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Episode 10
B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ Episode 10
Japanese 第10話「BRAVE ACTION」
Anime B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~
Air Date 15 March 2019
DVD B-PROJECT~Zeccho*Emotion~ 5
Opening Zeccho*Emotion
Ending Hikari to Kage no Toki Musubu (THRIVE Ver.)
preceded by
Episode 9「SUMMER CAMP」
followed by
Episode 11「TRAP AGAIN」



The episode begins with B-PRO training in preparation for a movie they are going to be starring in called "KING of CASTE". Akane and Momotaro are chosen to act out the climatic scene which involves; an exploding abandoned building and escaping on a helicopter.

It is not long before Akane overhears the directors discussing about the stunt for the climatic scene. Akane immediately offers to perform the stunt himself, after learning that the stuntman who was initially hired was unavailable in the end. The directors are reluctant, due to their concerns for Akane's safety, and the president of Brave Entertainment, Daikoku Shuuji, also refuses to let him perform the stunt after being contacted by Tsubasa. This prompts Akane to confront Shuuji himself.

THRIVE then reveal to Tsubasa that Akane was originally supposed to debut with them, but he was placed in KiLLER KiNG instead. THRIVE, KiLLER KiNG and Tsubasa then head to Brave Entertainment to convince Shuuji to let Akane attempt the stunt. Shuuji reluctantly agrees and B-PRO prepare for the filming while Akane starts practicing his stunt.

After his first unsuccessful attempts, Akane sneaks back to practice after closing hours and is confronted by Kento who convinces him to not do things by himself and to be more reliant on others. With support from B-PRO and Tsubasa, Akane starts improving.

On the day of filming the climatic scene, Akane becomes nervous since he only has one chance with his stunt, but Momotaro reassures him that he will be successful. The stunt becomes a success when Akane manages to jump from the exploding building and grab the rope ladder from the helicopter.

The episode ends with B-PRO, Tsubasa and Shuuji watching the completed film. B-PRO praises Akane for his stunt and they decide to give it their all in their second live concert as their next goal. Meanwhile, Shuuji tells Tsubasa that Akane was placed in KiLLER KiNG, because everyone believed he would shine the brightest with them.