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Episode 7
B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ Episode 7
Japanese 第7話「MIRROR COMPLEX」
Anime B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~
Air Date 22 February 2019
DVD B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ 4
Opening Zeccho*Emotion
Ending Hikari to Kage no Toki Musubu (KitaKore Ver.)
preceded by
Episode 6「MOVING ON」
followed by
Episode 8「TRUE THING」



The episode begins with KitaKore and MooNs flying to Hokkaido to perform in a studio concert for a TV show. They end up on separate flights; with Tomohisa going with MooNs, while MooNs' leader Kazuna accompanies Ryuji on a later flight.

During the flight, Ryuji questions Kazuna about his inferiority complex towards Tomohisa, prompting him to recall how he felt when people said KitaKore would be more successful than MooNs after their debut. However, Ryuji reassures Kazuna of his own success as an idol when he reveals to him that Tomohisa also admires him as he never missed MooNs' performances.

They eventually regroup in Hokkaido where Tsubasa meets up with them. She informs Tomohisa and Kazuna that they are scheduled to take part in a gourmet show about the food in Hokkaido before the studio concert. Both Tomohisa and Kazuna deliver a good performance. During the break, Kazuna discovers an annotated magazine about the food in Hokkaido in Tomohisa's bag. After remembering Ryuji telling him that no one gets to the top without hard work, Kazuna resumes his performance on the gourmet show with a better understanding of Tomohisa's skills and talent.

The episode ends with KitaKore and MooNs performing at the studio concert. After the concert, Tsubasa receives a call from a private number. She answers her phone and is shocked when she is greeted by Yashamaru's voice. He informs her that he was the one who arranged the studio concert for KitaKore and MooNs in Hokkaido. Yashamaru then changes the subject by revealing to Tsubasa that he once had a younger sister who dreamed of becoming an idol. However, she was mentally broken by Tsubasa's father whom Yashamaru claimed had betrayed her. He explains that her father made a song which his sister was supposed to sing, but he gave that song to another artist instead. Unbeknownst to Tsubasa, Hikaru and Momotaro notice her on the phone with a terrified expression.