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Ashu Yuta Twitter Icon Ashu Yuta @B-Project · July 4 Gouchiiiiin! Happy Birthdaaaaaaay!!
How many times have I wished him happy birthday already? It's actually so exciting because I can't wait to see his reactions change little by little every year~~!
I plan to do so another 1000000 times, so be prepared!!

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Sekimura Mikado Twitter Icon Sekimura Mikado @B-Project · July 4 I wish you a happy birthday, Kane-san!
I admire Kane-san for the professionalism he puts in everything he does and for how reliable he is as a friend.
… If I could have a wish granted, I'd like to see more of his gap, so be careful of what you say because I'll be there to seize the moment!

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Teramitsu Yuduki Twitter Icon Teramitsu Yuduki @B-Project · July 4 Kaneshiro-san is someone I look up to and an objective.
I want to keep learning as I observe you, and I will do everything I can to hold my head high as I stand shoulder to shoulder with you.
… Oh, and… I want to go for a drive with you again.

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