B-PROJECT~Kodou*Ambitious~ Episode 1
Japanese 第1話「BOYS MEET GIRL」
Screenplay Akao Deko
Storyboard Suganuma Eiji
Director Asami Matsuo
Animation Director Hirano Emi / Manabu Nii / Okazaki Hiromi / Arakawa Erika / Kawamura Toshie
Episode Info
Anime B-PROJECT~Kodou*Ambitious~
Air Date 3 July 2016
DVD B-PROJECT~Kodou*Ambitious~ 1
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Episode 2「The BAD END isn't so bad」



It is Sumisora Tsubasa's first day as Gandara Music's A&R, and Yashamaru Sakutaro brought her with him to meet the boys of B-Project during a rehearsal for the FMJ Song Festival. She's instantly amazed by the idol's skills, but in turn she also comments to herself that she will not be able to handle an "exceedingly unique group of men who shine so brightly" after the ten boys introduced themselves to her.

Yashamaru was taken away by a phone call during the introductions, but when he returns back to the group, they are already introduced with a problem. Their appearance for the FMJ Song Festival they just rehearsed for was cancelled. Daikoku Shuuji and the ten boys express their concerns to Yashamaru as this was a good opportunity to promote themselves. This is unfair to them all, while five other groups from Gandara were set to perform, but B-Pro was the one to be cut.

Tsubasa is waiting for everyone and meets with Daikoku Atsushi outside, who is interested how Tsubasa was personally hired by the president of Gandara. She expresses her concern to him what she is even to do as an A&R as she was so suddenly hired to the position, and if she can even handle the responsibilities. It's not long until everyone comes outside after the meeting and the different units go their separate ways to other jobs. Yashamaru appoints Tsubasa to handle KitaKore's recording of their new song on her own, before she has a chance to speak with him. It is up to her to find out on her own what she is supposed to do.

There is a lot for Tsubasa to learn upon arrival to the studio, but watching Kitakore, she is learning bit by bit of how both Kitakado Tomohisa and Korekuni Ryuji work together. She noticed this in the car when she played the CD for them, but she hears that something is off with the song as Ryuji is recording the harmonizing parts. She interrupts the recording when she figures out on her own that there is a dissonant during the chords. Tomohisa and Ryuji are impressed she is able to point out something they didn't notice when she does not have any musical knowledge. Many were skeptical why Tsubasa became their A&R, yet KitaKore starts to accept that she does belong here. Tsubasa, as well, begins to find her purpose as A&R.

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  • A&R stands for Artists and Repertoire. The A&R is meant to nurture and develop artists. They act as a liaison between artist and the record label.

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