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Episode 1
B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~ Episode 1
Japanese 第1話「BIG WAVE」
Anime B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~
Air Date 2 October 2023
DVD B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~ 1
Opening Netsuretsu*Love Call
Ending Cinematic
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B-PROJECT~Netsuretsu*Love Call~



After B-PROJECT's performance at Japan Dome, they have become much more popular and busier than ever. From starring in movies, photoshoots, and commercials everywhere. Tsubasa has also become busier as well, with GANDARA MUSIC sudden growth from B-PRO's popularity, they have expanded their business and renovated their building. It's the first day at the new office building and Tsubasa is running late. She enters the office and is greeted by her new superior, Gotoda who is clueless about what an A&R does.

At the second division meeting with the head of the department, Itou, he explains to the staff members that they need to meet the shareholder's expectations, increase their profits, find new artists, and hit their targets for the year. After, Gotoda finds Tsubasa and asks if they could bring forward their meeting as he has things to do at the meeting's scheduled time. Because of that, Tsubasa arrived towards the end of KitaKore's interview.

While walking along the corridor with KitaKore, Tomohisa asked Tsubasa if there was something wrong, sensing she was feeling stressed. Tsubasa denies it and suddenly remembers she has to head to THRIVE's recording. Ryuji tells her to go ahead and she didn't have to come to their interview if she was tight on schedule. Tsubasa refused and stated that she wanted to at least come over to greet and apologize to the interviewers for not being there. Ryuji then tells her not to take things too seriously or she'll get tired while Tomohisa tells her to tell him if she needs anything as she is important to them.

At THRIVE's recording, Tsubasa had just arrived and apologized for being late. THRIVE had just finished discussions for the music arrangement. Looking at them, she can't help but smile as everyone is enjoying their work. Later, Tsubasa is seen with MooNs, doing a food variety show on the streets and later at KiLLER KiNG's radio broadcasting. She is determined to make B-PRO shine even in the future.

Back at GANDARA MUSIC, Tsubasa, Gotou and Itou are having a meeting regarding B-PRO's 8th term Proposal. As the proposal is the same as the previous ones they have done, Itou came up with a proposal that focuses on new target audiences. Tsubasa worries that by doing so, B-PRO might destroy their current image and lose fans. But Itou tells her that they need to have better results than before, and to achieve that, they need to not be dissuaded by the risks. She has to make sure the risk does not happen and balance it.

Hence, Tsubasa starts requesting B-PRO members to take on roles or do things that are out of character to make them stand out more. Ryuji takes on a role that does not suit his personality, getting Goshi to wear rabbit ears for a photo shoot, choosing Hikaru to represent MooNs during the variety show, and KiLLER KiNG getting interviewed by an infamous journalist who tends to write false things. Although they were uncomfortable, they all gave in for her sake. But because of Tsubasa's strange requests and how busy she is, all of the B-PRO members sensed there was something wrong. To cheer her up, B-PRO gathered at KitaKore's place and made a video call to Tsubasa while she was working overtime at the office. All of the boys encouraged and cheered her up with their words, making her feel better.

The following day, Tsubasa arrives at the office in a good mood. Gotoda informs her that Itou wishes to see her. In the meeting room, Itou shows a video clip of Ultras and introduces them as a pair of popular YourTubers who GANDARA MUSIC will be managing. And on top of managing B-PRO, Tsubasa is also assigned to be in charge of them.