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Ashu Yuta Twitter Icon Ashu Yuta @B-Project · Apr 9 Haru!! Happy birthday!! Thank you so much for always playing with me♪ It’s 100,000,000 times more fun when I’m with Haru, and I never have enough time! Next time, let's go for a drive with Gouchin at the wheel!I also want to stay up all night playing the new game! Ah! Let's make plans soon! !

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Onzai Momotaro Twitter Icon Onzai Momotaro @B-Project · Apr 9 Happy Birthday. I believe that the larger the group, the more important each person's role is.
In that sense, I look at Haru as reliable because you have characteristics which I don't, and I can learn a lot from you.
Thank you as always. Let's continue to do our best together.

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Shingari Miroku Twitter Icon Shingari Miroku @B-Project · Apr 9 Haruhi. Happy Birthday.
Akane and Haruhi are the mood makers, and Yuzuki and I are the sedatives. Once again, I feel that the group KiLLER KiNG is incredibly blessed with both members and balance.
Let's continue to aim for greater heights with the four Kirakins.

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