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01. How do I recover my account?
  • Go to https://support.bprogame.com/user_support/index, scroll all the way down, check the box to verify that you have read the FAQ and click お問合せフォームへ (the black button).
  • In order on the form:
    • Email Address
    • Email Address (Confirmation)
    • Select question type:
      • General Game Issues
      • Feedback/Suggestions
      • Rhythm Game Bugs
      • Game Bugs
      • Loss of data
      • Event/Campaign Bugs
      • Transaction problems
      • Others
    • Describe your problem (minimum 20 characters) and include:
      • Game ID
      • User Level
      • Username
      • In-app Purchases (Number of crystals and sets purchased)
      • Name of your Favorite photo or member on your home screen
      • Last Action (Your last Login)
      • Start Date (Installation Date)
      • Protagonist's Name
      • Birthday
      • SSRs that you have acquired
      • If you have e-mailed them in the past, and the email address used at that time
    • Game ID⋆
    • Surname
    • Surname in kana
    • Name
    • Name in kana
    • Telephone number
    • Request for reply* optional
  • Check the three check boxes below, and click 送信.
    • Note: Everything is required (aside from Game ID), but try to provide as much as you can! The more information the better they'll be able to provide your account!
02. How do I generate a transfer code?
Go to "Transfer Code" (Please refer to the Menu Tab to know where it is)
Transfer Code 1
Transfer Code 2
Transfer Codes do not expire, but if you generate a new one you won't be able to use your previous one anymore.
03. How do I clear cache?
Tap the gear on the bottom right of the title screen.
Clear Cache 1
Clear Cache 2
Clear Cache 3

01. How do I change main character on the home screen?
  • There are two ways to change the main character on your home screen:
    • If you haven't set any card as favorite, just change the center of your main team. Go to Member > Unit > Go to your Main Team > Tap on Center and pick the photo you want.
    • If you already have a favorite, just go to Album. Tap on a or the card of the character you want as main on the home screen and then on the heart symbol on the upper right side of the photo details. Then, just tap on OK once this screen will appear.
Home Screen Main Pic