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Unit icon


Form Units to use when playing Lives.

  • You can build up to six teams.
  • The team marked as Main appears in your Profile and its center will appear as support for the other players.

Unit sample

Train icon


Strengthen your photos by completing their Idol Roads.

  • Use Training Tickets, Training Stones, Prism Pieces, and Live Coins to unlock nodes.
    • Training Tickets can be obtained either as rewards during lives (normal and event) or in the Item Exchange Shop.
    • Training Stones can be obtained only in the Exchange Shop or as Point/Point Ranking rewards during events.
    • Prism Pieces can be obtained either as rewards during lives (normal and event), in the Exchange Shop or as Point rewards during events.
      • Prism Pieces are used in the Idol Road only for SSR only Photos
    • Live Coins can be obtained as rewards during normal lives.
      • Live Coins are used in the Idol Road only for Kaikan*Everyday OP Photos
Ranking icon


Bond duplicate Photos to unlock nodes in the Idol Road to further strengthen your Photos.

  • You can bond a maximum of 2 copies for SRs and 4 for SSRs.
  • In order to Rank SSRs you need to unlock the photos first (see Album button).
Skill up icon

Skill Up

Level up the Photos Live Skill.

  • Obtain skill tickets by playing events or exchanging photos.
  • LV skill goes up to LV 10.

Skill Up sample

Potential icon

Use energies to power up the photos past their limit.
  • Energies can be obtained as login bonuses, as event rewards, by exchaning photos or in the exchange shop.

Potential sample

Album icon


View your Photos and their stats.

Album sample

  • Tap on the picture on the left to get a bigger version of its Card View.
  • Full Screen icon Enlarge to get the photo full CG.
  • Album Lock icon Lock or unlock your photos (SSRs are locked by default).
  • Album Favorite icon Set as favorite the photo you like: the character of said photo will be appear as Main Character on the Home Screen.
  • Album Profile icon Leads you to the character's Profile Page.
Exchange Photo icon

Exchange your unwanted Photos for Skill Tickets, Photo Coins or Energies.

Exchange sample

  • R
    • Rank 1 - x1 Bronze Skill Ticket/x2 Photo Coins/x3 Small Energy
  • SR
    • Rank 1 - x1 Silver Skill Ticket/x15 Photo Coins/x7 Medium Energy
  • SSR
    • Rank 1 - x1 Golden Skill Ticket/x80 Photo Coins/x8 Big Energy

If you're exchanging a photo of which some parts/the idol roads have already been unlocked, this screen will show up.

Exchange popup

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