because he was) mesmerized by A-Suke's singing voice.


Bunta is a tall young man, standing at 184 cm. He has sleek black hair with his bangs parted on the left side. His accessoires include a black earring on the left side, a black ear cuff and a long silver earring on the other side.

His daily wear consists of a long blue coat that has black sleeves, underneath a brown sweater with a zipper. He wears his wide leg pants, belt and sneakers all in black.


Bunta, with his calm and reserved nature, is the opposite of Eisuke's cheerful personality - together they form the dynamic duo, Ultras. But he is just as passionate about music as his partner and always wants the best for Ultras. And just like Eisuke, Bunta doesn't hold back when he speaks his mind even though it might come off as provocative towards others.

He doesn't seem to prioritize personal contact with people, neither in real life nor online. In their introduction drama track Bunta says of himself that he has communication issues which makes meeting someone new close to a torture for him song [1].

Before Bunta met Eisuke, Bunta was an amateur AVocadoP, short for AndVocaloid producer, and was gaining popularity.


Without Eisuke Ultras wouldn't have been formed. It was him that first approached Bunta when they were still doing solo work. Eisuke heard Bunta's song by coincidence and fell in love at first sight with the composition. He immediately messaged the creator of this song, Bunta, and did so for every new song release to express his admiration. The latter is taken aback at the lengthy and detailed feedback Eisuke gives under every new song or even old songs; sending DMs with ideas to make them better. Furthermore, Bunta was determined to ignore Eisuke's invitation to do a project together as he felt uncomfortable with meeting strangers in IRL. He also was not thrilled by Eisuke's passionate messages on his social media account, yet the stubbornness paid off when Bunta eventually gave in to his growing curiosity about who this enthusiastic fan of his is. The decision to finally reply to Eisuke changed the course of his life song. [1]

Eisuke was fascinated by Bunta's composition skills from the very start. For him Bunta is his destined partner in music, he firmly believes that they can achieve amazing results together. Bunta sees Eisuke in the same way, his partner being the biggest driving force and cares a lot for his personal wellbeing.

Despite their bumpy start Ultras works perfectly well as a duo and compliment each other in every aspect – personality and skills. Bunta often acts as Eisuke's calm counter pole when the latter is too excited or enthusiastic. Most of the time they share the same train of thoughts or know what the other is thinking in that very moment. The new work environment is difficult for both since before signing a contract with a company they were independent and are used to do everything on their own, including the freedom to do things when and how they wanted them to be.

Rather than to be seen as a sidekick to B-PROJECT, Eisuke aims to be the top artist of GANDARA Music with Ultras. A vision Ultras was transparent about right from the start, the reason why they don't sugarcoat their words when being confronted for the first time in Season 3's second episode [2].

Ultras took an immediate liking to Tsubasa, in particular Eisuke who loves B-PROJECT and feels honored to be managed by their A&R. Tsubasa on the other hand has some difficulties working with Ultras initially due to their free-spirited way of things. Both parties were confronted with a new work environment, thus had to learn how to act around each other.

During their meetings together, Ultras becomes aware how hardworking and busy she is, which they greatly admire her for[3]. Nevertheless, they don't want to bend over and change their identity as Ultras. With this mindset they are making work harder for Tsubasa as they tend to go against GANDARA's set of rules. Despite their rash decisions sometimes Tsubasa tries to be reasonable with them, patiently guiding the industry newbies through the corporate environment.

Outside of work Ultras starts to connect with her on a personal level. They try to help her out with various tasks such as marketing ideas for B-PROJECT's new music releases or hear her out during hectic times[4]. While Bunta maintains a professional distance Eisuke seems to have become attached to her – he often is looking for an opportunity to spend more time with Tsubasa, e.g. inviting her to have lunch together with Ultras[2]. Because of her busy schedule she often has to decline the invitation. To not worry her or make her feel guilty, Eisuke smiles his disappointment away but does sulk when it's only Bunta and him. It's also interesting to note that Eisuke uses different honorifics related to Tsubasa: When he is with her he calls her "Tsubasa-chan", when he is talking about her he calls her "Tsubasa-san". Insert Text here.

Eisuke describes KTKR as the one "who always maintains the style of a top idol."[2]

Ryuji doesn't see a big problem with Ultras' headstrong approach to everything since they are neither part of KTKR nor of B-PROJECT, so all their shenanigans don't necessarily adhere to the group. On the contrary, he is rather impressed by their guts to hold their own press conference about their debut announcement via live stream. Tomohisa isn't as nonchalant about Ultras initially. He is unsure on what to think about this new addition, but he also makes it clear that he is not against changes and growth.

According to Eisuke THRIVE has "genius musical sense" – that's why he highly respects them as true artists[2].

THRIVE's impression of Ultras is as diverse as the members themselves. Goshi dislikes their arrogant demeanor as rookies. For Ultras, GANDARA Music is merely a steppingstone to greater fame and success which Goshi thinks is disrespectful towards everyone involved.
Kento is less emotional in this regard. He takes what is given to him, so he isn't too bothered by Ultras' actions, similarly to Ryuji. Yuta treats Ultras with the same kind nature as with everyone he becomes acquainted with. Moreover, he is the one to defend them from Goshi's harsh words but is also worried about their surprising decisions which in turn give Tsubasa more work to deal with.

In Eisuke's opinion MooNs is "the best balanced 5-member group" [2].

During a meeting with all B-PROJECT members where they also discuss Ultras Momotaro mentions how he envies Ultras for their free-spirited nature and doing whatever they want.

Eisuke describes KiLLER KiNG as "cute and cool" [2].

The two groups didn't have much contact with each other yet, but the twins were worried when they watched Ultras' first, and unauthorized, live stream under GANDARA Music in which they announced their company debut.

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  • He's currently the tallest among B-PROJECT and Ultras' members.
  • His representative animal is an ermine[5]. As there is no emoji for his animal, hence his official emoji is the PC[6].

  • 柏 (kashi) - oak
  • 木 (wagi) - tree; wood
Given Name
  • 文 (bun) - sentence, literature, style, art, decoration, figures, plan
  • 太 (ta) - big, fat, great