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Episode 8
B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ Episode 8
Japanese 第8話「TRUE THING」
Anime B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~
Air Date 1 March 2019
DVD B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ 4
Opening Zeccho*Emotion
Ending Hikari to Kage no Toki Musubu
preceded by
followed by
Episode 9「SUMMER CAMP」



The episode begins with B-PRO and Tsubasa attending a meeting to discuss a second live concert at the Japan Dome with the addition of KiLLER KiNG, following the success of the first live concert. Tsubasa finds herself unable to concentrate during the meeting and B-PRO immediately notice her odd behavior. She tries to keep quiet about her phone call with Yashamaru, but when Hikaru and Momotaro bring it up, she reluctantly reveals to everyone that Yashamaru had contacted her.

Everyone goes to KitaKore's apartment where Tomohisa reveals to Tsubasa that he and B-PRO did some investigating, and they found out her father was a famous composer named Saikai Yu. He also tells her about Yashamaru's Sister who at that time, was an up-and-coming idol whose career was hindered due to her frail health. Ten years ago, Saikai wrote a theme song for a drama, and Yashamaru's Sister was chosen to sing that song. However, that song was given to the lead actress of the drama instead and Yashamaru's Sister passed away after that.

An issue arises when Tsubasa is informed by the radio station that MooNs' radio show is scheduled at the same time when MooNs is supposed to perform at a studio concert. The issue is soon solved when THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG volunteer to temporarily fill-in for MooNs' Midnight Talk which becomes a success.

Later that night, Tsubasa visits the cemetery to pay her respects to Yashamaru's Sister and is confronted by Yashamaru who vows to continue his revenge against her father by making her suffer. Tsubasa attempts to make amends with him, but she is interrupted when B-PRO arrive. B-PRO defends Tsubasa from Yashamaru, and they are later joined by Daikoku Atsushi and Shuuji.

Atsushi reveals to Yashamaru that Saikai was not responsible for the change of artists, but the producer of the drama who asked the leading actress to sing Saikai's song. Despite everything being explained to Yashamaru, he refuses to accept what he believed was his own misunderstanding and runs off, but not before telling Tsubasa that he will never forgive her. The episode ends with Tsubasa resuming her role as B-PRO's A&R and finally being able to move forward.