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Kaneshiro GoshiBG
171 cm
53 kg
July 4; Cancer
Blood Type
First Appearance
Chapter 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Portrayed by
Kishimoto Yuuta (OVER the WAVE & OVER the WAVE! REMiX)

Superior Confident Lone Wolf

In the music world Goshi is considered to be a great talent. He lived overseas for some time in the past to hone his music skills. Therefore he is fluent in English.


Goshi's black hair is short at the front and longer in the back. His bangs are parted to the left side. He has red snake eyes (eyes with visible white between the iris and the lower eyelid)[1]. He generally prefers black clothing.

Both in the game and anime, he wears either a black top or in addition a black leather jacket with jeans. Also, he almost always wears a necklace or/and a wristband as accessories. 


Goshi most of the time can be seen with a frown. His rough attitude often hides his true feelings. But deep down he is kind and helpful.

Even though Goshi works as an idol he stated to not like being one. The reason lies mainly in the activities of idols that he does not always enjoy doing. Despite this issue, he is very passionate about music and would go to great lengths for it. Goshi is able to compose music ad-lib. He also has absolute pitch[2].

He is often called a workaholic. Once taken a job, he gives his best to succeed. Nevertheless, Goshi is quite stubborn as well. He clearly states his opinion, sometimes regardless of what his band mates or people he works with think.

Rather than working in a group, he prefers to work on his own. He tends to lock himself up in the basement to play guitar[3].


Not much is known yet about Goshi's past. It was hinted in the game that something happened during his time in America but he does not want to talk about it.




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  • His favourite food are ramen and hamburger.[4]
  • Goshi's type is returnees who are fluent in English.[4]
  • Goshi trains his body in order to give off good vocals.[5]
  • Goshi hates putting on sunscreen.[6] And has hay fever. [7]
  • His behavior became americanized due to his stay in the States.[8]
  • In his free time he likes to read American comics when not practicing.[9]
  • He is getting interested in stage acting.[10] And likes to watch musicals.[11]
  • His representative animal is a wolf. His personal monster/mascot is called Devil Goshi.
  • Goshi is a scaredy-cat who is not good with anything to do with horror or supernatural.
  • Goshi picks fights with the crows on the roadside by glaring. He looks happy when he wins.[12]
  • Goshi's ideal holiday is to get up early and go jogging. Relax at a spa and write a song after.[13]

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