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Title screen
  • Titles can be earned if certain conditions are met.
  • To access the title screen, go to Profile and tap on the button circled in red.
※Currently we don't have the complete picture of how to obtain all the titles.

User Lv
Title Novice A&R Novice A&R User Lv 1
Title Medium-level A&R Medium-level A&R User Lv 30
Title Competent A&R Competent A&R User Lv 50
Title Veteran A&R Veteran A&R User Lv 100
Title Adept A&R Capable A&R User Lv 120
Total Logins
Title 10 days login 10 days login Log in for a total of 10 times
Title 100 days login 100 days login Log in for a total of 50 times
Title 365 days login 365 days login Log in for 365 days
Title Fantastic Live Fantastic Live Play 100 Lives
Title Perfect Live Perfect Live Perfect 50 times
Rank Up
Title Star Collector Star Collector ???
Title Platinum Star Collector Platinum Star Collector Idol Rank up 50 times
Main Scenario
Title Assigned Task Assigned Task Read Main Scenario, Season 1, chapter 14
Title New Start Line New Start Line Read Main Scenario, Season 1, chapter 20
Photo Awakening
Title Trainer Trainer Awaken 5 photos
Title Expert Trainer Expert Trainer Awaken 50 photos
Photo Scenario
Title Avid Reader Avid Reader Read 5 photo scenarios
Title Bibliophile Bibliophile​ Read 100 photo scenarios
New Destiny
Title Heart Collector Heart Collector MAX 5 photos intimacy
Title Sweet Heart Collector Sweet Heart Collector MAX 50 photos intimacy
(These conditions work for every character)
Title Photo Master Photo Master Obtain 10 of his photos
Title In charge of In charge of xx Obtain 20 of his photos
A&R in charge A&R in charge Kizuna at Lv25
Title Exclusive A&R Exclusive A&R Kizuna at Lv50
Title Partner Partner Kizuna at Lv75
Title Absolute Trust Absolute Trust Kizuna at Lv100
Title Unbudging Bond Unbudging Bond Kizuna at Lv125
Honey Girl / THRIVER / Usagi-chan / Queen
(These conditions work for every unit)
Title Beginner xx Beginner xx Unit Kizuna at Lv50
Title Intermediate Intermediate xx Unit Kizuna at Lv100
Title Advanced Advanced xx Unit Kizuna at Lv150
Title S-class S-class xx Unit Kizuna at Lv200
Title Top Top xx Unit Kizuna at Lv300
Title Nice Skinship Nice Skinship Tap the main boy on the homescreen 100 times
Title Fashionista Fashionista Unlock Costumes 50 times