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Home Screen
Buttons Description
Swap Home screen icon

Swap Home Screen Layout
Switch to a better view of your favorite unit center's CG.
Screen icon

Rotate Screen
Portrait mode of the Main Character.
  • Full Screen icon Full Screen mode: it simply hides the buttons on the screen. Hold down to display the buttons again.
  • Change Outfit screen icon Change Outfit.
  • Rotate back screen icon Rotate Screen back to landscape mode.
Outfit icon

Change Outfit
Swap through the default or unlocked outfits of your Main Character.
  • Head to your chosen SSR idol road to unlock his outfit.
  • Some of the outfits can only be unlocked via Closet (see Kizuna tab).
Mailbox icon

Mail Box
  • Presents
    • Collect items that you've received from Log-ins, Lives, and Events.
    • Items and Photos are separated.
  • Friend Requests
    • Decline (white) or accept (pink) friend requests.
  • History
    • View previously collected items.
Mission icon

  • Daily
    • Play 1 Live
    • Play 3 Lives
    • Exchange 1 time from the LIVE Coin Exchange Shop
    • Play 9 Lives
  • Weekly
    • Exchange 5 times from the LIVE Coin Exchange Shop
    • Log in for 5 days
    • Play 20 Lives
    • Play 50 Lives
  • Limited
    • Different limited campaigns available can earn you items. Currently if you follow B-Project with your Twitter and Line account you can earn Crystals.
News icon

Check out the latest game updates here!