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Menu Screen
Menu Description
Shop 2 icon

  • Crystals
    • Purchase Crystals. Each purchase lets you know the amount of regular + paid Crystals you will receive.
  • Set
    • Purchase Crystal sets.
      • Kaikan*Everyday Set: Crystals and Melos, 2 Crystals are given everyday for the whole month.
      • Muteki*Dangerous Set: Crystals, 5 Crystals are given everyday for the whole month.
      • Set SS: Crystals, SR Photo Tickets, Training Stones
      • Set S: Crystals, SR Photo Tickets
      • Set A: Crystals, R Photo Ticket
      • Set B: Crystals, Story Keys
      • Set C: Crystals, Story Key
      • Large Panel Missions, Crystals
      • Medium Panel Missions, Crystals
      • Birthday: Crystals with Training Tickets, Training Stones, or Chibi Costume Tickets
  • LP Recovery
    • Use LP Drink +20, LP Drink +100, or Crystals to recover the LP Bar.
Crystal icon

View the total amount of Crystals you have.

  • First Row: Paid Crystals
  • Second Row: Regular Crystals
System icon

Notations icon

Music Shop icon

Music Shop

Exchange Melo Melos for new songs.

  • Standard
    • Unlockable for 300 Melos.
  • Special
    • Unlockable for 6,000 Melos.
Memorial icon

  • Photo
    • View CGs of all the Photos you acquired.
  • Main
    • View Main Story CGs.
  • Kizuna
    • View Kizuna CGs.
  • Event
    • View Events CGs.

You can view them all here.

Profile icon

Support icon

FAQ and Contact Support
Item icon

  • Consumption Items
    • View how many LP Drinks, Chibi and Member Costume Tickets, Story and Event Keys, Skip Tickets and Prism Pieces you have.
  • Training Items
    • View how many Training Tickets, Training Stones, Energies and Skill Tickets you have.
  • Photo Tickets
    • View how many Photo, SR or more, and SSR10% Photo Tickets you have.
Movie icon

Replay Movie
Replay Muteki Dangerous and Kaikan Everyday movies.
Friend icon

View your list of friends, friend requests you sent, and add friend's here.

Friend sample

Contact icon

Will redirect you to the Main Site.
Exchange icon

Exchange Shop
Purchase Photos or Items with Coins.
Live configuration icon

Live Configuration
Transfer icon

Transfer Code
Create a transfer code to transfer your game to a new device.
Site icon

Official Site
Sends you to the official B-Project Game site.
Title icon

Returns you back to the Title page.