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Episode 7
B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~ Episode 7
Japanese 第7話「EACH OTHER」
Anime B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~
Air Date 13 November 2023
DVD B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~ 3
Opening Netsuretsu*Love Call
Ending Desire
preceded by
Episode 6「THE GOAL」
followed by
B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~



Ultras is hosting a livestream and invited TOBI, a famous gamer on YourTube as their guest. TOBI was nervous as it was his first time appearing in any media. Thankfully, Ultras helped him and he was back to his usual self by the end of it.

After the live stream, Eisuke requests Tsubasa to take them out to lunch as a reward for their hard work. Unfortunately, Tsubasa has to head to the TV shoot that THRIVE is in. After Tsubasa leaves, Bunta asks Eisuke if he is disappointed. Eisuke replies that he wasn't and is aware of how busy Tsubasa is. They both decide to have lunch together.

Meanwhile, THRIVE is completed in a variety show and wraps up the shoot earlier than scheduled. Since they were freed up for the rest of the day, THRIVE decided to head for lunch and invited Tsubasa. Tsubasa feels a bit guilty, especially after rejecting Ultras' offer, but decides to join THRIVE for a bit.

As they headed out, they encountered Ultras. After finding out Tsubasa was going to eat with THRIVE, Eisuke assumes that Tsubasa prioritizes B-PRO over Ultras. Goshi defends Tsubasa by stating how hard she works even after Ultras joined and they should not make her life more difficult by playing around. Eisuke refutes back by stating that they are also working harder than anyone else. After knowing that Goshi does not watch any of their videos, Ultras walks away, disappointed.

Later, it was proposed that B-PRO will have a YourTube channel of their own to reach out to their audience. THRIVE will be the first unit to start off the channel. Since they are inexperienced, Tsubasa suggests that they seek advice from Ultras. However, Goshi is unhappy with the idea and ends up troubling Tsubasa. The other B-RRO members, Tomohisa, Akane and Miroku who were unaware of the situation were briefed by Yuta.

During THRIVE's dance rehearsal, Yuta commented that Ultras had uploaded 3 videos in a row in a day, which was very unusual for their upload schedule. Yuta and Kento suggest that Goshi should try to watch their videos for reference. Yuta states that Ultras is amazing for coming up with different content every day and shooting and editing the videos themselves. Kento further adds that Ultras depend on themselves while B-PRO relies on Tsubasa and the other staff for support.

At Ultras' place, Eisuke had just finished uploading 3 videos that were pending. Bunta tells him that it was too much and suggests holding off the live stream for the day as Eisuke is in a down mood. To cheer Eisuke up, Bunta recalls the time they had hit 1 million subscribers and they decided to do a fishing video to celebrate. That was when they knew that people would enjoy watching what they like to do. However, Eisuke adds that even so, to people who were not interested in them, it seemed like they were just fooling around. Bunta refutes that Eisuke has done nothing wrong, and they should keep enjoying the things they do. This cheers Eisuke up and decides to continue with the live stream as scheduled, Eisuke accepts the drink Bunta made. However, Eisuke spits it out as Bunta makes the drink too sweet. In actuality, Bunta knew and had recorded Eisuke's reaction.

In THRIVE's apartment, Yuta watches Ultras newly uploaded short clip of Eisuke's reaction to the sweet drink and laughs at it. Kento notices Goshi passing by and informs him that Ultras' livestream is about to start. Goshi decides to listen in for once and sends a comment in the live chat. Ultras sees the comment and Eisuke is delighted to gain Goshi's approval. They decide to sing THRIVE's Feeling Good among the suggestions for their 'Try Singing a Song Corner' as Goshi leaves the room.

At another B-PRO meeting for their YourTube channel, THRIVE agreed to do the channel. Miroku comes up with 32 different ideas, showing off how much he loves YourTube. And so, during THRIVE's first livestream, Goshi starts nervously smiling and gets made fun of by the other members on how he should smile. When he sees the comment Eisuke made to say their catchphrase, Goshi loudly outright refuses but gives a small smile at the end.



  • Goshi's YourTube account is called "THGK" (THRIVE Goshi Kaneshiro), while Ultras' is "AB" (unofficial).