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Episode 2
B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~ Episode 2
Japanese 第2話「POSE A PROBLEM」
Anime B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~
Air Date 9 October 2023
DVD B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~ 1
Opening Netsuretsu*Love Call
Ending Cinematic
preceded by
Episode 1「BIG WAVE」
followed by
Episode 3「MESS UP」
B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~



The episode begins with MooNs in the waiting room discussing Ultras joining GANDARA MUSIC, who they are, and how Tsubasa is going to be even busier than ever. Over at THRIVE's side, Goshi states that the company was just grabbing their hands on things that are trending, but Yuta says he might be wrong and shows them a video of Ultras' singing. At the end of the video, a big announcement text was shown.

At GANDARA MUSIC, Tsubasa is meeting Ultras for the first time. Itou explains to Ultras that Tsubasa is an A&R for B-PRO. When Eisuke hears that, he begins to geek out over how he loves B-PRO, describing each unit's unique style. Bunta had to stop him before he got out of control. They are glad to have the same A&R as B-PRO and declare their intentions to become GANDARA MUSIC's top artists.

Meanwhile at KitaKore's apartment, Tomohisa came across an article about their latest work. He finds that sometimes the things they do do not equal the results they see. Ryuji tells him not to worry as it's always like this. As the company grows, many things will change. At KiLLER KiNG's dance practice, Akane had just messed up the last step and requested to go over it again. Seeing how tired the twins are, Miroku suggests they take a break. He tells Akane to relax but Akane can't as they have been working on it since morning. Yuduki tells him that there are times when things won't go smoothly. Haruhi adds that even this time, their practice time was cut short due to work commitments. Akane knows but they can't use this as an excuse. So Haruhi suggests that they find some time tomorrow to practice, even though it's their day off.

Tsubasa is taking Ultras to their waiting room before their press conference. Passing by the corridors, Ultras can't be helped but be amazed by the place. Eisuke asked her if there were any celebrities here, which Tsubasa said there might be but they are all here for work. Ultras decided to suddenly film the place they were in and see a celebrity. Tsubasa stops him and tells them even though their charm is doing unpredictable things and the contract states they could film, there are still some rules they need to follow as things are going on in the background that needs to be approved of. Thus, Tsubasa leaves them in the waiting room and will return when it's time for the conference. After Tsubasa left them, Ultras discussed how rigid the company is unlike how they always did things they wanted to do. They are proud of it especially how it has gotten them over 3 million subscribers. Hence they decided not to listen and do what they wanted.

At MooNs, after being briefed on the show, MooNs discussed how Hikaru has been the main focus of their unit lately. Mikado laments on his ranking in MooNs, Momotaro says they are getting similar offers like this so he wishes to focus on acting, and Kazuna says he is grateful for the job. This causes Hikaru to panic. Mikado remembers that Ultras' press conference is about to begin but sees that their debut with GANDARA MUSIC is announced before the press conference.

KiLLER KiNG also sees the live stream announcement from Ultras. As they questioned if this was okay, Miroku thought that they may have gone rogue. Tsubasa also finds out and heads over to question why they did it. Bunta says what has been done is done and leaves Tsubasa speechless as Ultras heads to the press conference. THRIVE watches the press conference on TV and could tell Tsubasa was not aware of it beforehand. Goshi comments that he knew he wouldn't like them for the actions they just did.

After the press conference, when they were leaving, Tsubasa told Ultras not to do this kind of thing in the future. Eisuke questions her and before Tsubasa could answer, he cuts her off and asks her to bring them to the recording studio to look around. THRIVE comes across them and greets Tsubasa. Eisuke is excited to see THRIVE but Goshi confronts them about the trouble they caused. Eisuke agrees that they are doing whatever they want to do and will not change. They compared the number of viewers they got for today's livestream was more than B-PRO's audience at Japan Dome, and their way of doing things is sure to liven up GANDARA MUSIC. Before Goshi gets angry at them for their seeming mocking words, Tsubasa stops him saying that they are new and inexperienced. Hence Goshi walks away, while the other two THRIVE members catch up to him.

Back at the office, Gotoda comments on how well the press conference went off and the buzz it created. He also reminds Tsubasa that B-PRO isn't doing well with the numbers they need to hit but assures her she will come up with something amazing. Meanwhile, back at the apartment building, the majority of B-PRO met up at the lounge and talked about Ultras. They feel like GANDARA MUSIC will force them to do viral things just to get results, similar to Ultras. Outside, Tomohisa, Kazuna, and Kento are getting drinks from the vending machine. Kazuna is restless but comments on how calm Kento is. Kento replies that he will do demanded of him because it's his job. Tomohisa states that it's not like he doesn't like change, as change is growth but goes quiet. Hence Kazuna suggests they head back home. When Tomohisa returns, he asks Ryuji to accompany to a certain place he wants to go to tomorrow morning. Tsubasa, still in the office, works overtime to come up with proposals for B-PRO.

The next morning, Tomohisa brings Ryuji to a Buddhist temple reasoning that he felt like he was called to the place. KiLLER KiNG chanced upon them outside the temple. KiLLER KiNG decided to take a walk because the lesson room they booked was double booked. As they entered the temple, they came upon THRIVE lighting and placing incense. They stated they came here to pray before work. They all hear familiar loud voices of MooNs who were at the building looking at the statue of Buddha.

At the sitting area, MooNs explained there was an equipment issue at their job so they decided to kill time over there. It's fate as a string of coincidences made them all meet here. Tomohisa then tells everyone what he was intending to say to Ryuji. Meanwhile, Tsubasa had just shown her proposal for B-PRO to Itou. Itou states it seems challenging but Tsubasa is confident and states that they should do it now. Itou is concerned that the focus is too much on B-PRO which Tsubasa agrees with, but she didn't forget about Ultras. She declares that she is first and foremost an A&R for B-PRO and loves B-PRO.

Back at B-PRO, Tomohisa tells everyone his true feelings of being unsatisfied or not being able to do the things he wants, but he still wishes to work hard and move forward. He wants to make everyone happy by singing and dancing. Hearing that, everyone's mood improved. They then received a text from Tsubasa that they all got an okay for a new song to be released at the same time.