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Glittering Rainbow Raindrop
きらめくRainbow Raindrop
Glittering Rainbow Raindrop Banner
Event Period
The Glittering Rainbow Raindrop event ran from 25 May 2018 15:00JST to 4 June 2018 15:00JST.
KiLLER KiNG and THRIVE are doing a combined live at a popular Hydrangea garden. The KiLLER KiNG members are excited to be doing a live with THRIVE, so they’re increasing their training time. On the day of their combined lesson, KiLLER KiNG are different than usual…!?

Reward Photo
【Rainfall】Fudo Akane 1【Rainfall】Fudo Akane 2
【Obsession】Aizome Kento 1【Obsession】Aizome Kento 2
【Rainfall】Fudo Akane
【Obsession】Aizome Kento
Gacha Photo
【Matching Blue Sky】Ashu Yuta 1【Matching Blue Sky】Ashu Yuta 2
【Hydrangea】Teramitsu Yuduki 1【Hydrangea】Teramitsu Yuduki 2
【Matching Blue Sky】Ashu Yuta
【Hydrangea】Teramitsu Yuduki

Star Point Photo Bonus
【Rainfall】Fudo Akane 3
【Matching Blue Sky】Ashu Yuta 3
【Rainfall】Fudo Akane 2
【Matching Blue Sky】Ashu Yuta 2
【Rainfall】Fudo Akane 1
560 Event Point 560 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point 280 Event Point
【Matching Blue Sky】Ashu Yuta 1
【Hydrangea】Teramitsu Yuduki 2
【Obsession】Aizome Kento 2
【Hydrangea】Teramitsu Yuduki 1
【Obsession】Aizome Kento 1
280 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point 45 Event Point
Member Bonus
Teramitsu Yuduki GameChibi
Ashu Yuta GameChibi
20 Event Point 50 Event Point

Glittering Rainbow Raindrop CG